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Understanding the dreams you dream. Part. 12-Dream manipulation

Just like with any other area of our lives, the more we discover what Satan has been doing to secure his oppression over us, the craftier he becomes.

For those of you that are frequent bible readers, I am sure you must have ascertained by now that the wisdom of the bible causes one to see things not only from an entirely different perspective but more importantly the bible elevates our understanding of our variety of situations. In today’s teaching we are about to explore an area of dream interpretation that if not carefully analyzed, it’s not only easy to become confused by certain dreams but more often than not the dreamer can be mislead through a misinterpretation of their dreams.

Make no mistake just like in your everyday life, the enemy shows up in your dreams only to execute three objectives and they are to kill you, steal from you and to destroy you according to John 10:10. However, he doesn't just arbitrarily attack you in any of these areas. The reality is, unknown to most believers Satan and his cohorts are very much legalistic and attacks with purpose in mind aided by the spiritual laws. Meaning whenever he comes at you he’s coming fully equip with the biblical law. For example, the biblical or spiritual law dictates that the people of God are destroyed due to a lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6. This particular scripture is revealed to us, if you didn't know already, the law of destruction. Yes! You read right, In order for one to be destroyed the protocol of this law must be followed to achieve what the law has determined. Therefore to be destroyed in any area of life there must be a lacking of knowledge that otherwise would prevent destruction.

The best way that I can illustrate this understanding is by the following example. Let’s say someone has set a trap for you. Well, the trap will only be as successful as your ignorance towards it. So the fact that you don’t realize that there is a trap set for you, will ultimately secure destruction for you. On the other hand if you are aware of the trap, you cannot be destroyed because you’re aware of the trap. So in essence you knowing (which is knowledge) will protect and preserve your life, while you not knowing (lack of knowledge) will destroy your life.

Well, with the above being said, a friend of mine told me he had a dream that just had him completely confused. He said he dreamt how his wife and himself were in what appeared to be a bedroom. He stood on one side of the bed while she stood on the other side of the bed. In the dream he was filled with rage and anger and was cursing his wife with great profanity. In fact he said that he was cursing his wife so much, that she didn't even have a chance to respond to him, even though she so desperately wanted to. He further went on to say that he could recall the room being dark and the dream ended. Upon waking he said he felt very uneasy and did not know what to make of the dream.

Firstly, like I mentioned in a previous teaching, darkness in a dream indicates evil, ignorance, wickedness etc. While a house would represent a person’s life, different parts of that house speak to specific areas of that person’s life. The bedroom points to personal and intimate areas of the dreamer’s life. Now, here is where the dream can become misleading if one does not take into account spiritual laws. My friend said that he was cursing his wife with great profanity to the extent his wife could not get a word in. In reality my friend and his wife do not get along, so some would probably interpret this dream to mean that he may have unforgiveness in his heart towards his wife or his dream was just an avenue to vent his frustration towards his wife.

To the novice or one who is not mentally accompanied with spiritual laws and understands the craftiness and manipulation of the law by Satan and his agent would find this dream very difficult to interpret. The interpretation of the dream is, my friend was in fact cursing himself in the dream. Yes! Satan has manipulated him in the dream to curse his wife. How is this you may ask? Well, according to the spiritual law the law says, “For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh” Ephesians 5:31. “And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh” Mark 10:8. “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” Genesis 2:24.

So as you can see according to spiritual laws a husband and wife are indeed one “the two shall become one”. So the enemy via this spiritual law unknowing to my friend was able to cause my friend in his dream to curse his wife, when the truth is to curse his wife is to really curse himself. The second law that is used in this dream was the law of death and life. This law says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it (the death or life that they speak) shall eat the fruit thereof, Proverbs 18:21.

So it is dreams like the above dream that if left unchallenged, meaning if the dream is not interpreted correctly and cancelled, then the dreamer can expect difficulties, losses, delays, missed opportunities etc in their life.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Dreams and their understandings pt.11-Dreaming of houses

 In today’s teaching on dreams and their understandings, we will focus on dreams that involve houses. Dreaming of a house is very common in dreams, and a house in a dream usually represents the life of someone. What is even more interesting; each part of the house speaks to a specific area of the dreamers life.

Now let’s seek the scriptures to prove a house represents a person and their life. In the book of Matthew 12:43,44 it reads, “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a MAN, he walks through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, I will return into my HOUSE from whence I came out; and when he is come, he finds it empty, swept and garnished.” Additional scriptures would be Acts 16:31 house in this case representing family, and also 1 Chronicles 17:5.

So as you would have read a house in a dream is clearly speaking to the dreamer’s life or that of the life of someone. Also a new house can represent a new life or a new way of life and an old house usually speaks of things concerning the past, especially if you dream about a house that you lived in when you were young. This is certainly symbolizing things from your past that is probably influencing your life presently and that is somehow preventing you from excelling or progressing presently. Former residence such as your childhood home, a former apartment etc will be symbolic of star starting over or being setback in life.

Now that we have establish that the house represents the person and their life, lets now explore the different areas of the house that speaks specifically to certain areas of the person’s life. The bedroom of the house, being a private part of the house always speaks of things, which are private and or intimate. This part of the house is off limits particularly to those that do not live in the house. So if you dream of someone in your bedroom, it would generally mean someone invading or intruding into your privacy. It can also mean someone trying to enter your relationship with your spouse of significant other. These dreams ought to be taken very seriously because it is certainly a warning dream to the dream of things pending in the spirit to be manifested naturally. This also calls for much prayer to begin dismantling this pending evil. Bedroom can also mean a place of rest, especially if you’re in bed.

Bathroom: a place of cleansing confession, repentance and or disposal. If you dream that you were in a bathroom, then the dream is attempting to convey to the dreamer that there is something in the dreamer’s life that they need to confess, repent or dispose of. In most cases it would mean that they need to release something that they have been holding on to that is doing more harm than good or confess something that would release them from guilt, shame or just being uncomfortable about a certain situation.

Basement: a basement being located underneath the home speaks of things being hidden or discarded. Hidden as in hidden sin such as adultery, pornography, hurt etc.

Living room and the Den speak of things that are current or presently going on, for this is a place where the family discusses matters. Also it speaks of realization and the ability to be comfortable in one’s element.

Front porch: speak of things that are exposed or open to the public, lacking privacy, things being revealed.

Kitchen: is a place of preparation, planning, passion and toiling. A kitchen is where one prepares food, clean dishes or store food. So to the dreamer it symbolizes the dreamer preparing for something. For those who have a passion for cooking, it speaks to having a passion for certain things. However because it is a place to store food it could also mean studying the word and storing it in one’s heart.

Roof: dreaming of a roof can represent covering and protection of the mind and thoughts. It is the same if you dream about the ceiling of a home; it is speaking directly to the mind and thoughts of the person.For instance let’s say you had a dream of mole on your ceiling or black birds on your roof, remember the color black represents things that are negative. In this case it speaks of evil thoughts attempting or are presently invading your mind.

Foundation: dreaming of a foundation of a home represents generational, ancestral and bloodline matters such as generational curses or blessings. For instance let’s say you had a dream where you saw snakes resting on the foundation of a home, this could mean a generation curses particularly that of witchcraft. Or let’s say you had a dream where you saw clear water on the foundation of a home this would represent generational blessings.

Stairs in a house is interesting, because going up a staircase represents promotion or elevation and going down a staircase would mean the opposite which would be demotion.

If you dream about your yard or a yard it would represent territory and dominion.

Again, these are general interpretations and one must depend solely on the aid of the Holy Spirit, because he is responsible for leading us into all truth.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Spiritual understanding of dream symbols

In our teaching today on dreams we will focus on a particular area of our dreams that every dreamer experience. The reality is, if you’re a dreamer then it is happening to you but you‘re probably just not aware of it.

In my previous articles on dreams, I would have mentioned to you that for the most part dreams are symbolic. However, more importantly the symbols that would appear in our dreams would be relative to our everyday life. Meaning, our dreams for the most part would be relative to our work, family, church etc. things that our environment or life is consist of. If we reference the bible days, their dreams were usually saturated with farming, animals, the sun, moon, stars etc. This was so because once they would have identified and understood the purpose of the symbols the interpretation were automatic.

