Thursday, April 9, 2015

Let the forces of darkness be disable by Holy Ghost fire

Let every "Spiritual leader" or enemy speaking against your God ordain destiny let their deep seated hateful and negative words fall to the ground in the name of Jesus the Christ!

Let every agent of Satan manipulating your prosperity, your marriage, your health and your mental state be destroyed by the invisible fire of God in the name of Jesus the Christ!

Let every, Boss, supervisor, manager or whomever that's sitting on your promotion, increase, advancement be arrested and judge by the Spirit of the living God in the name of Jesus Christ!

May all demonic spirits of mental torment that has been targeted against your mind to maintain the cycles of frustration, anger, fatigue, confusion and depression be unseated by the presence and fire of the living God in the name of his son Jesus the Christ!

Whatever has been spiritually planted on your property, secretly placed in your home, covertly placed in your food to spiritually manipulate your health I pray that God Almighty will destroy all demonic spiritual sources and bring its agents to shame and open disgrace in the name of Jesus Christ!

Every false prophet, apostle, evangelist, pastor or whomever has disguised themselves as true men and woman of God be publicly exposed for who they really are and that is agents of Satan in the name of Jesus Christ.

I further pray by the power of the Holy Spirit, that every evil covenant that has been established by these shameless evil charlatans via the receiving of your  money {seed} evil miracle cloths, demonic "holy water", the laying on of demonic hands, demonic spiritual baths etc,Lord let these evil spiritual covenants unknowing to the victims be destroyed by your everlasting fire in the name of your son Jesus Christ!

Let every false prophecy spoken over your life, that has in reality delayed your life be broken by the shed blood of Jesus Christ! I command every generational curse to be disable and self consumed by the authority of our lord and savior Jesus Christ!

Finally, as a result of God answering the above request I now decree and declare Joel 2:25 over every life that comes in agreement with this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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