Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Spiritual understanding of dream symbols

In our teaching today on dreams we will focus on a particular area of our dreams that every dreamer experience. The reality is, if you’re a dreamer then it is happening to you but you‘re probably just not aware of it.

In my previous articles on dreams, I would have mentioned to you that for the most part dreams are symbolic. However, more importantly the symbols that would appear in our dreams would be relative to our everyday life. Meaning, our dreams for the most part would be relative to our work, family, church etc. things that our environment or life is consist of. If we reference the bible days, their dreams were usually saturated with farming, animals, the sun, moon, stars etc. This was so because once they would have identified and understood the purpose of the symbols the interpretation were automatic.

The bible gives us an account of Joseph the son of Jacob who had a dream that he shared with his family. In this dream he said that he dreamt that the Sun, the moon and eleven stars were bowing down to him. His father being upset by Joseph’s dream jumped up and said, “What do you mean your mother and I and your brothers will bow to you?” Now the truth is Joseph never said a word concerning the interpretation of the dream. Nevertheless, his father understood that the Sun which is greater in light must represent himself, the moon must represent his wife and the eleven stars must represent Joseph’s eleven brothers. This is by far a clear example of understanding the significance and purpose of things concerning your everyday life, so that once it shows up in your dreams you can convert its purpose in an effort to make sense of your dream.

Now, In the world of dreams there is what is called “Dream markers”. Dream markers are specific symbols in a person’s dream that has a specific personal meaning to them. For example, some folks if they ever see any type of fish in their dreams, they become immediately alarmed because as a marker for themselves fish symbolizes fertility or pregnancy, while for others it has an entirely different meaning. So dream markers are identifying specific symbols that have personal meaning to you that no matter how the dream presents itself those markers provides a clear and specific understanding to the dreamer.

Using myself as an example, I had a dream this morning and in this dream I was rushing to catch a flight. However, as I approached what appeared to be Customs/Immigration section, my travel documents were taken away from me by the officer. The officer glanced at my travel documents with a mean look then gave them back to me along with a white document and said I must join the line. This line that he spoke of led all the way outside of the building, which clearly meant I would not make my flight. I could recall not only being very disappointed in the dream but very confused.

Now, the dream markers in this case for me were, whenever I have dreams where I am either being hindered or being sent back in any situation. The dream automatically symbolizes pending or current delay and setback for me in the natural. Secondly, in this dream I recognized the emotions of confusion and disappointment in this dream, which again is a marker for me but also speaks of pending confusion and disappointment in the natural as a result of the setback and the delay. As a reminder, dreams are spiritual and are always revealing what is pending or currently taking place in the spirit realm to be manifested in our natural world or currently being manifested. So you need not ask, but like I have been instructing you throughout these teachings, when I woke up I began a series of canceling and rejecting of this dream from the spirit realm via prayer so that there would be no physical manifestation in the natural realm. I think this bears repeating. In order for things of the spirit to manifest in our natural realm be it good or evil there must be an agreement between things that are spiritual and things that are natural. Thus, when we cancel and pray against a dream we are severing all knowing or unknowing agreements that were made in our dreams. Scripture clearly says, "While men slept (during his dreams), his enemy (Satan and his evil spirits) came and plant evil spiritual seeds and then went his way" Matthew 13:25. Again, if these seeds which truly represents evil covenants that have been forged in your dreams are not spiritually challenged, then the manifestation of those evil dreams will come to pass.

In closing I need you to keep in mind that the reality behind every dream is the seeking of your approval or agreement, be it covertly or overtly by spirits, Angelic or demonic. Again, the reason for this is, the law of physical manifestation requires the agreement between things that are spiritual with things that are natural in order for physical manifestation to occur. So if you choose not to cancel your dreams if it’s not a good dream, then it’s equivalent to agreeing with the dream (silence takes consent). This is the primary law of the spirit realm to take special note of because if you’re being given something in a dream such as an envelope, a piece of paper or something that is sealed. The mere fact that you accepted it symbolizes your agreement in the dream. The question is what is it that you have agreed to? It could have been your death warrant in the dream you have agreed to that could either spell physical death for you in the natural or the ending of something very important to you in the natural.

Again, like I have admonished you in my previous teachings on dreams, the safest prayer to pray upon waking from these dreams especially if you don’t understand the dream is the following: “Lord if this dream is of you then I come in total agreement with your desire for my life, However Lord, if this dream was not of you, then I cancel and reject all the plans of the enemy for my life from the root which is in the spirit realm and command it to be destroyed by spiritual fire in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing