Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The renewing of evil covenants

Firstly, I would like to thank my many readers and followers who have not only expressed an
abundance of gratitude and appreciation along with their support on the many articles I have written but also the many testimonies I have received from them as a result of those articles.
May God continue to bless you with knowledge, wisdom and understanding as you continue your journey through life in the coming year 2016.

With this article being my last article for the year 2015, I would like to end the year with a teaching on “The renewing of evil covenants”. It is my belief that such a teaching is most appropriate at this time of the year. Recently, I have had two very good friends call me to express some challenging dreams that both of them had experienced. The interesting thing about these two friends of mine is that the dreams that they’ve had and that they’re continuing to having, somehow always occur this same time in December of every year.

In one of the dreams my friend is always being visited by some deceased relative. Aside from the visitation in the dream, the deceased relative is always giving him instructions or leading him in some unknown place in the dream. The other friend would always experience dreams of a sexual nature. In fact in her most recent dream, she dreamed that she was about to have sex with someone she recognized in her dream but forgot who the person was when she awoke from the dream. Anyway, she said that the person she was about to have sex with in her dream asked her to sign a document prior to her having intercourse with this person.

Prior to me explaining the spiritual implications of both dreams and the reason these dreams are conveniently reoccurring at this time of the year for both people we must first visit some spiritual laws. Let us observe some spiritual laws that the dreamers in this case have either dismissed or they’re completely ignorant to. As a result of their lack of knowledge concerning these laws and many more like them, they are literally giving Satan and his legions of evil spirits the spiritual legal right to renew and continue the evil occurrences established by evil covenants in their dreams that they are obviously completely unaware of.

In Genesis chapter 20, there is an interesting story about Abraham and a man by the name of Abimelech. It is said that Abraham and his wife Sarah had lied to Abimelech indicating to him that they were sister and brother and not husband and wife. As a result of this, it is recorded that Abimelech sent and took Sarah. Here is where the story becomes quite interesting, the story goes on to say that God came to Abimelech in a dream and literally had a conversation with Abimelech. God said to Abimelech, “Behold, thou art but a dead man, for the woman whom thou hast taken; for she is a man's wife”.

However, Abimelech did not have sexual relations with Sarah: Abimelech said, “Lord, will thou slay also a righteous nation? Abraham did not say unto me, Sarah was his sister and Sarah herself, said, Abraham is her brother”: in the integrity of my heart and innocence of my hands have I done this.  And God said unto him in a dream, “Yea, I know that thou did this in the integrity of thy heart; for I also withheld thee from sinning against me: therefore I caused you not to touch her”, Genesis 20:1-6. Please let’s be clear here, this is all happening in a dream, everything about this event in spiritual and not physical.

Now, like I have illustrated in so many of my articles and that is God who is a spirit communicated with the spirit of Abimelech, however this was done in a dream. As a reminder our dreams are spiritual. Therefore, while Abimelech was physically asleep on his bed, the spirit of Abimelech was communicating in the spirit realm with the spirit of God. Abimelech’s physical body is completely unaware of all of this. There is several spiritual principles that’s being revealed in this story. 1) Spirits are able to visit us in our dreams and actually communicate with us forging good or evil covenants with us. While in this case God said in Genesis 20:7 to Abimelech that if he restored Abraham his wife God will in turn remove the curse of barrenness that were on the woman among Abimelech’s people.

Satan also understands this law of not only communicating with humans via their dreams but also forging evil covenants or in other words planting evil seeds. Spiritual law states the following, “But while men slept his enemy came and sowed tares (curses, evil covenants etc) among the wheat and went his way” Matthew 13:25. 2) The Abraham and Abimelech story clearly displays how we as human being are really spiritual beings housed in a physical body. 3) This story also reveals that while our spirits can live without our body our body cannot live without our spirit. This is demonstrated in the process of death, meaning when we die our physical bodies comes to an end but our spirits live in an eternal state.

The next spiritual principle I would like for us to observe which is found in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 28. This book of the bible speaks specifically to or provides the results of us obeying the laws of God or rejecting the laws of God. The reality is this particular chapter reveals the benefits of the covenants of God if we obey his laws and policies but it also shows how Satan and his evil spirits will be given the legal right to attack us if we disobey. Deuteronomy 28 begins by saying, “if” we listen diligently unto the voice of the Lord our God and to observe and do all his commandments this day, that the lord our God will set us on high above all nations of the earth and all these blessings shall come upon us and actually overtake us. The scripture goes on to say how we’ll be blessed in the city, blessed in the field, blessed in the fruit of our body etc, etc. Again, according to scripture all of these blessing will occur in our lives only “IF” we obey.

