Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Python spirit being revealed in a dream

Let me begin by saying that spiritual education/knowledge or the lack thereof will be the ultimate determining factor as to the height or depth in which an individual will perform in life. In other words, if he or she has concluded the physical world in which we live as the beginning and end of all things, then life for that individual will at best at best confusing for them.

Someone submitted a dream recently to me for interpretation that I thought would be the basis of our teaching on dreams today. This particular teaching on dreams, I am sure you would find quite interesting and informative but more importantly very much relative to similar experiences you've either had in the past or currently.

Good day Mr. Ewing! I am writing you today praying that among your many emails and the assistance you provide for so many in the area of dream interpretation, you will some how come across my email and provide me with some much needed understanding. A few weeks ago my wife and I had just got in from a long day's work. She had quickly prepared dinner, which afterwards I decided to sit on the couch acknowledging how exhausted I really was. My wife, proceeded to our bedroom in an attempt to complete some unfinished stuff she had from the night before. Within minutes I drifted off to sleep in a sitting position on the couch and ended up experiencing this strange dream.

I dreamt that I had walked into our bedroom and our bedroom is situated in such a way that we have a walk-in closet to the immediate left of entering the room.. Well, upon entering our bedroom the closet door was slightly closed, but I saw this huge Python grayish snake in a stealth vertical position as if it was stuck to the closet wall. The head of this snake was almost as if it was muscular in appearance with its eyes fixed on me. Strangely enough, for some reason I felt in the dream as if the snake could not see me, even though I was in clear view to this Python snake.

Anyway, I stood still just observing this snake, then all of a sudden the scene remained the same but the snake position and appearance changed. Now, the snake was still a Python but the snake is now positioned around the borders of the closet door but this time the head of the snake is about the size of a peanut but still accompanied with its huge body. Again, in this dream it is as if this snake could not see me but I can clearly see it, dream ended. Please Sir! I pray that the Lord will favor me in using you to bring clarity to this perplexing dream.

Well, prior to me interpreting this man's dream I had a few questions I need to ask him to confirm what I knew the dream was revealing. Now, I pre-warned this  gentlemen in my email to him, that the questions I was about to ask him may seem irrelevant to his dream but that I would need him to indulge me anyway so that I can provide an accurate interpretation for him. The questions were as follows:

1) Have you or your wife been feeling a sense of unusual tiredness recently or for a while now?

2) Have you or your wife been experiencing bouts with procrastination, laziness and a non desire to complete task and assignments?

3) Have you or your wife been feeling as if you're not getting enough sleep. In other words, even after a long night's rest you feel even more tired when you awake in the morning?

4) Have you or your wife been experiencing symptoms of feeling drain, depleted confused or not having a sense of direction or having so much to do you don't know where to start from?

5) Have you or your wife lost your desire to pray, read the bible or seek God about things that you'd normally seek him on before. Instead you've replaced seeking God with constant complaining and speaking negative about everything?

6) Have you or your wife been challenged with finding pleasure in doing things that you know you should not be doing at that particular time such as watching TV, playing a video game, listening to songs, when you should be working on assignments. However, when you do finally decide to attempt to do those assignments you become tired, sleepy etc?

Well, as expected the gentlemen's answers were yes to all of the questions I asked. The dream as always was in essence revealing the spiritual root behind what was physically taking place in the life of this couple. The Python snake, is what is know in the world of dreams and the spirit realm as a Python spirit. Now, depending on, I guess who you ask you would get several definitions for a Python spirit. Nevertheless, in a nut shell a Python  spirit is a spirit that attack its victims by wrapping itself around the spirit of their victims and literally squeezing from their victim their potential, their virtue, their ambition, their purpose, their desire to achieve etc. As a reminder, the real you is your spirit and whatever is done to your spirit that you do not challenge will provide the bases for physical manifestation in your life.

Of course the physical manifestation of what this spirit was doing spiritually resulted in all of the symptoms this couple were experiencing such as procrastination, laziness, a lack of prayer/bible reading, a lack of desire, always feeling tired or never feeling as if they've had enough rest, restlessness, confusion, fatigue etc. One of the more common signs would be insomnia. The strange thing about these bouts with insomnia, which is really a spirit of insomnia that works in concert with the Python spirit is the simple fact that the victim will feel tired and sleepy but for some strange reason can not go to sleep. This then results in the victim becoming fatigue, cranky, irritable and snapping at others, which were the symptoms this couple was experiencing.

Now! You would recall that I started out this teaching by saying that spiritual education/knowledge or the lack thereof will be the ultimate determining factor as to the height or depth in which an individual will perform in life. Well, in this couple's case God revealed via the Husband's dream the spiritual ignorance that was fueling and maintained the existence of this stealth spirit. Physically they could not see or understand the reasoning behind the strange occurrences that were occurring in their lives and like with the average person finding themselves in a tail spin seeking a physical answer to a spiritual problem.

I advised this gentlemen that it was useless praying against procrastination, the lack of motivation etc. These were only symptoms or what I describe as the branches of the root. Instead, I encouraged this couple to go on a 1-2 day fast along with anointing the bedroom and the entire home with olive oil praying specifically against this Python spirit (using relative scriptures in their prayers) which of course is the root of their troubles and asking God to sever any and all legal rights that this spirit would have to attach itself to them as a result of the sins of themselves or their ancestors.

Friends! This is just another case of God using the gift of dreams as a spiritual monitor in revealing to us activities in the spirit realm working either for us or against us. In fact scripture reveals:

“Indeed God speaks once,
Or twice, yet no one notices it.
“In a dream, a vision of the night,
When sound sleep falls on men,
While they slumber in their beds,
Then He opens the ears of men,
And seals their instruction,
That He may turn man aside from his conduct,
And [a]keep man from pride;
He keeps back his soul from the pit. Job 33:14-18.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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