Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I love you but I'm not in love with you

The above topic can be considered some of the most devastating words ever spoken into the hearing of anyone, particularly those who were under the impression that they were involved in a sincere and committed relationship. In fact it can become so devastating, that the recipient of these words can spiral into a deep depression and a state of utter hopelessness as a result of it.

Today we want to unearth some very common but overlooked relationship signs that signal this all too common statement prior to its admission. Simultaneously, we will discover where the recipient of these words for the most part were equally responsible for such an outcome, thus,   making themselves co-conspirators to their own predictable ending.

Denial of anything is defined as the disbelief in the existence or reality of a thing. It can also be defined as the refusal to recognize or acknowledge what is blatantly obvious to everyone else but intentionally ignored and dismissed by others. This is worthy to note at this strategic point in our teaching because we will also discover that denial, inordinate love coupled with non-reciprocal caring, affection and general concern in a relationship provides all the necessary components for an unhappy and predictable ending.

Amazingly, I have discovered that it has become normal for folks to intentionally live in a constant state of denial in their relationships in order to maintain and sustain a so called “peace of mind”. Now, I will admit, this was quite difficult for me to comprehend until I understood two very important things about the folks that do this, and they are A) They are severely lacking in confidence and understanding and B) They have program themselves to believe that they cannot exist or function properly without this person whom they’ve willing subject themselves to under the deception of true love.

Let’s shift our attention for a second and begin to shine the lime light on the one that makes such a statement and the word I want to use in this teaching in labeling this person is the word vain. The word vain is defined as: being excessively proud of or concerned about one's own appearance, qualities, achievements, etc. also a person that lacks the ability to genuinely care or sincerely be concern about the interest or well-being of someone else.

With the above understanding, it now takes us into the mind of such a person and why it is so easy for them to lead others into a make believe world of unpretentious love and without notice do away with them as if they never mattered at all. It is important to note here that these people diligently seek their prey and the type of persons that they are looking for are those that never had the love of a mother or Father, those that are on the rebound from a previous relationship, those that lack confidence, those that are easily dependent on other people, and more importantly those that trust easily and without question subject themselves to the will of others. The truth is, these deceivers will temporarily become what you desire in an effort to get from you what they want and in most cases the tenure of this process is short live and concluding with the victim becoming extremely hurt and outrageously bitter, and the perpetrator walking away with absolutely no remorse or sense of guilt. In fact, in the victim’s quest to figure out from the perpetrator what has happened the perpetrator sees the victim as a bother and sees themselves as a victim…… wow!

Scripture reminds us that those that follow after vain persons shall have more than enough poverty, Proverbs 28:19. Poverty is characterized as, the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor. So it is safe to say that the main sign of such folks is their unique ability to take from us and consistently leaving us in a lacking state particularly emotionally. Scripture further warns us that, “He that follows vain people are void of understanding” Proverbs 12:11. So as you would have read in the above scripture the one that is following this vain person lacks understanding, meaning when they would have decided to ignore or deny the reality of this person it is clear that they also do not understand the pending hurt and pain that this person will issue them in short order.

Therefore because of the callousness of this person it is easy for them to issue the words “I love you but I’m not in love with you” unfortunately, because they were never in love in the first place. The bible tells us that we will know them by their fruits. A fruit is the clear unequivocal sign of what a tree is. If the fruit is an apple then the tree must be an apple tree. In this case if this person’s fruits are insensitivity, selfishness, and sees you as a stepping stone rather than an equal’ then it is abundantly clear that you are dealing with a vain person that you need to have removed from your life expeditiously if you’re interested in having a happy life.

My words of wisdom to you on this day is to, abandon the denial mindset that you have created to accommodate your misleading relationship. If you insist on keeping things they way that they are, then prepare yourself for the all too common words “I love you but I’m not in love with you”. In all honesty these words are reserved until a new victim has been discovered by the perpetrator, which is an additional sign to you that their time with you has come to an abrupt halt.

Heavenly Father, I pray that you expose this vain spirit and bring their diabolical intent to an immediate halt. I also pray that every reader of this article will look for the fruits of these individuals as signs in recognizing this deceptive evil in the matchless name of Jesus Christ.

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cursed people, producing cursed relationships

I believe that this particular teaching will be by far one of the most informative teachings I’ve done to date. In this teaching, we are about to venture into territory that very few preachers and teachers of the word of God ever venture into.

In fact, we are so overwhelmed by the word blessings from our pulpits that one must wonder, do curses even exist? Furthermore, could we be ignorantly involved with people or things that are producing curses in our relationships? Have you ever wondered, why is it that you and your partner just can not agree on anything anymore or your desire that was once reserved for your mate has uncontrollably drifted off for a former lover? What about this one, you're willing to abandon all your security in your present relationship for a fleeting moment with a former lover?

  “But it shall come to pass if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee” Deuteronomy 28:15. A curse is defined as any expressed wish that some form of evil or misfortune will befall or attach itself to some persons, a place, or an object. In particular, "curse" may refer to a wish that harm or hurt will be inflicted by any supernatural powers, such as spells, witchcraft, Obeah and mere negative speaking against someone or something.

