Saturday, September 3, 2016

Prayer: God will reroute your God sent helpers back to you

To the person reading this post right now. God has commissioned folks to help you out of the mess you've found yourself in, but the enemy of your soul has delayed and misrouted that assigned help which was assigned specifically to assist you.

Your scenario is very much similar to Daniel the prophet whom God had sent an angel to deliver a message to Daniel, in Daniel chapter 10. However, the scripture clearly said that the angel of the Lord that was sent to help Daniel was DELAYED by an evil angel biblically known as "The Prince of Persia". Nevertheless, God sent one of his chief Angels, Michael to break and subdue that evil angel of delay that was delaying the messenger angel sent to assist Daniel the prophet.

It is my sincere prayer tonight that the God of Daniel will once again send Michael one of his chief angels to disable and subdue the evil invisible and visible forces delaying the help God had originally sent to help you in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ!

Father, God almighty, I pray that just like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah where you sent physical fire and brimstone in those two cities. I humbly ask you to send spiritual fire and brimstone against every device, tactic, satanic strategy, evil manipulation and craftiness of delay that has delayed the assigned help you have commissioned to help and assist your people.

Lord, frustrate the evil plans and pending evil results that have been launched against your people in the spirit realm. Bring an end to those spirits of lack, sickness, disappointment, delay, setback, broken marriages, anti-promotion, anti-progress along with all monitoring spirits assigned to spiritually cage your people.

Lord, enough is enough and I come in agreement with those folks who have decided to come in agreement with this prayer with the intent to permanently disable the powers and clouds of darkness that have been hanging over their lives by the ultimate and sovereign power of our lord and savior Jesus Christ!

Lord, we cancel every secret evil covenant and curse that has been giving these evil forces the legal right to delay and misroute our God intended destinies. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, they will proceed no further and we command a seven-fold restoration in the matchless name of your son and our savior Jesus Christ. Amen!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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