Saturday, September 3, 2016

Explaine it to God

Why do you feel the need to explain your story to every one you encounter?

As a heads up, God is the one fighting for you. God is the one that will vindicate you. Some folks pretend to be a listening ear, when the reality is they're the ones adding more fuel to the fire.

The scriptures reminds us that he who keeps (guards) his mouth will simultaneously keep (guard) his life, Proverbs 13:3. Explain your story to God only, he's the one that cares and will render you the best justice possible.

Make no mistake there are folks who are seemingly sympathetic and overly concern about your situation, which you seem to be so generous in dishing out, as if they can make a difference in your matter. However, the reality is, they're the ones that will take every word you said to them in "confidence" to the very person/s that's against you!

Have you ever wondered why after telling them your story you felt a sense of regret that you did? Did you ever wonder why you haven't heard from them after telling them your story but conveniently the person you were speaking to them in confidence about seem to have escalated their hate towards you?

Again! Shut your mouth and cast your cares and concerns on the shoulders of the only one that can help without you ever hearing what you've discussed with him again, Psalm 55:22.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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