Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Change for 2015 must begin with doing something different in 2014

If you do nothing else before the end of this year 2014, please consider going on a fast. I have heard
the stories of so many folks saying to me, "Kevin! All I need is a husband/wife and things will be good for me" "Kevin! If God could only bless me with X-amount of dollars thing would change for me". "Kev! If only I could get this promotion my life would take off.

Friends! Please, if you haven't listen to anything I have been saying to you through out the course of the year, please take my seemingly foolish advice and Participate in a fast before this year comes to a close! A fast will realign you with all the blessings the enemy has hijacked from you during the course of the year. The Enemy's success in hijacking your spiritual blessings were to always connect you to something, someone or some place that you had no business being attached to, which ultimately hindered and kept you from those divine appointments that were specifically designed by God to advance you.

Scripture, clearly tells us that we are blessed with "ALL SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS" in heavenly/spiritual places, Eph. 1:2. However, these spiritual or invisible blessings whose purpose is to become physical or tangible at specific times in our lives can not be manifested if we are on the WRONG DESTINY!

Spiritual blessings are the raw material of what we call physical blessings. For example, your husband, job, car, monies, home etc were all spiritual prior to their manifestation. Scripture again makes this clear when it said, "There is a time and season for every purpose under the sun which is also inclusive of our spiritual blessings manifesting into natural or physical blessings at specific times, Eccl. 3:1. With that said, your car, husband/wife, home, job etc ARE NOT YOUR BLESSINGS.... INSTEAD THEY ARE THE RESULTS OF YOUR GOD ORDAINED SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS THAT WERE NOT INTERRUPTED BUT INSTEAD WERE ABLE TO CONNECT WITH YOU AT THE RIGHT TIME TO PRODUCE WHAT YOU ARE NOW CALLING THE BLESSING TODAY.

With this understanding in mind you must go on a fast and I highly recommend a 3 day fast minimum or a 7 day fast maximum specifically asking God to restore you of all the divine appointments that the enemy has caused you to miss and as a result you never encountered the manifestation of what God had in place spiritually for you. Ask God to realign your spirit, body and soul to become one with His Spirit so that there would be no future interruptions with all spiritual blessings that has been put in place before the foundation of the world. Say to yourself or out loud right now, "LORD REROUTE ME AND CAUSE ME TO COLLIDE WITH EVERY BLESSING THAT HAS SLIPPED PASS ME, FATHER, DETACH ME FROM EVERY CURSE THAT HAS BLOCKED MY BLESSINGS IN THE NAME OF YOUR SON JESUS CHRIST!

This must be done prior to 2015, also, with the 3 day fast it must be a dry fast, meaning no fluids or food. If you desire to perform the 7 day fast, then there must be no food consumption only water and natural juices only with no additives.


Written By: Kevin L A Ewing