Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Effective prayer!

The application of knowledge is indeed power! The Bible is saturated with the knowledge and understanding of what controls of our natural. Based on the Biblical evidence presented. Our natural worlds events are orchestrated and control from the unseen world, which is also known as the spirit world.

Therefore, whatever happens, or is manifested in our visible world it will always be as a result of what has been initiated or conceived in the invisible world, again, also knows as the spirit world or the spirit realm.

The purpose of prayer, therefore, is to seek the assistance of God (who is a spirit) to challenge, change, resist, alter, or amend from the realm of the spirit, in order to change or amend our physical situations.

This is the error that the majority of Believers make when engaging in prayer. Meaning, their prayers would usually be geared or centered around what is visibly seen, such as a person dying from cancer, an unfair work environment, an unreliable car, etc.

Effective prayer is to challenge the spiritual forces that are pulling the strings or should we say influencing what is visible to us such as cancer, your car constantly breaking down, etc. I know I am repetitive in all of this but I must say it again, and that is, whatever it is that we are challenged with physically or that which is visible, it is only the physical tentacles of the spiritual root behind it, which we can not see of course.

So, whatever it is that is challenging you physically, then you must seek the spiritual assistance of God by searching the scriptures to find scriptures that are relevant to your matter and begin to include these same scriptures in your prayer against the "SPIRITS" that are influencing the people, places, and things that are relentless in attacking you.

The word of God is spirit according to John 6:63, therefore it is the word of God which is spirit that will resist the evil spirits that have launched an all-out attack on you. For example, you have been praying to God to heal Mary of cancer, but have you ever prayed the following, "Lord I come against the spirit of infirmity which includes cancer that is oppressing Mary, Father I speak and declare your word that says because of your stripes she is healed, Isaiah 53: 5 Peter 2:24?".

As you can see prayer is to strategically discover the spiritual influence, source or root behind our real-life situations and aggressively attack those spirits with the word of God which is also identified as the sword of the spirit realm.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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