On the other hand, in this same chapter Deuteronomy 28, beginning at verses 15 it clearly suggests that “IF” we decide to reject or disobey the voice of the lord and his commandments. Then the opposite of what he promised in Deuteronomy 28:1-14 will occur in our lives. In other word Satan have legal rights to perform all of the curses stated in Deuteronomy 28:15-67.

Now back to the dreams of my two friends. Both reoccurring dreams at the end of each year are really demonic dreams attempting to renew the evil spiritual covenants with these people in an effort to continue the evil and non-progress in their lives for the coming year. As a result of signing the document in one dream and actually interacting and obeying the instructions of the deceased love one in the other dream. The demonic evil entities have secured another year of oppression in the dreamer’s lives, this is known as an evil covenant. Therefore these people will suffer the same negative circumstances in the following year that they suffered the year before. Only this time it will be at a greater level. Satan understands spiritual laws and he’s very legalistic. Unfortunately he has convinced the Believers of Jesus Christ, that once they have accepted Christ they don’t have to worry about reading their bibles or observing the spiritual laws. If they buy into this, then the law of destruction comes into play. This law states the following, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge, because they have rejected knowledge, I have also rejected them” Hosea 4:6

My friends, if you are experiencing dreams with deceased love ones, please! I know how much you miss them but the reality is, these are masquerading spirits pretending to be your deceased love ones in your dreams with the sole intent of renewing or establishing evil covenants with you, all in an effort to pollute or reroute your God intended destiny. Signing unknown documents in a dream, sexual dreams, fighting with animals or people in a dream, being bitten by an animals, particularly a snake in a dream are all evil dreams seeking your permission in keeping you enslaved to defeat, non-success and anti-progress.

It is mandatory that you challenge these dreams by prayer and with fasting in some cases. I strongly advise the following prayer with such dreams upon waking from the dream. “Father God in the name of your son Jesus Christ, if the dream that I have just awaken from was from you, then I come in complete agreement with your purpose and desire for my life”. “Lord if my dream was not form you, then I curse, rebuke renounce and reject any and all evil covenants that my dreams represents. Heavenly Father, I ask you in the name of your son Jesus Christ to break and destroy by fire all known and unknown evil covenants that have been ruling my life especially that of generational curses. I pray Lord that you would not only realign my life according to your original purpose but to reroute me and my family from the demonic course that will ultimately end in destruction for our lives. Finally Father, I bind myself to all that you have predestine for me in the coming year 2016 while I simultaneously reject all that Satan and his evil spirits has constructed with the intent of implementing in my life in 2016, in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Friends, the law of the spirit clearly states that it will always be through “KNOWLEDGE” that the just shall be delivered” Proverbs 11:9. In other words the knowledge of God will always be the prerequisite to a person’s deliverance.  Do not let no one fool you like they did in years past by placing a demand on your finances for a miracle or favor from God. Again, deliverance in any area of your life will only be manifested or initiated through Godly knowledge (the spiritual laws in the bible) along with the application of that knowledge. It is my sincere prayer for you in the new year, that God will subdue your enemies, empower you with spiritual knowledge, wisdom and understanding while advancing you to where you should be according to his plan in the coming years of your life in Jesus mighty name.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Monday, December 21, 2015

Go forth and recover all in 2016!

About 6 am this morning 12/15/2015, I had a very challenging dream that I am convinced was God's answer to me concerning 2016.

Just to back track a little. I was compel to engage in a fast that lasted for almost two weeks, and ended just last Friday. During this fast there were many things I was seeking God for and many unanswered questions in terms of certain losses in my life. Well as a result of my dream this morning I am convinced that not only did God answer me but I am convinced the message given to me in my dream is for all that would take head and begin to put in action the instructions of the dream.

In my dream this morning, I was standing in a church more specifically standing near a pulpit observing a gentleman accompanied by two ladies who were standing at his immediate left. This gentleman was preaching but for some reason he seem as if there was something invisible preventing him from preaching. In fact it seem as if the words he was speaking did not make sense. As I began to look out at the congregation there were only three old ladies who seem to be no less than 65 years old sitting at the very last bench at the back of the church. However, they were looking at each other in complete amazement as to what was this man saying or talking about. In fact it didn't even seem to be the English language he was speaking. The more I observe this gentleman the more he looked frustrated along with the three ladies present in the church.

All of a sudden, I was given a signal, but I don't recall by whom, that I would be up next to preach. Well, within seconds the gentleman that was preaching and the ladies that accompanied him all vanished with no trace of them even being there. Immediately, a young man walked up to me (someone that is a known enemy to me in reality) and passed me the Mic. This person held his head in a downward position while walking towards me and even after passing me the Mic.

Instantly, when I received the Mic the church mushroomed into what appeared to be a stadium filled to capacity with hundreds of thousands of people. The people were anxious and literally cheering me on to release a word from the Lord to them. I began to pace the floor of the pulpit wondering what exactly I would say to the people. For some strange reason I could not come up with anything. The crowd then began to become agitated because they were desperate for a word form the Lord.

As I retreated to the pulpit with one hand holding on to the pulpit, I then took about two to three steps backwards from the pulpit and it was as if everything around me disappeared and there was complete silence. At that moment I said to myself, "Lord I need a word form you for the people". It was at that moment when I made this request in actuality talking to myself, I heard an internal voice that spoke to me as clear as day, the voice said to me, "Tell my people go forth and recover all". Immediately, I was returned back to the pulpit with the resuming of the noise of the crowd, again, impatiently waiting on a word from the lord. I then walked down from the pulpit being totally overwhelmed by the word of the Lord for the people.

As I got to the floor just below the platform I grip the Mic with great pressure and shouted with a loud voice while looking up in the stands observing literally hundreds of thousands of people saying to the crowd, "The word of the Lord for his people is, GO FORTH AND RECOVER ALL". It was at this point that the crown began to jump up and down and moved about in great excitement and encouragement. I have never seen anything like that in all my life. The crowd began to shout and literally roar all because of the word of the Lord. In all honesty, I became so excited in the dream and felt as if the word of the Lord was an all go sign for all that would believe his words.

The following is my interpretation of my dream. Firstly, the gentleman that I saw was symbolic of preachers whose time has expired but still trying to hold on to a place that has rejected them. The old ladies in the church who were the only folks in the congregation symbolized the older folks that attend church only as a tradition but has become completely despondent by the same old tired non anointed message. The empty church symbolizes the lack of interest for church by all walks of life simply because of the "out of touch" leaders who have become irrelevant and spiritually deaf to the voice of the Holy Spirit and refuse to step aside for God's new wave of leadership that will actually obey his voice. The two ladies that stood at the left of the preacher are symbols of evil spirits namely Jezebel spirits that have controlled such leaders and as a result influenced these same leaders to become obsessed with controlling their membership to the point folks just had enough and left. Thus leaving these controlling leaders all by themselves and only with a handful of folks who are more committed to the tradition of attending church as opposed to truly hearing the word of the Lord.

I mentioned that in my dream that I was given a signal that I would be up next to preach but I did not recall who gave me the signal. In any event, the person that passed me the mic is an enemy to me in reality. This section of the dream brought the following scripture to mind, "When a man's ways please the LORD, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. In other words, this transition that God is about to do with the replacing of leadership even your haters and oppressors will have no choice but to fall in line to the will of God as his new set of leaders are about to mount the stage of life.

I also mentioned that when the mic was passed to me the church mushroomed from 3 old ladies in the congregation to what appeared to be a stadium filled with literally hundreds of thousands of people in great expectation of a word from the lord. Scripture says the following in regards to this portion of the dream, "For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God" Romans 8:19. In other words there is a particular anointing that comes along with this new breed of leaders, whose anointing will place a demand on folks that once had no interest for church and the things of God to return to their first love. Only this time it will not be about worshiping a leader or everything surrounding the leader of a congregation. Instead, the expectation will be on the word of God that will be released from the man or woman of God!

Amazingly in this dream I could not come up with anything to say or preach to this massive crowd. If you can recall I mentioned that at one point I stood at the pulpit took a few steps back and ended up in this isolated space where everything vanished around me and it was also at this point I said to myself, "Lord I need a word for your people". I am convinced that this new breed of leadership must be entirely dependent on God and abolish their own agendas. As you would have observed, it was only when I gave up on my own way of trying to come up with something and internally asked God for a word for the people that a word from the Lord was given to me!

It was the words that were released to me that became the most important part of the dream to me. As a reminder it was when I released these words to this word hungry crowd that they literally became overwhelmed with excitement and joy. Nevertheless, it was the interpretation of what those words meant that now speaks to the entirety of the coming year 2016.