The bible gives us an account of Joseph the son of Jacob who had a dream that he shared with his family. In this dream he said that he dreamt that the Sun, the moon and eleven stars were bowing down to him. His father being upset by Joseph’s dream jumped up and said, “What do you mean your mother and I and your brothers will bow to you?” Now the truth is Joseph never said a word concerning the interpretation of the dream. Nevertheless, his father understood that the Sun which is greater in light must represent himself, the moon must represent his wife and the eleven stars must represent Joseph’s eleven brothers. This is by far a clear example of understanding the significance and purpose of things concerning your everyday life, so that once it shows up in your dreams you can convert its purpose in an effort to make sense of your dream.

Now, In the world of dreams there is what is called “Dream markers”. Dream markers are specific symbols in a person’s dream that has a specific personal meaning to them. For example, some folks if they ever see any type of fish in their dreams, they become immediately alarmed because as a marker for themselves fish symbolizes fertility or pregnancy, while for others it has an entirely different meaning. So dream markers are identifying specific symbols that have personal meaning to you that no matter how the dream presents itself those markers provides a clear and specific understanding to the dreamer.

Using myself as an example, I had a dream this morning and in this dream I was rushing to catch a flight. However, as I approached what appeared to be Customs/Immigration section, my travel documents were taken away from me by the officer. The officer glanced at my travel documents with a mean look then gave them back to me along with a white document and said I must join the line. This line that he spoke of led all the way outside of the building, which clearly meant I would not make my flight. I could recall not only being very disappointed in the dream but very confused.

Now, the dream markers in this case for me were, whenever I have dreams where I am either being hindered or being sent back in any situation. The dream automatically symbolizes pending or current delay and setback for me in the natural. Secondly, in this dream I recognized the emotions of confusion and disappointment in this dream, which again is a marker for me but also speaks of pending confusion and disappointment in the natural as a result of the setback and the delay. As a reminder, dreams are spiritual and are always revealing what is pending or currently taking place in the spirit realm to be manifested in our natural world or currently being manifested. So you need not ask, but like I have been instructing you throughout these teachings, when I woke up I began a series of canceling and rejecting of this dream from the spirit realm via prayer so that there would be no physical manifestation in the natural realm. I think this bears repeating. In order for things of the spirit to manifest in our natural realm be it good or evil there must be an agreement between things that are spiritual and things that are natural. Thus, when we cancel and pray against a dream we are severing all knowing or unknowing agreements that were made in our dreams. Scripture clearly says, "While men slept (during his dreams), his enemy (Satan and his evil spirits) came and plant evil spiritual seeds and then went his way" Matthew 13:25. Again, if these seeds which truly represents evil covenants that have been forged in your dreams are not spiritually challenged, then the manifestation of those evil dreams will come to pass.

In closing I need you to keep in mind that the reality behind every dream is the seeking of your approval or agreement, be it covertly or overtly by spirits, Angelic or demonic. Again, the reason for this is, the law of physical manifestation requires the agreement between things that are spiritual with things that are natural in order for physical manifestation to occur. So if you choose not to cancel your dreams if it’s not a good dream, then it’s equivalent to agreeing with the dream (silence takes consent). This is the primary law of the spirit realm to take special note of because if you’re being given something in a dream such as an envelope, a piece of paper or something that is sealed. The mere fact that you accepted it symbolizes your agreement in the dream. The question is what is it that you have agreed to? It could have been your death warrant in the dream you have agreed to that could either spell physical death for you in the natural or the ending of something very important to you in the natural.

Again, like I have admonished you in my previous teachings on dreams, the safest prayer to pray upon waking from these dreams especially if you don’t understand the dream is the following: “Lord if this dream is of you then I come in total agreement with your desire for my life, However Lord, if this dream was not of you, then I cancel and reject all the plans of the enemy for my life from the root which is in the spirit realm and command it to be destroyed by spiritual fire in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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