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Generational Curses obtain through generation property

Scripture says the following, “For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.”
Luke 16:18

With the above statement being said I am left in an utter state of confusion while I observe the non-believers of Jesus Christ knowingly or unknowingly operating by spiritual principals and are reaping the benefits of those principles. While the “Holy Ghost filled” ‘Saved for thirty years” Believer are chained to defeat, limitations, setbacks and a reduced quality of life.

While the non-believer of Jesus Christ may not qualify in regards to spending eternity with Jesus Christ when he/she dies, they will surely have an above average quality of life-based on the application of spiritual laws, again, whether they are aware of those laws or not.

Today in our revelatory insightful teaching on generational curses, we will navigate our focus on generational curses acquired through the generational property. Now, while this may seem impossible or too hard to believe, the understanding that is about to be unfolded will not only change your perspective but at the same time advance your knowledge in spiritual matters.

Is there such a thing as curse property? Well, as sure as night follows day there is indeed such a thing as curse property. The first biblical story I would like for us to review is the story concerning Joshua, the children of Israel and Jericho. Scripture records that after the walls of Jericho had fallen Joshua the then leader of the children of Israel stood before the land of Jericho and said the following, “"May the curse of the LORD fall on anyone who tries to rebuild the town of Jericho. At the cost of his firstborn son, he will lay its foundation. At the cost of his youngest son, he will set up its gates." Joshua 6:26.

Now, from a fundamental visible standpoint, it would appear as if Joshua was just ranting mere meaningless words. However, the spiritual implications that were imposed on the land of Jericho would be life-changing for many. Approximately 600 years after Joshua cursed the land of Jericho it is further recorded that there was a man by the name of Hiel a Bethelite, who have had zero knowledge of the curse imposed on Jericho almost 600 years prior decided to redevelop Jericho. Well according to scripture as he was laying the foundation to reconstruct Jericho, his first son by the name of Abiram died and as he was about to set up the gates of Jericho his youngest son by the name of Segub dies. Scripture made it unequivocally clear that this was as a result of what Joshua spoke over the city of Jericho 600 years prior, I Kings 16:34. Question! What words have been spoken over your car, your home, your property that you have zero knowledge of, nevertheless, what could have been expressed over that property that you now possess that could be the source of all the hell you and the occupants of your home have been experiencing?

Let’s take it a step further. Scripture tells us that God said to Jeremiah not to take for himself a wife neither have sons or daughters in the land that he was currently at. God specifically said through the prophet Jeremiah that the sons and daughters and the mothers and fathers that begat them will suffer grievous death. He went on to say that they will be consumed by famine and that their carcasses would be consumed by the fouls of the air and that no one would lament for them and that they would be like dung on the face of the earth, Jeremiah 16:1-8. The reality is God was saying to Jeremiah that any connection to that land which was apparently under a generational cure will pan out utter misery for him of anyone that associate themselves with that land. Scripture further records that God said to Jeremiah that the day will come when the inhabitants will ask why have all this evil come upon us. God said to tell them that this evil is as a result of their forefathers having abandoned the Lord and decided to serve other gods. Additionally, he said that this current generation has done worse than their forefathers. Question! Isn't it strange how everyone from a particular state, community, village, Island, country all exhibits specific negative behavior? Such as Adultery, dishonesty, sexual perversion lying, etc.?

Don’t you find it strange that all the men and women from “that place” have either been diagnosed with Cancer or died from Cancer? Let’s bring it home to you, how come everyone from your town or settlement has financial difficulties? Why is it that most of the women from a particular place during their first and second pregnancies end with a miscarriage? What about all the men from a specific part of your state or seem to have mental issues? Well, based on these teaching have you ever wondered what actually took place on that particular piece of land that has secured a consistent negative cycle for all the inhabitants there.

