Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Have you ever listened to a crazy song before, one that you don’t even like. It has now been about thirty minutes since you have heard the song, and now you are probably waiting in some line and you find yourself singing this unlinked crazy song word for word?

Well, this is a result of the “law of Association” This law of Association is defined as: whatever, person, place, or environment I associate myself with over a period of time I subconsciously imitate it.

This is interesting because, you don’t have to sit and make an effort to learn the environment, or person; it is somehow absorbed by your subconscious.

Here is the biblical proof: The bible says, “He that walk with wise men will become wise, and he that associates himself with fools will become foolish-(paraphrased)

So, here is the point, if I associate myself with negative, complaining, murmuring, kind, loving, generous people etc.
Eventually I will begin to display these traits.

Remember how pleasant you were before that last relationship? Have you noticed how uncaring you’ve become since you have met that uncaring person?

All I am trying to point out here is life is consist of laws, which means that nothing just happens. Whatever happens to us, with us or at us is because of some knowing or unknowing law that we have participated in and yielding the results in our every day life.