I believe based on the words given by the Lord, that we as people of God have been given the green light to go forward and recover everything that has either been taken from us, deprived from us or what we've lost in the past. In any event the word recover implies getting back or regaining something that was either taken away or lost. It also implies that whatever it is that God is asking us to recover, originally he had set aside just for us. In addition to this, I am also convinced that if God is asking us to go forth and recover all, it would suggest that he has removed all barriers, partitions, impediments and whatever else that prevented us from recovering whatever it was that we failed at recovering before.

I believe that this command from God and our obedience to this command will require boldness along with a fearless spirit that will cause us to strategically invade the enemy's camp. However, this fearlessness and boldness will be automatic for us if our confidence is cemented in the word of God. In other words, the word of the lord, "Go forth and recover all" should be our confidence that everything is in place for us to recover all.

The bottom line is this! Whatever you have lost, whatever was stolen from you, whatever you've failed at, go back and attempt it again because this time is your set time to recover all! If you had issues in conceiving go and try again, Have you lost your home or property to foreclosure get ready for total recovery. Were you deprived of your  promotion get ready to recover all, Families, marriages, businesses, beginning now and the entirety of 2016 will be a year of recovery for those that believe the word of the Lord and act upon his word. You will not recover pieces instead as the lord has commanded YOU SHALL RECOVER ALL!

In closing, I would like to make unequivocally clear in regards to my dream and that is, the new breed of leaders were always here. Instead they were being oppressed by the current insecure controlling leaders who refuse to step down and pass on the baton to the next generation. As a result they have clogged the pipes of progress and enslaved the people with traditions that has made the word of God of non-affect. However, the time is quickly approaching where God is about to sit them down permanently only to usher in his new team that will lead us up to the coming of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

Please read 1 Samuel 30 for a greater understanding of the results of going forth and recovering all. Also, I would strongly advise you to make a list with a title that says "Go forth and recover all". List everything that you have lost and that was stolen from you. Now prepare to make a check to each lost as a recovery as you walk in faith according to the command of the lord!


Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Thursday, December 3, 2015

You'll see that it's all about timing

I can think of any number of people that are filled with many talents and gifts. In fact I personally know of folks that have a far better voice than a Michael Jackson, better preaching skills than a Bishop T.D Jakes or they're a better businessmen than a Donald Trump.

 So, what is it that makes these folks different from the above mentioned names? Well my friend to your surprise the difference is simply timing! You see my friend, the recognition, value and potential profit of your talents, gifts and abilities is solely dependent on the right time in spite of how talented or gifted you maybe!

 This may seem crazy to the average person, but our bibles makes this understanding abundantly clear. Scripture reminds us of the following, " To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1. This is such a powerful scripture and by extension a challenging spiritual law. In that, it's making clear to the reader that everything that will ever take place in one's life there is a specific season and time assigned to its function or performance simply because it's pregnant with purpose. In other words what you have for the most part in terms of your gifts or talent, is to benefit others rather than yourself. The reality is you're just a conduit or deliverer if you may. If you find yourself being anxious and more concern about what your talents and gifts will do for you instead of its purpose for others. Then it becomes easier to miss or misinterpret your seasons and times or at best pollute its purpose if you do manage to achieve your season and times. I promise you, your gifts and talents once shared or ministered to others will automatically benefit you or reward you. Gifts and talents released in the right season, advances and positions the possessor of those gifts and talent in areas and with folks that really could not have happen any other way.

 To take it a step further, a season, is understood to mean an assigned appointment and the understanding of time is the tenure allowed for that particular season or appointment. For example, let say you have a talent for singing, well according to the law of time and season in Ecclesiastes 3:1 you talents and gifts guarantees you a season or appointment for its recognition and a certain amount of time for its purpose to be accomplish.

 So the reality is, you should not be on a quest looking to some place or person to sow a financial seed to, so that God will cause someone to recognize your talent. Instead your request to God should be, "Lord please equip me with the ability to discern or recognize when its my season and time to display the gifts and talents you've given me because according to your law I am guaranteed the season and time for the talents and gifts you gave me in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

As a quick reminder our gifts and talents are to benefit others, ultimately with God receiving all the glory. However, once performed at the right time and season the spiritual law dictates that these gifts and talents will expand the borders of the possessor of those gifts and talents while advancing them before great men, Proverbs 18:16.

 I will end with this! Seasons and times are guaranteed for all the gifts and talents distributed to mankind by God. However, there is no guarantee that we'll all meet those seasons and times. The number one reason for folks missing their assigned seasons and times to display their gift that God had promised will make room for them, will primarily be due to connecting with the wrong, people, places and things. These my friend are the agents of delay and missed opportunities!


 Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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