The above scripture clearly indicates that a curse is initiated via disobeying the commands and statues of God. Meaning for someone to become successful in sending curses, spells, Witchcraft, Obeah, and incantation to someone, the victim must be in breach of the laws of God, suggesting that there must be a door open spiritually in the lives of those being affected by the curse. Bottom line the person must have un-confessed active sin in their lives.

Now as it relates to relationships, every relationship purpose is to prepare you for your ultimate relationship. Meaning there was something that you were supposed to learn from that past relationship as disappointing as it might have turned out. Note: you were never supposed to bring along with you, baggage from your previous relationships to your current one. Every new beginning deserves just that a fresh start, out with the old and in with the new.

For your new relationship to stand a chance at success and a fresh start you must destroy or remove all photos, letters, jewelry, clothing or anything that brings the behavior, idea or memory of your past relationship into your current relationship. Especially if the former relationship was sexually charged, abusive, deceitful, adulterous, frustrating, etc. Reason being, these items, and people are now considered things that are accursed as it relates to your new relationship, and any presence of them will produce a repeat in your currently existing relationship with an end result of division between the parties involved.

Let’s read what God told Moses to tell the children of Israel before them going into  Canaan, (the Promised Land). “Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye are passed over Jordan into the land of Canaan; Then ye shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you, and destroy all their pictures, and destroy all their molten images, and quite pluck down all their high places” Numbers 33:51-52.

The above scripture serves as proof that with every new beginning to avoid a repeat of your former relationships you must remove those things and people that have attached to them the spirits that governed their previous disliked relationship. This is the core reason why folks that are starting new relationships still have that burning desire and passion for going back to their former lovers even though they were not treated right by those persons. All due to them not removing the letters, cards, pictures or whatever it is that was given to them. As long as these things are in their possession, these evil spirits have a legal right to influence their current relationships for the negative.

God said to Joshua, that everything in the city of Jericho was accursed and that they must keep themselves from the accursed things and people, if not they will bring a curse upon themselves and their people. “And ye, in any wise keep yourselves from the accursed thing, lest ye make yourselves accursed, when ye take of the accursed thing, and make the camp of Israel a curse, and trouble it” Joshua 6:18. Wow! Isn’t it interesting how the decision of one party in the relationship to not release their former partners and items and objects that came along with that relationship brings damnation to their present relationship?

Interestingly enough, scripture provides the antidote to such ignorance. God told the children of Israel that for this curse to be removed the following must happen. “And it shall be, that he that is taken with the accursed thing shall be burnt with fire, he and all that he hath: because he hath transgressed the covenant of the LORD and because he hath wrought folly in Israel, Joshua 7:15. Now, of course, I am not in any wise suggesting that you put fire to your former mate. Instead, you are commanded to destroy and set fire to those items and things that were obtained in that relationship.  It would also be wise to discontinue all forms of communication between those past relationships such as texting, emails, voicemails, phone calls Whatsapp, etc.

Question! Could it be possible that your present relationship is not achieving its full potential because either you or your mate is still secretly interacting with former partners? Is it possible that that piece of jewelry from your ex-lover that you never mentioned to your current partner could be the source of discord in your relationship? Is it possible that the lingerie given to you by your former partner be the source of your sexual dissatisfaction with your husband because that lingerie not only vividly reminds you of your ex but gives that strong temptation to rekindle your relationship?

My friend in the name of Jesus Christ, if you desire a peace of mind and a healthy relationship GET RID OF THOSE PEOPLE AND THINGS THAT BRINGS YOU BACK INTO BONDAGE TO THOSE THINGS AND PEOPLE GOD HAS RELEASED YOU FROM. Anything remotely related to them will invoke a curse on your relationship. God is speaking to you this morning, you have asked God for understanding and a solution to the discord in your relationship, please make use of the revelation that he’s provided for you.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end of his route guarantees him death Proverbs 16:25.

Written by Kevin L A Ewing

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Mystery of Faith!

The mystery of faith!

What is faith? Well scripture tells us that Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, Romans 10:17. Therefore FAITH IS THE WORD OF GOD!

Whenever you exercise your faith you are in fact exercising the word of God. Whatever you are believing God for, DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE THING, BUT BELIEVE IN THE WORD OF GOD CONCERNING THE THING!

As money is the currency for goods and services in our natural world, so is faith the currency for things in the spirit world. Remember faith is the substance (substance is the material or the contents of what something is made up of). This same  faith is also the evidence (the evidence of anything is literally the proof of it) of things not seen.

So, simply put the word of God is the material of what I am hoping for and the word of God is also the evidence of the things I don't have or presently see, Hebrews 11:1.

Whenever you approach God for whatever it is that you desire, he will always search your request for FAITH or his word. Meaning what does his word say about what you're asking for. Scripture makes this clear when it said, "IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE GOD WITHOUT FAITH OR HIS WORD, Hebrews 11:6.

Please, click on the link and watch this much needed teaching on faith...................http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/20791535

Minister Kevin L A Ewing

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