Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dreams that reveal hidden hurts

Every time I hear someone say that they had a dream, I am always curious to know what messages are being revealed to that person. Better yet, what revelation are they being supplied with to prevent future defeat or destruction for them?

About seven years ago I met a young man that was in his first year of marriage. However, through his own admission, he said that he was going through a difficult time with his new wife. He said that they were always bucking heads and never seems to agree on anything. This gentleman further went on to say that what had him so puzzled about his wife's behavior was the fact that even after their verbal fights and constant disagreements she would appear to be so sorry and apologetic for her behavior. He said that he was so confused by her behavior and didn't know what to do.

This gentleman said that it was a dream that he had, that placed him in an even more confused state as it relates to his wife's behavior. "One night I had a strange dream. In this dream my wife was lying in bed, the setting in the room was slightly dark. My wife seems to be somewhat sad. I can recall walking towards the bed asking her what was wrong. She then reached towards me looking, even more, depress while embracing me with a hug. We hugged each other and she immediately resumed her position in bed. She then reached for the hem of her skirt that was just below her knee and slightly pulled it up towards her exposing wounds all over her thigh area which I have never seen before, the dream ended".

As always and this case is no exception, this gentleman through his dream was being given the revelation to the mystery behind his wife's behavior. As you would recall, the dream started with the couple being in their bedroom, which symbolizes a secluded area of the couple's lives. However, since this gentleman's wife is the subject of this dream the dream is then revealing specifics of her life. The wife laying in the bed would indicate a position of comfort but at the same time, because her facial expression denoted that of sadness, the dream is now revealing that she was somewhat comfortable in her misery/depress state. The embracing of her husband would indicate her reaching out but at the same time not truly revealing what her real issues were.

It was only when their embracing had ended and she resumed her position on the bed realizing that her husband still haven't figured it out, she then proceeded to uncover hidden wounds that he was completely unaware of and at the same time he knew that even in his dream these wounds did not exist on his wife in reality. This part of the dream is now clearly revealing that his wife, in reality, had much hidden unresolved emotional hurt/pain that she has kept suppress. As a reminder, the bedroom was slightly dark which is revealing the husband's ignorance to all of this. The reality is, the dream was revealing that their fights had very little to do with whatever they were arguing about and everything to do with his wife acting out her past hurt and emotional pain that would initiate these arguments. In other words, she was allowing her pain from her past to dominate her marriage.

After interpreting this dream for the gentleman, his wife's behavior began to make complete sense to him and as a result of his dream and the interpretation he decided to have a candid talk with his wife hoping that she would really reveal what's going on with her. Well, a few days later I got a call from this same gentleman, stating that he did have a very lengthy and revealing discussion with his wife where she revealed that her father whom she loved so much always cheated on her Mom and as a child it hurt her to see her mother in so much emotional pain and at the same time so committed to the marriage in spite of what her father was doing to her mother. As a result, she promised herself that she would never ever allow any man to treat her in such a way and that she was willing to walk away from her own marriage if it even remotely resembled her mother's marriage. He said that all of what his wife told him explained her desire to always be controlling, dominating and impatient in their marriage and literally arguing with him for the most foolish things. He ended by saying that they have decided to commit to counseling sessions and work together as a couple to get through this.

Again, here is a clear example of the spirit world via a dream is revealing the root cause of a natural/physical matter. In fact, this gentleman's dream literally revealed the mystery behind his wife's misery. I truly thank God for the gift of dreams and dream interpretation simply because God wants us to deal with issues from their root in an effort to eliminate the problem altogether.

Stop ignoring your dreams because to ignore your dreams is to ignore the revelations being given to you in regards to the mysteries that's taking place in your life.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing