Thursday, July 30, 2015

A real life dream about urination

I got a call today from someone that was very much disturb about a dream that they had. The person that had this dream said that even though they did not understand the dream they felt within their spirit that it wasn't a good dream. The following is what the dreamer dreamt:

"Minister Ewing, this morning I had a very strange dream that have me very uncomfortable right now. While this dream may appear silly I am convinced it has some kind of meaning and I feel it is not good. I dreamed that I was in an unfamiliar place and all of sudden a person came from out of nowhere, I couldn't determine if it was a man of woman but all I knew was that I was being showered with urine (pee). In the dream I felt helpless and confused and then the dream ended. Can you please give me some spiritual insight as to what this dream could mean and if I am in any kind of danger?.

My interpretation

Such a dream can be quite confusing especially when no form of clarity or understanding can be given to the dreamer. Firstly, to dream that you are in an unknown location immediately indicates a spirit of confusion either pending in the spirit realm covertly seeking permission from the dreamer to be manifested into the dreamer's natural life or this same spirit of confusion is currently operating in the dreamer's life. Secondly, the dreamer said that out of nowhere a person came to them whom they could not identify and began to urinate on them. This portion of the dream is revealing quite a bit from a spiritual perspective and here is why. Because the person just appeared from no where, meaning they didn't walk through a door, climbed a wall etc then the dream is revealing that a spirit has been sent to the dreamer.

However, the identity of this spirit was revealed in the action that was performed by the spirit once it came in contact with the dreamer. To have someone or something urinate on you in a dream, it symbolizes "DISGRACE" to the dreamer. Therefore, the dream is revealing that someone is spiritually warring against the dreamer and has sent the spirits of confusion and disgrace to attack the dreamer. Clearly, the one that is doing this to the dreamer understands that while it maybe difficult to attack the dreamer physically, they are fully aware of how things operate in the spirit world and has chosen that realm to deal with the dreamer.

Now, if the dreamer refuses to launch a counter attack via specific prayer against these two spirits then by default the dreamer is literally agreeing for these forces to operate in their life if it isn't already. Real life manifestation of this dream if the dream is not met with spiritual warfare and canceled. The dreamer will begin experiencing confusion on their job, home, family, among their friends etc they will become very forgetful and absent minded. In sever cases the dreamer will begin to literally see dark shadow, hearing weird noises and even begin to speak to the spirits that only they themselves can see. These folks are not crazy but have been program to be this way spiritually via witchcraft so that others will sum them up as crazy. However, the confusion that is being created by the spirit of confusion is well calculated with the intent to pass the baton of confusion on to the spirit of disgrace to bring humiliation, embarrassment and rejection to the dreamer.

So, the dreamer, will begin experiencing strange occurrences such as rejection by their peers, family and friends. This will be mainly due to their strange behavior such as frequent obscenity, exposing themselves (nakedness), revealing secrets that others confided in them about, making strange noises, engaging in adulterous relationships or if the dreamer is single they will all of a sudden become very sexual promiscuous. One of the greatest signs is that the dreamer never engaged or behave in such a way before. If the curse that is obviously on this person is not challenged it will become worse with time. Amazingly, the curse is also fueled by the negative comments of others against the dreamer, such as, "He or she is so stupid", "Why are they acting like a fool", "If they don't stop someone will hurt them or they will hurt themselves". As a reminder. death and life still resides is the power of the tongue and between the ignorance of what is truly happening to this person and the negative words that's making their situation worse, the evil on this person is being compounded.

I will end with this, the beginning of all that could or would eventually happen to the dreamer if the dream is not challenged took place in their dream. A dream that they may have though of as silly. Not realizing that the dream which is spiritual can not perform its covert evil in the dreamer's life outside of the dreamer giving direct or indirect permission to the spirit. I will say it again, God never gave spirits dominion over the earth, instead he gave us humans dominion according to Genesis 1:26-28 and Psalm 8:4-6. Therefore in order for any spirit to operate in the earth it will always have to be granted human permission. Of course this can be obtain via folks seeking the assistance of spirits or where one is manipulated via their dreams to gain this permission.

The bottom line the above mush be challenged through prayer by cancelling the dream and all covenants that were established in the dream. Those covenants would be where the dreamer never resisted the person urinating on them, neither did they make any effort in making any attempts to leave the unknown location. Therefore, this symbolizes spiritual agreement.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing