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Understanding the dreams you dream Part. 16-Spirit of poverty

Scripture says to us that the secret things belong unto the Lord our God: but those things which are revealed
(mysteries) belong unto us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law, Deuteronomy 29:29.

Dreams are just that, revealed mysteries. More importantly, dreams are always revealing the root causes of our everyday matters. Dreams speak to three areas of our lives and they are things of the past, present, and future. Again, in all three areas, it will always be addressing the root or revealing the mystery of what’s going on naturally.
Well, today as promised we will be addressing dreams that not only symbolizes the spirit of poverty but also what do we do to resist such spiritual entities. Many of us are experiencing what is seemingly an endless battle in our finances.  For some of us, it seems as if our finances behave in cycles. For example, there are particular months of the year where we experience a financial drought then after that period we’re back on course again. Then there are some of us who have been experiencing financial troubles from the time we began working. Then there are those of us who have noticed that there are certain folks we connect with that induce our financial challenges. Overall most of us if not all of us have reduced our financial challenges to the downturn in the world’s economy. The truth is the worldwide economic downturn is just the branches of the root problem.

As I have been repeatedly saying throughout these teaching on dreams; our parent world which is the spirit world so happens to be the origin or whatever is manifested in our natural world. Our dreams temporarily place us in that world, unfortunately not everything that goes on in the spirit realm (our dreams) is of God. Meaning it is not always God giving us a message. Instead, Satan uses the principles of dreams to plant evil into our lives. He is fully aware that manifestation in our world will require agreement between our natural world and the spirit world. Therefore he subtly seeks this spiritual agreement in order to gain legal access to our lives.  Scripture says the following, “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way” Matthew 13:25. The truth is this scripture is literally a spiritual principle. This simply means that Satan has the ability to assigns evil spirits to our lives while we’re asleep or during our dreaming periods. Scripture goes on to say that after he does his evil he goes his way. Suggesting that if we don’t challenge what he has done, then it’s equivalent to us agreeing to what he’s done, thus bringing about his intended manifestation. However, this evil that he’s done plays itself out in our dreams as symbols and actions. Before I go any further, in order to dismantle what he has done or is about to do, we must implement the spiritual law of resisting him whether while we’re dreaming or after we’re awake.

Satan assigning a spirit of poverty in our lives would be in relations to the following dreams; have you had dreams where you were wearing old torn up shoes or you were dressed in dirty old clothes or walking barefooted. The actions and symbols of such dreams indicate poverty, lack, not being able to afford basic stuff. Think about how a homeless person or a bum would dress or behave in reality. Therefore if you were to see yourself or anyone else in your dream behaving or dressed in such a manner, especially if you or the person you dreamed about are people of means. In any evident, there is a spirit of poverty pending or currently active in your life.

Have you been having dreams containing cockroaches, rats, or mice? Again, these creatures represent poverty. When you think about poor areas they are synonymous with an infestation of rats and cockroaches. I had a dream some time ago, where a fellow Christian friend was standing in the street near the front wall of my residence. The dream environment was dimly lit but I could have made out the appearance of my friend. I was on the same street walking towards his direction when I saw what appeared to be the rim of a toilet seat. The seat was literally covered with huge cockroaches. I stopped walking because I felt as if he was about to toss this cockroach infested toilet seat at me. Well, the thought wasn’t out of my head as yet before he actually did toss the roach infested seat at me. Amazingly without any type of fear, it was like I was in the movie matrix, the way I smoothly avoided the roach infested seat from making any type of contact with me. The dream was clearly indicating a spirit of poverty being sent at me. However, my Christian friend in the dream had nothing to do with it. Instead, the spirit of poverty was masquerading as my Friend to gain my trust in the dream in order to successfully execute his evil. Any contact with the cockroaches in the dream without any resistance on my part automatically would have spelled agreement in the dream that would have manifested this spirit in my everyday life. Nevertheless, even though I had no contacts with the cockroach I still canceled and rebuke the dream upon waking in an effort to destroy its origin which was in the spirit realm.

Have you had dreams where you’re shopping at a mall or any type of marketplace shopping? Well, this is another symbol or action of poverty. The mere fact that you’re spending your monies indicates loss or depletion of your funds. Again, these are spiritual symbols to indicate the spirit of poverty eating away at your means of purchasing goods and services in the natural. Scripture says to us, “the Thief (Satan) only shows up in our lives to kill, steal and destroy” John 10:10. Therefore whatever he steals from you in the spirit will be manifested in the natural.

