Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The law of antagonism

All relationships are governed by laws whether we admit it or not. As a matter of fact I would further my point by saying everything, be it seen or unseen meaning physical or spiritual has its boundaries or limits set by laws that governs or control its behavior.

With the above being said, then it would be wise in an attempt to better understand the nature of someone, we must first ascertain the laws that control or govern them or at least the principles and rules that they knowing or unknowingly subscribe to.

Now, what exactly is a law? Well, a law is defined as any set of rules or principles that regulates, govern or control the behavior or actions of anyone or anything, it is also the determining factor as to what the end result will be concerning someone or something based on the laws applied in that situation.

This now brings us to the law of antagonism which is one of a series of teachings that I will be writing on in the coming weeks concerning relationships. The law of antagonism dictates that anyone or anything that you have joined yourself to (in this case a relationship) however find yourselves consistently working against one another. This relationship according to this law is pre-destine to always produce, manufacture or result in less as a union than you were producing as individuals.

So, as you can see, this law whether you are aware of it or not once activated will determine a negative outcome it was designed to produce. However this is no newly discovered law. Jesus said, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself SHALL not stand” Matthew 12:25. So, it is clear that we are guaranteed less in any relationship as long as we knowingly or unknowingly participate in this law. Make no mistake, laws do not wait on your approvals in fact it is waiting on your decision to be activated.

As an example, the law of gravity dictates that whatever goes up must come down. Again, this law is not seeking our opinions In order for it to perform what it was designed to do. Meaning, it is a rule and is applicable and dictates to everything and anything. It will not change based on how we feel but must always give the determined end result  based on its purpose of making things come down that goes up.

As it relates to relationships it is always God’s purpose for a relationship to produce MORE! Genesis 1:26 makes this crystal clear when it said, "And God blessed them (union or relationship) and said unto them, "Be FRUITFUL, MULTIPLY and REPLENISH the earth" Each of these words not only represents increase, but it suggests a continual  increase as long as this couple focus on working in harmony with each other and not against each other.

Based on everything that I have said so far I am sure you would agree that a prophet or committee is not necessary to conclude for you that your present relationship is in full swing of the law of antagonism if the continued results of that relationship has been and still is producing, manufacturing or concluding in, less joy, less peace, less love, less communication, less understanding, less respect, less romance and less of everything. Especially if you know within yourself that you were producing more of these things while you were by yourself.

My friend, please! Discontinue with the game playing, quite procrastinating the inevitable, stop the “I’m waiting on God line”, when you are fully aware that based on your recurring past and present circumstances as it relates to your relationship, God has spoken to you based on Matthew 12:25. That relationship will not and can not work. God will not bend or break his rules for you. The rules and laws of God are designed for you to see clearly in the mess of confusion that you’ve fond yourself in so that you can make a sound godly choice that will conclude in a God end result.

Ask yourself the question! Why would God desire to keep you in a relationship that is obviously producing less, if his purpose, intent and design for a relationship is to produce more? Well, like I always say, in order for you to know, recognize or even decipher what good is you must experience bad. Therefore the sole purpose of that temporary designed antagonistic relationship was to condition and prepare you for the one that he has chosen to connect you to, in an effort to produce more and not less.

My words of wisdom for you this marvelous morning is simply this; your past or present antagonistic relationship was and is a temporal season of conditioning and changing the way you think for the better, to embrace the good that is about to be presented to you. If you are bitter and not better as a result of it, then clearly you’ve not learned so get ready to experience it all over again. If you are better and not bitter as a result of it, then get ready because better days are ahead anxiously awaiting the arrival of your conditioned mind.

It is time to let go! God will only release the one that he has purposed for you to produce more with, when you decide to release that one that has been guaranteeing you a constant end result of less!

Heavenly Father, I speak a spirit of release accompanied with peace and the severing of every soul tie for those that have finally made up within their minds to move forward with the expectation of better awaiting their arrival, in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing

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