Saturday, March 22, 2014

What did they say that placed you under a generational curse?

You are indeed the personification of the words that others including you have spoken over your life. It should be
crystal clear to you based on these teachings on generational curses, that the main purpose of a generational curse is to not only set limitations on one’s life but more importantly to keep that person and their family in an endless defeated non-progressive cycle until the day they die. Also, these teachings would have pointed out to many, that the power of a generational curse is based on the ignorance and full participation of its victim.

Today we’ll explore the understanding of generational curses generated through words spoken over our lives, particularly during the course of our childhood years. “You will never amount to anything”, “You are so stupid”, “You’ll never have a good husband/wife”, “Your siblings will always be better than you”. It was and is statements like what I have just mentioned and many more like them that are spiritually dominating people’s lives today. These folks have zero idea that when they made the choice to believe such statements they simultaneously made the choice to accept what would become a generational curse that if not addressed they will in turn do the same thing to their children.

Now the spiritual principal in which this understanding is based is found in Proverbs, 18:21. This scriptures clearly says the following, “DEATH and LIFE is in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall it of its fruit”. So in a nut shell it is understood that our words which are spirit (John 6:63) has the ability to summons death to someone or something or summons life to someone or something. Simply put, words which are spiritual will program the spirit of that person in which those words are being spoken over.

Secondly, generational curses that are generated through words require the participating of its victim, unknowing to the victim of course. Meaning the victim must believe or consistently meditate on those evil words that have been spoken over their life. If the victim does not challenge those words by cancelling, rebuking, praying against or casting those evil words out of their minds, then those evil  words by default will begin their negative cycle of what was spoken over the victim.

Scripture provides a classic story in regards of this understanding. In Genesis 49:1-4, we’re told that Jacob was preparing to die so he requested the attendance of all his sons to speak over their lives concerning their future. Jacob said to Reuben his eldest son, “Thou art my first born, my might and the beginning of my strength, the excellency of dignity and the excellency of power”. In this passage of scripture, Jacob described what his eldest son meant to him, not only as his first born but more importantly his first born son. However, Jacob switched on his son Reuben and began to curse him, Jacob said to Reuben, “You are as unstable as water and you will never excel in life” Genesis 49:4. Unknowing to Reuben this seemingly non-serious act will later pan out for him and his future generation’s hardship and non-progress.

When we trace the lineage of Reuben and his descendants from the day his father cursed him, we’ll discover that the generations of Ruben never did excel and they were very much unstable. In fact it would be hundreds of years later when Moses blessed the children of Israel prior to his death and prior to the children of Israel going into the promise land, that he recognized the generational curse on the tribe of Reuben and literally broke the curse. Here is what Moses said in regards to breaking the generational curse on Reuben’s descendants, “Let Reuben live and not die and let not his men be few” Deuteronomy 33:6. If you trace the lineage of Reuben from this point forward you will discover that as a result of the generational curse being broken by Moses, Reuben's descendants prospered and were able to live and achieve a better quality of life. This is why it is so important to understand spiritual laws and the application of them. Again, those seemingly meaningless words re-routed the destiny of Reuben and his future generations.

The spirit realm can either be bound or released by our words. Do you recall the scripture that says, "Whatever we release on earth has been released in heaven, and whatever we bind of earth has been bound in heaven, Matt. 18:18? Well, if you review the scripture carefully the spirit realm (Heaven) is just waiting on us to agree with it so that manifestation can take place in the earth. Released and bound are words to describe past events, which scripture clearly said that heaven has already done. This again is spiritual law my friend!

What evil negative words did Mom. Dad, Pastor, Boss, Husband, Wife, Leader, friend or enemy spoke over your life that has program you and your family for failure, defeat and limitations in life? Please! Take a moment, and based on this divine revelation ask God to bring to your memory all negative words spoken against you and your future generations. Now ask God to destroy the spiritual root of all negative words spoken over your life especially false demonic prophecies by false prophets that you were not aware of. Ask him to cancel all of their words and to re-route you on the destiny he had originally intended for you to be on prior to the negative words that have placed you on a destiny of LIMITATIONS AND SETBACKS!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing