Friday, October 2, 2015

Positive out comes are never created by a negative tongue

Yes, another month, where everyone is basically pulling their hair out of their head as to how they're going to make ends meet, such as schools fees, car notes, mortgages, etc.

Well, I want to say to someone today who has made worry, anxiety and fear a three course meal for their life; to believe and speak more of what it is that you desire as opposed to your consistent repetitious negative talk of what you do not desire.

Many years ago as a young Christian, I understood quite early the power of my words, unfortunately there were and are many folks that I have encountered on this Christian journey who have yet to correlate the things that they say and what is consistently being manifested in their lives as a result of what they have said.

Yes! Just like you I am always being tempted to speak the negative that I see or to join in with other with their negative conversations. However, I am fully aware that our words are always activating or deactivating things in the spirit realm and as a result, re-packaging and re-routing our destinies. I have met folks that have said to me, "I only wish I could see life as positive as you do". But like I would say to them I wasn't always this way. I literally had to think and choose what I wanted to say in regards to how it will adversely affect my future. In most cases I was forced to keep my mouth shut while I contend and subdue my overwhelming negative thoughts.

Unfortunately, I discovered that it was much easier to speak evil and negativity as opposed to declaring good things. This is so because our practice of speaking negative over the years has made us perfect in it. Therefore, there must be a concentrated effort on our end to renew our minds in this very vital area of our lives.

As I am writing this post today, I am literally living some very good thing that I have been confessing in the past, trust me initially it wasn't easy until I observed how quickly my negative words were manifesting. Yes! It seemed foolish in the beginning, probably even impossible to others but I confessed it in spite of how things looked or even appeared. I also understood very early in my Christian journey that if I am not seeing what I am confessing then whatever it is that I do see is nothing more than a mere distraction of what I would like to see. Now today I can reveal that I am an active participant of what I believed and continually confessed during the days I had every reason to speak negative rather than positive.

Please! Someone hear me on this day, your life is a sum total of what you believe and have been confessing. The reality of this understanding is quite evident if you choose to be real with yourself. Meaning, your life is overwhelmed with negativity because your focus and daily confessions is comprised of so much of what you don't want, with the illusion of what you do want will come to pass. Folks like to use the phrase, "Well I'm not being negative, I'm just calling it how I see it of I'm keeping it real". Well, the reality is my friend, this does not change the law that says, "Repetitious Confessions will bring possession". Why not change your way of thinking and begin the process of calling things the way you would like for them to be. Trust me, I am quite aware that this is not an easy road but I can also say from experience the effort will be well worth it in the end.

It is impossible to have a positive life, if you chose to hold on to a NEGATIVE tongue!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing