Thursday, August 13, 2015

DefeatIng the curse of anti and fail marriages

Someone reading this post has been aware for sometime now the consistency of so many of their family members that are up in age and not being married or some do achieve marriage but somehow always ends in divorce. You need to stop playing with the invisible forces that are determined to destroy you by launching a counter attack via prayer and fasting against the spirit of anti-marriage!

You see my friend, such a family is cursed in the area of marriage. Therefore, the family is literally programmed spiritually to fail in this area. Unfortunately, they are entirely spiritually ignorant to this and have justified it by accepting the idea that it is common among people or not everyone is supposed to be married. As a reminder, scripture clearly advises us that it was and is not good for man to be alone, Genesis 2:18.

In fact, this was the only thing in God’s creation at this point that was NOT GOOD! At the same time in order for a curse to attack such a family there must be a cause according to Proverbs 26:2.

 Therefore, the curse of anti-marriage that’s sitting on this family’s destiny would have been achieved either by one of their ancestors participating in witchcraft and sacrificing their future generations marriages to fail or that they would not be married at all in exchange for wealth, health or whatever to that family member. Another way such a curse can be achieved, would be where a patriarch or matriarch of a family would have spoken a curse of anti marriage over their family or a member of another family. Similar to how Jacob cursed his son Ruben and by extension his offspring to a life of hardship, Genesis 49:3-4.

Amazingly, one of the more common ways to invoke the curse of anti and fail marriages is either where you or your ancestors have engaged in repeated adulterous relationships (violating the marital covenants of others) or you’ve placed curses on the marital covenants of others for that relationship to be destroyed.

I promise you as long as this curse, which are spirits of anti and fail marriage that are assigned to this family are not challenged then prepare to see more of your family members leaving this earth unable to achieve marriages or unable to maintain a marriage.

I felt the need to share this spiritual insight because there are many of you reading this post right now and you have no idea that you are spiritually programmed to marry the wrong person all in an effort to maintain divorce in your family. Then there are others, who the enemy has manipulated you with your careers, children, ministry etc, again all in a well calculated demonic effort in you never ever connecting with the right person God intended you to marry at a specific time during the course of your life.

I have witnessed beautiful well educated and submissive women who seem to have it all together except for the area of relationships and marriage. They're lost as to why is it that they can not find the right person. I have sat an had extensive conversations with well rounded responsible men who always seem to connect with the wrong folks or have failed at a number of marriages. Unfortunately, their confusion is as a result of them focusing on the physical components of their particular situations and never considering the spiritual aspect of it. Nevertheless, in each case as we delicately sieve through, their families history it was evident that a generational curse was the root of their problem, which of course is spiritual.

Again, all things are spiritually based and if you’re not dealing with this particular matter from a spiritual perspective, then the reality is you’re preparing to repeat the same fail format of relationships your ancestors and living family members experienced. Tell the Lord you recognize the curse and you ain’t having it!

If this post has resonated to you then know for sure you’re not reading this post by accident. You need to go on a fast and break the curse of anti and fail marriage. The power of this curse is the ignorance of those that are under this curse. Ask God to advance you and restore you of whom you should have been married to or to remove the obstacles that’s preventing you from being married in the matchless and mighty name of Jesus Christ! “My people are perishing because of a lack of (available) knowledge.” Hosea 4:6.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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