Sunday, January 12, 2014

Understanding the dreams you dream-The spirit of insufficiency

I not to long ago got up from a dream that I thought was necessary to share with you, so that you
would be aware of the many things that's pending in the spirit realm against you but more importantly how to recognize the spiritual implications of such dreams.

In my dream, I dreamt like my car was at the auto repair shop. I pulled up at the auto repair shop in a friend’s vehicle to see if my vehicle was repaired as yet. I can recall seeing the cashier totaling my repairs bill to give me the amount of what I owed. She then shouted to me that the cost of my repair was “two presidents and forty dollars”. Surprisingly in the dream I automatically knew it meant $240 for some reason.

Anyway I recall looking in my wallet but it was like in my mind I knew I did not have the full amount. So I took the cash out that I had in my wallet and began to count what I had. The notes were all in Bahamian currency which is equal or on par with American currency. Anyway, it became confusing as I was counting, meaning it seemed as if I had enough then it seem as if I didn’t have enough. Amazingly, while I was counting I was at the same time convinced in my mind that I didn’t have enough, even though I was hoping that I did (crazy right!).
It turned out that I didn’t have enough and I was short by a few dollars so I told the cashier that I was a few dollars short hoping that she would have given me a break, in fact I was short by about 4 to 5 dollars. She basically ignored what I said and told me that the $40 extra was due to supplies in particular oil that was added to the vehicle and that I could pick up the vehicle the next day. However, in the dream I knew I had no more money period, as a result I was very disappointed and sad, dream ended.

Now from the surface this may seem like a dream concerning my car and me not having the resources to pay for my repairs, when the reality is; like l have mentioned so many times before that the principle of a dream is that the dream itself is always spiritual and for the most part symbolic if one is not a straight dreamer. Straight dreamer, meaning just how things are presented in their dreams it will be displayed the exact way in reality.
Nevertheless, the dream is symbolically indicating a “spirit of insufficiency” pending in the spirit realm against my life. What is even more important to note is that with such a spirit being active in one’s life its job is to devour and challenge any type of favor or goodwill that would normally be extended to the dreamer by others and to always accompany the dreamer with confusion.

Now let’s review the dream, firstly my car is at the repair shop, symbolically my car represents my life and my car being at the repair shop indicates that there are things lacking in my life or things that are going to be lacking in my life that’s going to require resources to have those needs met. In this dream, I am confused while trying to count my funds and still came up short this is spiritually symbolic of the spirit of insufficiency. The proof of this spirit displayed itself when I expected favor from the cashier but got none. Again, this spirit challenges any type of favor or goodwill extended to its victim. Finally as you would recall I was confused while counting my monies. Have you ever had an experience where you were at a market place standing in line to pay for your goods, only to discover that you thought you had a certain amount in your purse or wallet that was not there when you went to retrieve it and as a result left you confused?You're now left wondering what did you do with the monies that you were convinced was stored away in your wallet/purse. Again, these are all signs of the spirit of insufficiency.

Well needless to say immediately when I woke up I began rebuking and cancelling the spiritual root of this dream to prevent physically manifestation in my life. If you have had such a dream and never cancelled the dream then you unknowingly became a co-conspirator to the insufficiency you’ve experienced in the past or currently in your life today. I saw the need to share this dream so that my readers would apply such knowledge in an effort  to destroy the works of the enemy in advance of him launching his attack.

As a reminder, your dreams are spiritual monitors providing you with a spiritual view of what's pending in the spirit realm that is seeking your approval to manifest itself in the natural realm. It is only when such dreams are not challenged and rebuked by the dreamer that they will experience the reality of such dreams.

Written By Kevin L A Ewing

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