In Judges 6, the story is told about how the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the lord. As a result of another nation, namely, the Midianites literally took over what was to the children of Israel promise land. The Midianites literally made them a stranger in their own land. In fact, it was almost as if the promise land was working against the children of Israel. It would be discovered later that it was Gideon’s father who had erected an altar in his home and was serving other gods. As a result, the land became cursed for the children of Israel. Question! Which member of your family has planted whatever on that land that has caused the land to become unfruitful, no one wants to purchase it, can’t get it rented, etc. Better yet! How come everyone that has occupied that land sickness, confusion, fatigue, and non-progress has become a way of life for them?

In Deuteronomy 7, God specifically told the children of Israel just before they traveled into Canaan to not marry the inhabitants of that land but more importantly to destroy their images, jewelry, altars, groves and to burn them with fire. The reason for this was due to the land being cursed, as a result, whatever came from that land would automatically pass that curse on to whoever associates with the inhabitants and the objects of that land. Question!  What is the origin of your jewelry, what about that stuff you got from that yard sale and ever since you brought it into your home, your home has become a place of torment? What about that new relationship? How come every one of his or her countrymen posses that same controlling attitude?

As a heads up, do you know that burying items and concoctions on your property is an affirmation in the spirit realm of concealing your destiny and anything that is buried that is not supposed to be buried is placing whom or whatever in spiritual bondage? This physical activity along with incantations will spiritually oppress and suppress the victim's life, which will manifest physical hardship, setbacks, and non-progress for that individual. Your blood, your hair, your fingernails clippings, your photos and clothing that contains your DNA such as your sweat, etc. all represent you and identifies you in the spirit realm. This is why folks of the occult are adamant about retrieving these items from you so that it can be buried or spiritually tied up all to stop your progress in life via spiritual means. 

As a reminder, I started out this article by quoting the following scripture, "For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.”
Luke 16:18. I am convinced this is so simply because the children of darkness understand that everything begins from the spirit realm and thus, focus their attention in that area to manifest the changes or manifestation they desire. On the other hand the children of light are engaging in battle with flesh and blood, and as a result, they are destined to lose every battle.

In Joshua 9, the children of Israel made a covenant with the Gibeonites whereby the children were not to harm or even kill the Gibeonites. Years later King Saul killed the Gibeonites, and as a result brought evil upon the land of Israel, which resulted in a famine for 3 years during the time of King David’s reign, therefore the land was barren during that time and not able to produce. Again, the land itself was cursed along with its inhabitants all because of what King Saul did in the past. Question! What evil covenant was established on your property via the works of witchcraft and due to the demonic sacrifices being offered up to other gods all hell has broken loose on that property.

Some of the signs that would identify generation curses acquired through generation properties are:

-Never able to complete projects on that property

- Constant sickness among the inhabitants of that property

-You are never able to prosper while on that property

- Almost impossible to be married or have children while on that property

- While on that property, you’re plagued with confusion and frustration

- Strange noises in the buildings of that property along with strange odors

- Almost impossible to maintain relationships while on that property

- Vehicles, machinery and electrical equipment always in need of repair

- The inhabitants of that property are prune for mishaps and misfortune.

The above signs are just a few of the myriad of issues that one will experience while one resides on a cursed property. Please! Take a moment right now and ask God to make it clear if the property you own, rent or occupy is under a generational curse and as a result, you’re being challenged by it. Ask God to provide you with the necessary knowledge to deliver you from this position you've found yourself in. This is necessary because scripture says to us, “Through knowledge shall the just be delivered” Proverbs 11:9.

My friend if there is one thing that I know about deliverance and that is you must first want to be delivered. Stop suffering unnecessarily and begin to fight back with the spiritual knowledge that God has provided for you in this article.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Ignorance Empowers & Renews the lease on Generational curses

Spiritual laws will quickly point out to us that in order for a generational curse or any curse for that matter to exist or run its course, there must be legal ground to establish and begin its destructive cycle.

The first spiritual law of generational curses dictates that a curse that has no cause cannot come upon anyone or any family, Proverbs 26:2. This law quickly dispels the notion that someone can curse anyone at will or a generational curse just automatically passes on from generation to generation. In the case of a generational curse, it will be the “INIQUITY” that must be sustained throughout the generations to support or give cause for the generational curse to run its course, Exodus 34:7and Exodus 20:5.

