Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Real dream about a specific target by the spirit of poverty

"Minister, please sir! I am very much troubled by a dream that I had this morning. I am writing you
along with seeking your help concerning my dream.

There was an article that you wrote some time ago that prompted me to contact you; the following is my dream. In my dream, I was in an unfamiliar house. There was no form of lighting in the home other than the sunlight that dimly pierced through the thick curtains in this house. Anyway, I recall an old gentleman sitting in a chair with his back towards me, and it appeared as if he was talking to a lady advising her how to go about getting her college degrees.

It was strange because in the dream it also seems as if what they were doing regarding discussing this college degree plan was just a trick to distract me. Anyway, there was a refrigerator directly facing my back. I recalled turning around and opened the fridge which was filled with food items. Well, to my surprise the refrigerator was also filled with cockroaches of all kind big and small crawling all over the items in the fridge. I can't say at this point if I closed the refrigerator or not. Anyway, the dream seems to have switched. At this point, I was now standing facing a stainless steel refrigerator, and as I look at my feet, I saw what appeared to be tiny roaches crawling from under this refrigerator towards my feet. I then look back at the back portion of the room and saw a huge cockroach crawling on the floor, then I woke up.

Minister Ewing! I know this is not a good dream and I know based on your teachings it is revealing the spirit of poverty but can you, if possible provide me with more assistance with giving more details concerning this dream.

Good day friend! I do agree with you in that it is clearly not a good dream and also the dream has revealed the spirit of poverty. Based on the contents of this dream, the two folks discussion about the college degree, the room is dimly lit, you nor being familiar with the home, are all pointing to a wicked conspiracy being concocted against you spiritually. However, the attack against you is particular, and that is an attack against your bank accounts, or anywhere you may have resources stored. Here is how I arrived at that conclusion. A refrigerator represents a place of storage, preservation or to maintain the condition of whatever is put in it at whatever state that it's in. The majority of these cockroaches are in this refrigerator crawling over the items in the refrigerator. Again the refrigerator represents your storage/savings as in a bank or wherever your resources are stored. Then the roaches which represent the spirits of poverty is openly attacking those stored resources. The question that should be asked is why were the two people in the dream not affected or found it strange that all of these cockroaches were on the floor and in the refrigerator? Clearly, these are all masquerading spirits attempting to distract you to not focus on the attack against you.

Like I repeatedly make mention of in all of my articles on dreams. Your dream is giving you "knowledge" that naturally you would have zero idea about. In other words, you were given a view from a spiritual perspective what is being set up against whatever monies or material good you have in the bank or whatever form of storage you may have your resources located.

My spiritual advice to you is based on Matthew 17:21, simply because of the amount and different sizes of cockroaches. You must immediately enter a fast this morning only for a day (no food no water) retrieve scriptures that speak against poverty and include these scriptures in your daily communication to God during this one day fast reminding him of his word. However, before all of what I have just mentioned, you must clothe yourself with the whole armor of God, and this is done by praying that armor on yourself, and this is found in Ephesians 6:11, 13-17. Always remember this war is spiritual, so do not waste your time as to who could be doing this to you. Instead, you are going after the root which will always be spiritual. In other words, attack the spirit realm with the word of God!

I come in spiritual agreement with you, and it is my prayer that God will disgrace the plans of the enemy and his human agents that are being attempted in your life. I speak to the spirit realm against the forces of evil working against you by declaring the word of God that says, "God will make perfect or complete all that concerns you in the mighty name of his son Jesus Christ" Psalm 138:8

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing


There will always be haters, get use to it

Whatever it is that God has called you to do; I strongly suggest you do it. There are many that will oppose you as it relates to your ministry. However, you must always bear in mind that at the day of Judgment/Reckoning you will have to explain to the Creator of all things what did you do with the tools he gave you to accomplish the purpose he'd place you on the earth to do.

Trust me, everyone will have an opinion as it relates to your ministry and for the most part it will be negative. In fact, the folks that will challenge you, unfortunately will be those that claim to be on your team (Christians). Nevertheless, when we take a closer look at Jesus' Ministry it was never the sinner or Roman soldiers that challenged him, instead it was the Pharisees, Sadducee, scribes, Judas Iscariot, which were all, "fellow believers" and leaders of the church.

I would like to speak to that person tonight that feels hopeless, tired, inadequate, and wary by the negative comments of others but more importantly their fellow Christian brothers and sisters. First and foremost, those that challenges you or speaks negatively about your ministry, DID NOT CALL YOU TO MINISTRY! It is God and not nay Sayers that you will have to give an account to at the end of the day. Secondly, you should be more concerned about pleasing the one that sent you instead of those that knows very little of the Holy Spirit that resides in you and instructing you. Thirdly, relish on the fact that God is working through you to bring change in the lives of those around you.

I would use myself as an example, there are many that say, "Why is he always talking about witchcraft or spiritual warfare, dreams interpretation etc, why don't he talk about something else". My answer is simple, "Take it up with God". Secondly, spiritual warfare is my branch of ministry it is this ministry that I will be judged on. Thirdly, should I follow the instructions of mere mortals or God? And lastly, why am I a concern to you? Focus on your own ministry because you to will have to give an account.

Trust me on this, stay in the lane that God has called you to minister in, because the same folks that are attempting to discredit you or influencing you to change your ministry to what area they think you ought to be ministering in will continue to challenge you even if you set out to please them. Puppets allow the noise in the market to pull their strings. People of God focus on the next instruction of their journey from God and not man!

I am always amazed when I read emails from all over the world as to how some writing or teaching I did change the course of someone's life or made them look at things from a different prospective. Believe me, the devil and his human agents will come at you from every angle trying to convince you that you're wasting your time, God did not call you, people are not interested in what you have to say etc, etc.

I do not know who you are but you need to get back up on your horse and continue your journey to the finish line, focusing on the assignment that God has given you. Everyone has to give an account for the gifts God has outfitted them with, to do his will in the earth. How others decide to use their tools if they use them at all will have to be explained on the Day of Judgment.

Get up, refresh yourself and keep going forward for there are many souls frustratingly waiting what God has placed in you to bring about their deliverance.

"For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed" Romans 8:19.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing


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