Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Don't be to quick to judge

Many times we're quick and eager to run to the aid of those that are quick to give their side of a story
where the story always ends with them being a victim in a situation.

Surprisingly, we never ask God why is it that this person is going through what they're going through. Instead we just buy into their sad story in our ignorance of the true story, not taking into account that they're probably reaping what they have sown into the lives of others.

Am I suggesting that they should not be helped in spite of what they've done to others? No! Instead what I am saying is that you neither myself can stop the law of sowing and reaping from running its course in their lives in spite of our compassion towards them. The scripture says, as long as the earth remain there will be seed time and harvest, Genesis 8:22.

In other words what you did to others were the planting of your seeds while someone doing the same thing to you in the future what you did to others in the past is your harvest!
The bottom line is this; you can't go through life treating people any kind of way and expect a red carpet of goodness to be spread out for you in the future. Time has calculated your assigned date to reap what you have sown my friend.

God will judge the oppressor and there will be none to save him. 2016 will be a year of PAYDAY!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Stay in your lane

Stay in your lane and wait on God to make things right for you.
Do not misplace your focus on those that seem to be a head of you, in a seemingly better position
than you or some how undermining you.

The saying that, "God is in control" would suggest that God was well aware of your matter prior to your matter surfacing in your life. God being in control further suggest that the all knowing God and the God that knows the end of all things from their beginnings, has also made provision to address your matter at "HIS" assigned time.

Things are not always the way they seem and while others may appear as if they have it all together on the outside, unknowing to you their world could be falling a part on the inside. In other words do not judge success based on their outwards appearance.

I promise you, the God of all hope will bless you to advance in due season, you will run laps around those that were once ahead of you, but this can and will only happen in God's perfect timing.

The scripture is clear when it said, "God will make everything beautiful in HIS time" Ecclesiastes 3:11.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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