Secondly, the law of ignorance plays a pivotal role in the oppression and progression of generational curses. A generational curse cannot perform its full impact without the full cooperation of its victim. How is this you may ask? Well, the victim is unknowingly working towards his own demise via his ignorance that they are not only under a generational curse but ignoring all the visible signs of it.

Scripture points out to us in Ephesians 6:12, of  four ranks of demonic activity that we are wrestling against, and they are:

1) Principalities
2) Powers
3) Rulers of the darkness of this world and
4) Spiritual wickedness in high places

The above orders/ranks are all spiritual, meaning they are not visible to the human eye, thus, places us at a disadvantage. Nevertheless, for the sake of this teaching, I would like for us to focus on the third order which is, “RULERS OF THE DARKNESS OF THIS WORLD.” Rulers are those that govern, supervise or exercise control. Darkness in this text symbolizes “ignorance.” Therefore, this specific order of demonic activity is solely responsible for keeping us “IGNORANT OF THE SPIRITUAL LAWS.”

Due to these forces being spiritual/invisible they work through human agents such as religious leaders and Charlatans, who subscribe to traditions, philosophy, ideology and everything else that moves us away from the bible which contains the spiritual laws that we need to combat these stubborn evil forces. My friend, please read carefully what I am about to say to you next. Any church, religious institution, religious leader or whomever that insist on substituting the laws, principles, commandments, and protocols of God with money, miracle water, miracle oils, etc. are agents of the Devil assigned to your life only to tie you up spiritually so that it would be impossible for you to make progress physically.

Anyone that understands laws understands that everything is governed by some type of law. Therefore, the spirit realm is no different. Like I have said so many times before, the spirit world is where it all begins, simply because it's the origin of all things. As a result of this understanding, it is understood that to achieve or succeed with anything physically, then it must be established spiritually first! Friends! Please understand that absolutely everything that is experienced in our natural world was conceived in the spirit realm. With this being said, you must focus on the spiritual things of your life and begin making corrections and adjustments in those areas if you desire to maintain and sustain any victory in your natural life. The spiritual areas of your life would be your words, thoughts, dreams the word of God, voices that are not accompanied by a physical body, etc. As a reminder, the Apostle Paul warned us when he said, "Set not your eyes on the things that are seen for what is seen is temporal (subject to change). Instead, focus on that which you cannot physically see with your eyes for these things are eternal, whatever it is that we can not see with our eyes are indeed spiritual, 2 Corinthians 4:18.

As a reminder, In Hosea 4:6 and Isaiah 5:13 the common phrase used in both scriptures is "My people are in bondage or are being destroyed due to their lack of KNOWLEDGE." It did not say that the people of God were being destroyed because they lack miracle water, miracle oils, miracle cloths and the like. Scriptures stick a pin in the following point by saying that it will be through "KNOWLEDGE" that the just will be delivered, Proverbs 11:9. Again, if they're not giving you the spiritual knowledge of God which is the only thing that can deliver us, then they are simply misleading you.

Again, generational curses are real, and for the most part, your life has been shackled with limitations and setbacks due to your ignorance of the obvious generational curses that are upon your family. Stop qualifying the curse to remain in your family with the fuel of ignorance and begin fighting with the word of God!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Did you marry into a generational curse?

Unfortunately, generational curses are not just limited or reserved to bloodlines, ancestors or generations past.

The reality is you can marry or forge business covenants that can tie you into a generational curse. Now, this is a critical point to note because most folks are not aware of this spiritual law. Firstly, marriages in and of itself are indeed covenants, scripture furthers adds that the two shall become one.

With the above being said God specifically said to the children of Israel; not to make any covenants with the inhabitants of Canaan, neither shall they establish marriages with them. In fact, God specifically said, “Do not give your daughters to their sons, neither allow their sons to marry your daughters” The reason for this was, they would eventually turn the children of Israel from their God and cause them to serve other gods.

God further instructed the children of Israel to destroy all their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire, Deuteronomy: 7:3-5.

In reading the above passage of scripture, it would appear that God was biased or showed favoritism towards the children of Israel, however, it was the spiritual implications that these people and their objects carry as a result of their worshiping of demonic gods. So to forge any type of covenants with them including marriage or being in possession of their wicked items automatically brought a curse on their victims, thus, making them inclusive of the generational curses that were already dominating the Canaanites.

This is why it is so important to do significant research on your future husband or wife. It is your responsibility to do your homework in learning as much as possible about both sides of their family, particularly from a spiritual perspective. I promise you in doing this you will save yourself massive headaches, disappointments and financial losses in the future.  Satan is adamant when it comes to securing a curse on us. The reason for this is to cause a continuous cycle of negativity to destroy our lives but more importantly to keep us from our destiny Make no mistake covenants are secured by "IGNORANCE," meaning the curses will continue to dominate your life as long as you do not know one even exist in your life.

Isn't it amazing that even when the marriage has been dissolved, you're still experiencing the curses from it? Well, this is so because even though the natural marriage has been dissolved by the laws of the land, you must also remember that while satisfying the laws of the land to be married you also made a spiritual covenant to be bound to that person. Therefore, if you did not break the spiritual part of the covenant then the curses still have a right to continue its cycle of defeat and negativity in your life.

Consequently, any items from that divorce that was not severed spiritually are all points of contact to continue the curse in your life and by extension your future relationships.  Have you noticed that most of the relationships you experienced after your divorce appear to be displaying the same behavior as your past relationship? As usual, the relationship starts out fine then out of nowhere the relationship becomes a repeat of your former relationship. Again, this is all happening because you do not understand the spiritual laws that are involved and it is as a result of your ignorance to spiritual laws that Satan is making a joke out of your life. There has to be a spiritual severing of the soul ties via the spiritual covenant that is still in place from the former marriage accompanied with the getting rid of what came along with it. Such as jewelry, property, clothing, etc. this is why God insisted that the children of Israel destroy anything thing that was remotely attached to the curse over these folks.

Do you recall the story of Achan in Joshua chapter 7? Just like the rest of Israel, he was told not to take of the "accursed thing" out of the city of Jericho once the walls of Jericho collapse. Long story short he did take of the accursed thing and as a result of his wife and children who had no idea of what he did, was killed with him. Question! Why was no one else killed, well no one else was married to Achan other than his wife, so as the head of his family the moment he made contact with the accursed thing he made everyone else in his family a part of the curse.

There is so much behind that tall dark and handsome guy; there is so much behind that drop dead gorgeous college degree holding female. What you’ve failed to recognize are the inequities embedded in the spiritual order of their family which constitutes a generational curse according to Exodus 20:5, Exodus 34:7. Eventually, you will have to contend with this generational curse due to the covenant you've made with them and simultaneously made you a victim of the generational curses that are already in place.

Generational curses set limitations on families, it does not matter how educated, wealthy, healthy or prosperous that person may appear. There is indeed a fixed period of that individual’s life before whatever generational curse begins to run its course in that person’s life and by extension your life as a result of your marital or business covenant with them.

If you are divorce, please begin breaking the spiritual covenant that was simultaneously created when you physically got married. As a reminder, there are two covenants that are established when marriage is involved, and they are spiritual and physical covenants. This also applies to relationships where sexual intercourse was involved. Sexual intercourse creates spiritual covenants otherwise known as soul ties, this explains why every guy you meet turns out to be a looser or every woman you meet only want you for what you can do for her. Break the soul ties or spiritual covenants that were created via sexual intercourse so that you can be realigned to your destiny and break the cycle of poor choices.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

What did they say that placed you under a generational curse?

