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Understanding and combating the forces of Witchcraft! Part. 2

It is so unfortunate that so many Christians and non-Christians alike either do not believe in witchcraft or they are just so aloof as it relates to the reality of witchcraft.

Regrettably it is this type of misguided thinking that is the cause of many uninformed Christians and non-Believers alike that are either on mental medications, suffering in someway unnecessarily or occupying a plot in some cemetery.  Like scripture has stated, “My people perish due to a lack of knowledge”. The validity of this passage of scripture is evident in our churches when we compare the amount of Christians suffering and failing on a continuous bases, which I might add is just the evidence of what's really happening spiritually in their lives.

In my previous article I delicately explained that there are two types of witchcraft and they are physical witchcraft and spiritual witchcraft. Even though different in wording, the end result of both is to oppress and control its victims by implementing spiritual limitations on them so that they do not progress or advance physically in specific if not every area of their lives. During the course of my previous article I made mention of the Jezebel spirit that possesses a person, which in turn causes this person to become obsessed in trying to control the lives of others. Also I mentioned that anyone with this spirit is automatically oppressed or possessed by the spirit of witchcraft.

Today, I will discuss the spiritual aspect of witchcraft. The mechanics behind spiritual witchcraft in a nut shell is simply this, it is the process in which a person seeks spiritual means such as voodoo, Obeah, black magic hexes, spells etc. in an effort to place a curse on someone’s life. With this curse, which is spiritual, meaning you cannot see it, the person who has been cursed spiritually will begin to observe limitations and restrictions in their everyday life, that for the most part will make absolutely no sense at all. In other words this person who now has a spell or curse placed on them, can not prosper, can not excel, can not make progress. The bottom line, whatever the curse was sent to do, the results are evident in that person’s life, such as their finances, marriage, job, family etc.

For example let’s say someone has sent a curse of sickness at you. Well, this curse which in truth is a demonic force assigned to that person to mimic sickness such as cancers, diabetes, swelling of the legs etc. The evidence of this being the works of witchcraft is, if the victim decides to visit the Doctor, every test performed on that patient will show up negative even though the victim maybe displaying the symptoms of cancer, AIDS, Diabetes and the like. In actuality, things that are spiritual will not and can not show up on an x-ray machine an MRI machine or whatever tests the Doctors decide to perform.

The bible speak very candidly about the works of witchcraft, as a matter of fact this is why I become so confused as to why Pastors and teachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ down play or just simply neglect this vital topic that’s destroying the lives of so many of their congregation. Folks! Listen and read carefully, if you believe in God who is a spirit, then there must be an opposing (but not equal) force which we know to be Satan, who is responsible for the architect of witchcraft. However, our bible does warn us of those that insist on not believing the biblical documented accounts of witchcraft activity. “But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost, whom the god (Satan) of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them”, 2 Corinthians 4:3-4. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”, Hosea 4:6. In both scriptures it shows that unbelief and ignorance are the key factors in the destruction of those that refuse to educate themselves on such important and common matters.

Let us review a biblical account of how, when folks that are against you fail to hinder or disable you by physical means, such as attempting to control you, lying on you, setting physical traps for you etc. will seek spiritual means to bring about your demise. In the book of Numbers 21:21-35 it speak of two kings that rose up against the children of Israel. The names of these kings were Sihon, king of the Amorites and Og, king of Bashan. God gave Israel the victory of both kings and also caused Israel to possess their land,

Interestingly enough in the next chapter, Numbers 22:1-7, it clearly states that Balak the king of Moab and his people were sore afraid of the children of Israel, due particularly to the fact that the former two mighty kings and their armies fail to defeat Israel. Consequently, Balek immediately realize that he could not defeat Israel physically, therefore he resort to spiritual means. Balak understood like many practitioners of witchcraft today understands that if you can not defeat or control a person or a group by physical means, then the next stop is to curse them spiritually that will automatically disable or delay them physically. Scripture further records that Balak sent for Balaam, who in today’s world we would address as the Obeah man, witch Doctor etc. Balak sent message to Balaam saying, “Come now I pray thee and curse these people for they are too mighty for me, for if you curse them it will be easier for me to defeat them. I am aware Balaam, that whomever you curse is curse and whomever you bless is blessed” Numbers 22:6.

