Friday, October 2, 2015

We are guaranteed failure doing things our way

 The scriptures clearly says to us the following, "For there are many plans in a man's heart but it will
only be the counsel of God that shall prevail" Proverbs 19:21.

The above mentioned scripture just so happens to be one of my most favorite scriptures in the bible and here is why. The word counsel is defined as advice; opinion or instruction given in directing the judgment or conduct of another. Therefore in essence, the above scripture is literally revealing that even though our minds are consumed with what or how we would like for things to pan out for us; the reality is it will only be the advice, opinion or instructions from God regarding our matters that will prevail or have any value at the end of the day.

Now based on this understanding this aught to change or at least challenge the way that we pray or the things we are about to do. So rather than giving God a grocery list of our desires and wants; what we should be saying to him is the following: "Father as much as I desire or want a certain thing or as much as I desire to do a certain thing, please Lord in the name of your son Jesus Christ, reveal or expose your counsel to me in this situation that I desire to make myself a part of. Father because I am aware that only your counsel shall and will prevail in the end; I don't want to waste my time or attach myself to anyone or anything that will come up fruitless at the end of my pursuit".

In an effort to bring more clarity to this revelation, the scriptures has warned us well in advance of the guaranteed destruction and failures we will experience if we continue to do things outside of the input or counsel of God. Here is what the scriptures has prophesied when we do thing our way and exclude God's counsel.

"There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death" Proverbs 14:12 & Proverbs 16:25. My friends, the mere fact that this same scripture is recorded in the Holy scriptures twice, reveals the dangers of approaching and engaging in matters based on our limited knowledge alone.

As usual and as with all my postings, the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of truth, responsible for leading us into all truth has just released and reveal God's position on what you're involved in or what you're so determine to become attach to. Your first question to self should be, did I seek the counsel of God on this matter that I desire so desperately or this is something that I want so bad and labeling it as a God thing?

Whomever you are reading this post today, know for sure it is not by accident. Now compare the Godly wisdom and understanding embedded in this post to what you are about to do in this day and in days to come, now please! Keep at the forefront of your calculations, that doing things your way outside of God's counsel will guarantee you utter failure and destruction in the end even though it may not appear so in the initial phase of what you may have determine as the right way.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Positive out comes are never created by a negative tongue

Yes, another month, where everyone is basically pulling their hair out of their head as to how they're going to make ends meet, such as schools fees, car notes, mortgages, etc.

Well, I want to say to someone today who has made worry, anxiety and fear a three course meal for their life; to believe and speak more of what it is that you desire as opposed to your consistent repetitious negative talk of what you do not desire.

Many years ago as a young Christian, I understood quite early the power of my words, unfortunately there were and are many folks that I have encountered on this Christian journey who have yet to correlate the things that they say and what is consistently being manifested in their lives as a result of what they have said.

Yes! Just like you I am always being tempted to speak the negative that I see or to join in with other with their negative conversations. However, I am fully aware that our words are always activating or deactivating things in the spirit realm and as a result, re-packaging and re-routing our destinies. I have met folks that have said to me, "I only wish I could see life as positive as you do". But like I would say to them I wasn't always this way. I literally had to think and choose what I wanted to say in regards to how it will adversely affect my future. In most cases I was forced to keep my mouth shut while I contend and subdue my overwhelming negative thoughts.

Unfortunately, I discovered that it was much easier to speak evil and negativity as opposed to declaring good things. This is so because our practice of speaking negative over the years has made us perfect in it. Therefore, there must be a concentrated effort on our end to renew our minds in this very vital area of our lives.

As I am writing this post today, I am literally living some very good thing that I have been confessing in the past, trust me initially it wasn't easy until I observed how quickly my negative words were manifesting. Yes! It seemed foolish in the beginning, probably even impossible to others but I confessed it in spite of how things looked or even appeared. I also understood very early in my Christian journey that if I am not seeing what I am confessing then whatever it is that I do see is nothing more than a mere distraction of what I would like to see. Now today I can reveal that I am an active participant of what I believed and continually confessed during the days I had every reason to speak negative rather than positive.