You are indeed the personification of the words that others including you have spoken over your life. It should be
crystal clear to you based on these teachings on generational curses, that the main purpose of a generational curse is to not only set limitations on one’s life but more importantly to keep that person and their family in an endless defeated non-progressive cycle until the day they die. Also, these teachings would have pointed out to many, that the power of a generational curse is based on the ignorance and full participation of its victim.

Today we’ll explore the understanding of generational curses generated through words spoken over our lives, particularly during the course of our childhood years. “You will never amount to anything”, “You are so stupid”, “You’ll never have a good husband/wife”, “Your siblings will always be better than you”. It was and is statements like what I have just mentioned and many more like them that are spiritually dominating people’s lives today. These folks have zero idea that when they made the choice to believe such statements they simultaneously made the choice to accept what would become a generational curse that if not addressed they will in turn do the same thing to their children.

Now the spiritual principal in which this understanding is based is found in Proverbs, 18:21. This scriptures clearly says the following, “DEATH and LIFE is in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall it of its fruit”. So in a nut shell it is understood that our words which are spirit (John 6:63) has the ability to summons death to someone or something or summons life to someone or something. Simply put, words which are spiritual will program the spirit of that person in which those words are being spoken over.

Secondly, generational curses that are generated through words require the participating of its victim, unknowing to the victim of course. Meaning the victim must believe or consistently meditate on those evil words that have been spoken over their life. If the victim does not challenge those words by cancelling, rebuking, praying against or casting those evil words out of their minds, then those evil  words by default will begin their negative cycle of what was spoken over the victim.

Scripture provides a classic story in regards of this understanding. In Genesis 49:1-4, we’re told that Jacob was preparing to die so he requested the attendance of all his sons to speak over their lives concerning their future. Jacob said to Reuben his eldest son, “Thou art my first born, my might and the beginning of my strength, the excellency of dignity and the excellency of power”. In this passage of scripture, Jacob described what his eldest son meant to him, not only as his first born but more importantly his first born son. However, Jacob switched on his son Reuben and began to curse him, Jacob said to Reuben, “You are as unstable as water and you will never excel in life” Genesis 49:4. Unknowing to Reuben this seemingly non-serious act will later pan out for him and his future generation’s hardship and non-progress.

When we trace the lineage of Reuben and his descendants from the day his father cursed him, we’ll discover that the generations of Ruben never did excel and they were very much unstable. In fact it would be hundreds of years later when Moses blessed the children of Israel prior to his death and prior to the children of Israel going into the promise land, that he recognized the generational curse on the tribe of Reuben and literally broke the curse. Here is what Moses said in regards to breaking the generational curse on Reuben’s descendants, “Let Reuben live and not die and let not his men be few” Deuteronomy 33:6. If you trace the lineage of Reuben from this point forward you will discover that as a result of the generational curse being broken by Moses, Reuben's descendants prospered and were able to live and achieve a better quality of life. This is why it is so important to understand spiritual laws and the application of them. Again, those seemingly meaningless words re-routed the destiny of Reuben and his future generations.

The spirit realm can either be bound or released by our words. Do you recall the scripture that says, "Whatever we release on earth has been released in heaven, and whatever we bind of earth has been bound in heaven, Matt. 18:18? Well, if you review the scripture carefully the spirit realm (Heaven) is just waiting on us to agree with it so that manifestation can take place in the earth. Released and bound are words to describe past events, which scripture clearly said that heaven has already done. This again is spiritual law my friend!

What evil negative words did Mom. Dad, Pastor, Boss, Husband, Wife, Leader, friend or enemy spoke over your life that has program you and your family for failure, defeat and limitations in life? Please! Take a moment, and based on this divine revelation ask God to bring to your memory all negative words spoken against you and your future generations. Now ask God to destroy the spiritual root of all negative words spoken over your life especially false demonic prophecies by false prophets that you were not aware of. Ask him to cancel all of their words and to re-route you on the destiny he had originally intended for you to be on prior to the negative words that have placed you on a destiny of LIMITATIONS AND SETBACKS!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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