For those of you who are still swimming in the seas of unbelief and that, this biblical account has nothing to do wit witchcraft, then let us carefully scrutinize verse 7. In verses 7, it undoubtedly states that the Elders or Moab and the Elders Midian went seeking Balaam to give him the message of King Balak WITH THE REWARD OF DIVINATION! Wow! The word divination is defined as the practice of attempting to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge by occult or supernatural means.  In other words Balak sent a Divination reward as payment to Balaam witchcraft spell/curse that he wanted him to place over Israel.

My friend I am not saying to you, become obsessed with the fact that someone might have witchcraft on you, and surly I am not saying that you should become more of a believer of witchcraft than the power of God. Nevertheless, what I am saying is EDUCATE YOURSELF SPIRITUALLY as it relates to this very common practice, particularly in our churches. Not because you don’t believe in it means that it can not have an affect on you. In fact based on scripture, your unbelief will cause you to be a good candidate of its effect on you and eventually destroy you, according to 2 Corinthians 4:3-4 and Hosea 4:6.

The following are some of the signs that will indicate witchcraft in your life; are you having dreams of someone feeding you or you eating in the dream? Are you having dreams where you’re having sex with people or animals? Are you having dreams where you’re always fighting or running from someone? What about dreams of dead people, especially where you have dead folks either tying to give you a message or take you somewhere? What about dreams filled with; roaches, snakes, spiders, crab, dogs, demonic figures etc. All of these symbols could possibly indicate witchcraft activity in your life. In some case you can not remember your dreams at all.

A side from the dream indicators, the following indicators could also mean signs of witchcraft in your life; it’s difficult for you to sleep especially at night. You feel almost as if someone or something is tormenting you. You suffer from abnormal fear, you are easily irritated, you get angry for no reason always battling depression and loneliness, accompanied with fatigue and always feeling as if you lack energy. You feel a spider web like substance on your face, however there is no spider web present. You hear a buzzing sound around you ear, but again there is nothing there.

What about always being subject to accidents? Your car is always in the repair shop, something is always going wrong with someone or something in your home. Also, you feel as if you’re never making any progress. It feels as if your life is on hold or moving in slow motion. If you doze off for a few seconds it feels or you dream as if you’re falling from something. One of the most common signs is your inability to remember simple things and you’re lost of interest in life, your job, family etc. What about a particular bird or cats all of a sudden visiting your property and at night time is making strange sounds?

My friend please, it is no accident you are reading this article, God has answered your prayers and is now giving you the mystery to your misery. If you are experiencing these symptoms then it is clear you need that curse broken off of your life, you need to be delivered from the evil spell of witchcraft, if it is your desire to enjoy life and make progress.

Before I forget, there are specific dreams that will identify a specific curse on your life such as; if you are having dreams of roaches and rats or you’re wearing dirty torn clothing, well this represents a curse of poverty. If you are dreaming about having sex with someone other than your spouse, this represent a curse of being barren, meaning not able to have children or division in your relationship.

Make no mistake the power of God which is also the word of God is greater that any witchcraft activity or curse. Please, under no circumstances should you go to any spiritual advisor who is operating outside of the word of God or any person that practice witchcraft for relief. The reality is you will exchange your problem for an even greater problem.

Please, join me next week as I conclude these teachings by showing you how to resist and fight these evils by the power of God and bring a complete stop to their activity using scripture combined with prayer and fasting. I will show you how to pray the scripture and torment those devils that has been tormenting you. The reality is you’ve already won half the battle and that is because you’re being introduce to knowledge that will prevent you from being destroyed. Also if you have any or similar stories concerning you or anyone else as it relates to witchcraft, please do email me at my email address that follows.

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing

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