When the spirit of poverty is attached to your life, it is almost impossible for you to save money. In fact, there are spiritual financial limitations set on you. For example, if the spiritual limitation set on you is $1000.00. Then it will be almost impossible to accumulate funds to that amount and even if you do mysteriously you’ll lose it. For example, your car would all of a sudden have to go to the repair shop; your electricity would be triple what it normally would be. Monies that are owed you are almost next to impossible to receive. Your salary has been reduced or you were fired. It is strange occurrences like the above mentioned that the spirit of poverty has been let loose in your life.

Have you ever had dreams where you were picking up coins? In fact, in some dreams, it would appear as if when you pick up one coin another would appear? Some folks would assume that such a dream is a good dream but to the contrary, the dream is laced with the indication of the spirit of poverty. Picking up coins is the behavior of a pauper. I can recall having a dream about 7 years ago. In this dream, as a grown man I was riding what appeared to be a child tricycle. In the dream, I was also weeping while riding this tricycle. All of a sudden I came off of the street I was originally riding on to what appeared to be a partially grassy rocky road. I rode from one end of this grassy rocky road to the other and back. I did this about twice, on my final ride to go back to the main paved street I saw what appeared to be a coin. It was extremely shiny; I recall resting the tricycle down and as I picked up the coin another appeared. Anyway, I kept picking up the coins until all of a sudden there were no more coins. Instead, the area where I was retrieving the coins from I had to unearth what appeared to be the top of a box buried in the ground. As I wiped away the dirt and sand from the top of the box, I opened it only to find a commercial size mayonnaise jar filled with a bunch of dark gooey stuff, the dream ended.

Clearly, the dream was a dream to launch a full fledge war of poverty against me. Let’s interpret this dream so that we can unveil this evil spirit. Firstly, riding a tricycle as a grown man clearly indicates a poverty spirit. Crying while riding indicates sorrow, grief, misery, and depression as a result of this spirit of poverty. Leaving a paved road to ride on a rocky grassy road indicates that the level of hardship will transition from worse to worst. Riding from one end of the grassy rocky road to the other end, again while crying symbolizes a continuous cycle of hardship and misery. Now, at this point in the dream it becomes interesting, in that even though I am picking up coins there is no place where I am depositing the coins, such as in a container, my pockets etc. so this part of the dream indicates that as soon as I was to obtain any kind of monies I will never be able to keep it. In fact, as soon as it gets into my possession somehow it will be immediately consumed. Finally, the dream is about to reveal to me the source of my hardship. I mentioned that while picking up the coins I unearth a box that was buried in the ground, this automatically indicates that the origin of my entire dilemma was as a result of witchcraft. Yes! The dream clearly pointed out to me that someone has cursed my finances.

If you’re experiencing dreams where your money is buried in the ground or wrapped up in some type of cloth in the ground, then someone has cursed your finances. If your monies have gone missing in your dreams, again this is an indicator that the spirit of poverty has or is about to invade your life. If you’re having dreams where you’re at the bank but for some reason, you cannot get your money, again this dream is symbolizing a curse on your finances.

Maybe you’re having dreams where you see yourself as a beggar, this indicates that the spirit of poverty is upon your life. Again, like I have mentioned so many times in my dreams, such dreams must be rebuked and canceled upon waking immediately. For some dreams, it will require at least a 1-2 day fast depending on the extent of the attack against you. For example dreaming about rats especially big rats and an infestation of cockroaches, this indicates that this is not your usual spirit of poverty, instead, you’re being attacked by a principality, Jesus said that this kind (a higher order) will be challenged only by prayer and fasting, Matthew 17:21.

Evil spirits are always seeking covenants between themselves and human spirits in our dreams in order to manifest their evil in our lives. This is why you must be canceled and rebuke what was knowingly or unknowing conceived in the dream. The biblical law states the following if we desire to dismantle Satan’s devices against us, “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you, James 4:7. To submit ourselves to God means to use what he’s given us, which is his word to resist our enemy. Therefore, after such dreams, we must immediately begin praying the word such as, “I am the head and not the tail, I am above only and not beneath”, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper”, “I am the blessed of the Lord”.

The best prayer to pray even if you don’t recall the dream or understand your dream would be the following, “Heavenly Father, whatever evil covenant or agreement I would have willingly or unwillingly consented to with the powers of darkness in my dream, I cancel it with the blood of Jesus Christ and pray your judgment fire against it. Lord, if my dream was concerning your will for my life I come in total agreement with it now in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

written by: Kevin L A Ewing

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