Tuesday, April 5, 2016

There is always a spiritual fight just before your breakthrough

Frustration and anti-progress will always be the "norm" and the order of the day when a break
through, turn-around or miracle in on the horizon. In fact, if there are no serious challenges prior to what you've labeled as a miracle, break-through or turn around in your life, then I strongly advise that you revisit and carefully analyze what you've labeled as a miracle, turn-around or breakthrough.

Unfortunately, when a person is on fire for God or a person is about to have God change something’s in their lives for the better, that person will face some serious spiritual opposition and frustration. One of the main attacks that individual will experience will be the overwhelming and frequent experiences of things that they fear. Let’s say an individual is claustrophobic (fear of enclosed places), then their fear will be amplified and more frequent than normal. It will be the same if they have a fear of heights, insects etc.

Such a person would become bombarded with relentless thoughts of their fears (which are evil suggestion from the spirit of fear) that will result in the individual experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks. Public speaking and the usual everyday things that they would normally have no issues with performing, suddenly becomes a task all because they are unaware that they are under a spiritual attack.

Again, the next phase of this attack, if it is not recognized and challenged by prayer and fasting, will result in the victim becomes lazy and literally becomes disabled by procrastination. As a result, the victim will categorize their experience as, feeling over worked, unusually tired, or they just need a break from it all. Again, the reality is this person is under major spiritual attack and a part of that attack is to cause the victim to always see it from a physical perspective. Again, if even at this stage the victim does not recognize that their root problem is spiritual, then the attack will be upgraded. The victim then begins to experience unusual but consistent bouts with depression. It usually begins by the victim feeling down and gloomy for no apparent reason. The victim will slowly begin to look at life from a negative perspective, experiencing relentlessly thoughts about deceased love ones and missing those deceased love ones in an uncanny way. The victim will also experience overwhelming thoughts of death and the afterlife and how they wish they're deceased love one were alive, such as their Mother, Father etc. especially when they buck up on life's challenges.

The next stage, again if the attack is not recognized and counter attack from a spiritual perspective, the victim will begin a phase of crying for no apparent reason and slowly begin to lose hope in the things and people that once brought them joy. At this stage spiritual intervention is a must because the next level of which at this point has migrated into severe depression will then progress into a cycle of demanding suicidal thoughts.

While this may be an old spiritual tactic of the devil, unfortunately it has become a very successful one for him in overcoming and subduing Christians that lack spiritual understanding. In my many years of observing this cycle of perpetual evil that's being orchestrated and hurled by legions of evil spirits at Christians, it is always the Believer who’s more caught up in the physical things of their faith such as being blessed with a car, house, a wife/husband miracle money etc. As a result of their deep embedded approach and view of things from a physical perspective they are literally sideswiped and overwhelmed when this spiritual attack comes upon them.

However, those that are spiritually minded, for the most part will almost always recognize and survey their attack from a spiritual perspective and engage in prayer and fasting in an effort to overcome this vicious spiritual attack. The bottom line is this; your success or failure during this SPIRITUAL process will solely be dependent on the spiritual education of the victim. In other words the enemy will take full advantage of the victim's lack of spiritual knowledge in an effort to destroy their victim.

If you are experience this vicious cycle of spiritual oppression, know for sure that something good is pending for you and the attack is clear evidence of that as well as to prevent it from happening. The purpose of this article is to reveal to you that the origin of this evil attack is spiritual and therefore your counter attack must be spiritual and the most effective way of doing that is through prayer and fasting!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing


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