Please! Someone hear me on this day, your life is a sum total of what you believe and have been confessing. The reality of this understanding is quite evident if you choose to be real with yourself. Meaning, your life is overwhelmed with negativity because your focus and daily confessions is comprised of so much of what you don't want, with the illusion of what you do want will come to pass. Folks like to use the phrase, "Well I'm not being negative, I'm just calling it how I see it of I'm keeping it real". Well, the reality is my friend, this does not change the law that says, "Repetitious Confessions will bring possession". Why not change your way of thinking and begin the process of calling things the way you would like for them to be. Trust me, I am quite aware that this is not an easy road but I can also say from experience the effort will be well worth it in the end.

It is impossible to have a positive life, if you chose to hold on to a NEGATIVE tongue!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

The benefits of walking uprightly

No good thing would be withheld from those that walk uprightly, Psalm 84:11.

The word uprightly is defined as one that is honest, honorable, or just. Also, one that possess integrity whose primary instinct is to always do what is right and honorable. On the other hand the word "good" in the above scripture is defined as something that is beneficial  or something that will work in the best interest of the one that the good is being issued to.

It was necessary for me to dissect both words so that we can gain a greater understanding of what this particular scripture is suggesting to us. In essence we're being told that God will not suspend, withhold, delay, hinder or stop those things that will advance, prosper, promote, increase or simply benefit us "IF" we make the decision to be honorable, honest and just in our daily dealings.

Could it be that things aren't working out for you simply because you refuse to be honest in your dealings with others? Could it be that finding the right mate seems so difficult because of your jealousy and evil speaking of the relationships of others?

As a reminder according to the above spiritual law, "No good or beneficial thing would be withheld "IF" you're doing what is right". In other words, in spite of paying your tithes, in spite of attending church on a regular basis. In spite of sowing a $1000 offerings etc this does not change THE LAW!

Do what is right continuously and the exchange is, the things that will benefit you during the course of your life will not can not be withheld from you.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

When the praises go up the blessings come down, is this scriptural?

Listen! Stop allowing these destiny blockers to mislead you. If they are not feeding you sound
doctrine (the word of God), then, REJECT THEM NOW!!

God is never pleased with the sins of mankind and while many of us use the phrase, "Sin is sin" the reality is there are certain sins that God literally has utter hatred for.

In fact the word that God uses to describe such sins is the word "Abomination". The word abomination is defined as expressing a feeling of disgust, hate and repugnance. In essence it's really the advance stage of something or some act from displeasing to not being able to stomach or tolerate.

I came across a very interesting passage of scripture sometime ago, that, I am certain will bring much needed clarity as to why your prayers are offensive to God. Here is what that scripture says, "He that turns away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be an abomination" Proverbs 28:9.... Wow! Did you get that?

We are being advised in this scripture that if we make the decision to ignore what God says which is his law, it goes on to say that even our prayers becomes something he hates, despises and ultimately rejects!

Question! What are your spiritual leaders telling you to do that is NOT found in the scriptures or the laws of God, that you foolishly obey and follow, that has now converted your prayers to an offense to the creator of the universe?

Did God really say sow a $1000 seed? Did the scripture really say that if you were to pour salt around your homes it will remove or cause evil spirits not to come near your home? Where is it in scripture did it say when the praises go up the blessing come down? Better yet, is it a spiritual law or a human saying that says, "If we put one foot forward God will put two". Could someone please point out to me anywhere from Genesis to Revelation where I can find the scripture that says, "God helps those that help themselves". You see my friend, it is nonsensical unscriptural statements such as what I have just mentioned that makes your current prayers an abomination to God

Yes! It sounds good while the music is playing and someone is hurling from the pulpit, "sow that $1000 seed and God will perform a special blessing. But you must pause for a second and ask yourself, is what this person saying in accordance with the LAWS OF GOD? Because if it's not and your decision was to reject the true laws of God for the lies of men, then you are now a manufacturer of abominable prayers whenever you do pray.

Breaking the curse off of your prayers will begin with you obeying the laws of God as opposed to the deceptive erroneous false teachings and willful lies of men.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing