Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Controlling Mother

Anyone that has served in ministry for any amount of time, will sooner than later come face to face with a controlling spirit.

A controlling spirit is an evil spirit that heavily influences the spirit of a human to obsessively control and dominate the lives of others. The individual that is possessed by such a spirit becomes obsessed with meddling, controlling and manipulating the affairs and by extension the lives of others. These people become master manipulators, deceitful, cunning, professional liars and no matter what they do their intent will always be to assume complete control, especially in areas and with people they have no business having control over. Today, however, I want to write specifically about the controlling mother, nevertheless, I would like to make it crystal clear that while I am specifically addressing the controlling mother in today's teaching, this nasty, stubborn and relentless spirit is not limited to the female gender but males also.

My ministry has afforded me the opportunity to meet folks from various walks of life. As a result of this, being armed with the knowledge of their experiences has freed me from the limited understanding I once had towards human behavior. For example, the average Pastor or religious leader would dismiss such topics as witchcraft, demons, Obeah, Voodoo, etc. In fact, I have sat with folks that told me when they mentioned such experiences to their religious leaders, they were either dismissed or they would be questioned if their experiences with these things were true.

Growing up as children, it was normal for our mothers to control a great extent of our lives. Some of the reasons for this was to protect, nurture and preserve us from the evils of the world and to shape us into good citizens of society. However, it is becoming more and more evident in our society where you have grown adults walking about as Zombies who can not do anything for themselves unless they consult their controlling Mothers first! Clearly, in such cases, there was never a line drawn in the sand as to what the mother's limits were in these adults life. Mommy who has become the CEO of their lives is now responsible for telling these mentally manipulated slaves who they're able to date, who they should marry, who in the family they could and can not speak to, what clothing they should purchase and God forbid if they were to do something outside of the knowledge of Mommy, all hell will break loose to the point of ex-communication as their punishment.

Before I proceed any further with this very important teaching today; if you are currently involved with anyone that as an adult they have to seek approval from their controlling parents but more specifically their obsessive controlling mother, then drop everything right now and run for your life! To go contrary to this seemingly insignificant instruction is to sign on to a life of utter misery and unnecessary headaches. The controlling mother will always play on the sympathy of her victims by telling them all she has done for them, when boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, and wife forsake them Mommy will always be there, etc. etc. With such intense manipulation, the mentally defenseless adult sees no other course of action other than to submit to the controlling mother.

Not so long ago I had the pleasure of observing first hand a mother who was so controlling that she made it known to all that all of her married sons had her and not their wives as the beneficiary of their life insurance policies. Aside from that, these same sons would have to eat dinner every Sunday at the mother's house in spite of their wives preparing dinner for them. In another instance, I have seen a controlling mother moved in with her son and daughter-in-law only to become the woman of the house while the son supports mommy the "bully" while the wife is berated. Amazingly, I have discovered a link between a person with a controlling spirit and the spirit of witchcraft. As many of you may or may not know a person with a witchcraft spirit has the same goals as the person with a controlling spirit and that is to ultimately control and dominate others. I mentioned this link only to say that the controlling person will stop at absolutely nothing to control including and more often than not practicing witchcraft on those that refuse to submit to their will.

Unfortunately, their victims are so bewitched that whatever the controller says or do it is and will always be right in the victim's view. Their greatest fear is Mommy not speaking to them or mommy being upset with them. Forget how, wife, husband, children or anyone else for that matter feel the controller must always be the priority. I have also discovered that these folks are the biggest liars walking the face of the earth and can be quite emotional and convincing with their well-crafted lies. Another sign of these folks, in most cases they are obsessed with being affiliated with the church, however, this is just a cover-up to hide who they really are and to give an outward appearance of a so-called "Woman of God". Every word from would be prefixed with "the Lord or Holy Spirit spoke to them concerning so and so". Again this is all manipulation and lies to mislead others. Folks that attend the same church as these controllers will quickly tell you how these people must be in-charge and if they're not in charge of a certain ministry or event, just like little children they don't want to be a part of the event or ministry anymore. If they do decide to remain, trust me it's only to undermine the leader by poisoning the minds of the followers to rebel against the leader only so that they can be elevated to leadership.

Scripture says to us that a wise man sees evil from a far off and hides himself but the simple and naive sees the same evil and continues to walk into that evil and is penalized as a result, Proverbs 22:3. My advice for someone today who is not reading this article by accident. There have been to many signs for you to foolishly continue on this road of destruction. You have asked the Lord for a sign as to whether or not you should continue to peruse this relationship with all of the above signs from this controlling parent. These folks are connected to their children in an unnatural way to the extent that the children can not have a life of their own or they want to live their lives through their children. Consequently, their weapon of choice will always be their desire to control and again by any means necessary including witchcraft. Therefore, I strongly suggest you do not eat anything these agents of Satan prepare or give to you. Whatever items in your home that was given to you by them get it out of your possession and burn it, especially if it clear you're not liked by them. If they as much as gave you a bible give it back, return it now or do away with it. There are many folks that are stretched out in cemeteries worldwide today, that if they had the chance to return to earth would tell you to take heed to this seemingly crazy advice. Again, these controllers are like children, they do not "take last" they will fight to the end and they are very much territorial.

You will never enjoy life with the children of these controllers simply because you will always be competing with the son or daughter's love as long as mommy the manipulator is around. As long as Mommy is alive only mommy knows their password to the ATM and bank accounts, only mommy has a secret ATM card to the son or daughter's account and you don't. Mommy has a key to the marital home or their children's home and you the Fiancee don't. If you want something to be done urgently, then you better ask Mommy so that mommy could enforce the message for you. There are many today reading this article right now only wish they didn't "fool up with these sick people".

I will end with this, if it is still your desire to become involved with these people, then I will say to you right now to begin the process of scratching, peace, contentment, joy, happiness and an overall good life off of your future list of expectations because as long as Mommy is alive you'll never see it.

"Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and "CLEAVE" unto his wife: and they shall be "ONE" flesh, Genesis 2:24.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing