Thursday, June 27, 2013

Understanding the dreams you dream. Part .9

One of the most interesting things about a dream is; everything in a dream carries some kind of meaning. In fact the more things in a dream gives more details of the dream, thus giving a more detail interpretation once interpreted correctly.

Every color, object, person, place, animal etc; all have a significant role in our dreams. Today I want to place emphasis on the color black. Not only will we dissect the understanding of the color black in a dream but the significance of a person dressed in all black in a dream, which I am sure you’ll find quite interesting and revealing.

The color black is almost always negative in a dream. The truth is the color black represents sickness, decay, judgment, lack, famine, evil, demonic presence or activity and ignorance. So, let’s say you had a dream and in the dream there was black water surrounding you. Well, water which generally represents the Holy Spirit or moving of the spirit, in this case because the water was black, it speaks of demonic spirits and depending on the amount of water indicates demonic infestation.

What I really want to get at today is observing others in a dream who’s dressed in all black. The understandings of such dreams are as follows. If in your dream, you saw a man dressed and everything that he’s wearing in the dream is completely black especially if he’s wearing a cape or a coat with turn up collars or dressed in black wearing a magician hat, of course the color being black also. The dream is indicating that this person is a warlock or a practitioner or witchcraft.

On the other hand if you observe in your dream a woman dressed in all black, then the dream is indicating that the person is a witch or a practitioner of witchcraft. More importantly, if in your dream you observe a man or woman dressed in all black chasing you or you running from them, this indicates a witch or warlock has sent a curse to destroy or kill you. With such dreams it is mandatory that you not only cancel such dreams but you should do at least a one day fast upon waking.

The purpose of this fast is to break the power of this curse of death and destruction sent against you in the dream. In Isaiah 58:6, let us review how a fast breaks the power of darkness over any curse:

Is not this the fast that I have chosen? To loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?” The purpose of your fast is to do to this level of activity what regular prayer cannot do.

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Understanding the dreams you dream! Part. 8

Many folks are confused as it relates to where they are in life right now. More so for the Christians, he or she feels that they should not be in their dislike position if they’re doing everything that God has commanded them to do. Better yet, they feel as if they should be so much further than they are at this present time in their life.

In our teaching on today, it is my desire to isolate an overlook area of our dreams, which are indicators of the source of limitations and setbacks in our life. Now, having said that, have you been having dreams where the setting of the dream places you at a former residence? Such as your parents’ home, the home of your grandparent’s friends, a former apartment, job, state, island, country etc.

Such dreams are revealing to the dreamer the source of their consistent every day delays, setbacks, repetitious failures and disappointments. If analyzed carefully, these dreams usually occur, when something good is about to manifest in the natural for you.  For example, let’s say next week someone had promised to loan you some money. Then all of a sudden you had a dream where you saw yourself at your old primary school, high school or former college. Well, as with my previous examples such as your former grandparents or parents’ home, these former places and environments represents areas you've covered during your life’s journey. So to dream of yourself being in these former places clearly indicates setbacks, delays, hindrances etc.

Again, such dreams MUST be cancelled upon waking to avoid manifestation in your everyday life. The dream gives one the opportunity to change pending events from its origin, which will always be spiritual.

Another aspect of such dreams; the dream could be indicating that something from the past is controlling currents events of the dreamers life. In other words something or someone of the past has program the dreamer to fail, to be depressed, to not get married, a particular sickness, poverty etc. a perfect example of this would be found in Judges 6. In this particular chapter the children of Israel were suffering great oppression from their enemies. Things got so bad that the children of Israel cried out to God. In an effort to condense this story, scripture tells us that Gideon was instructed to go to his Father’s house and destroy his Father’s altar (Demonic altar) and erect an altar unto God. It was only then that change came about for the children of Israel. The spiritual law in this passage of scripture is that there were demonic covenants in place that no one knew of that was causing everyone else to suffer. So, again this is empirical evidence that we are destroyed because we lack knowledge! It is what we don't know that is keeping us in the cycle of failure and non progress.

So, for those of you that are having dreams of your parents, grandparents of former residence, then because you are not aware of what they would have done during their life time that would have invoked a curse on the family, you must ask God to destroy all evil covenants of your forefathers or generations of the past that has set limitations on your life and the life of your family.

As a reminder, scripture says a curse causeless cannot come, Proverbs 26:6. This simply means there must be a spiritual legal right for a curse to run its course in any family, group, organization etc. thus, your life is limited currently because of evil covenants of the past that we're not even aware of.

These evil covenants could be where our fore parents participated in the occult/witchcraft, meaning whether they visited these folks to protect themselves, send curses to others etc. In any event whatever reason they visited them knowing or unknowing to you an evil covenant was formed. These dreams are very serious and MUST be given serious attention because it’s pointing and exposing to the dreamer as to why the setbacks, delays disappointments and never getting ahead in life seems to be so consistent.

Please! Cancel these dreams and ask God to destroy the evil covenants originated by your forefathers in the name of Jesus Christ, if it is your desire to go forward.

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Understanding and combating the forces of witchcraft! Part. 5

For among my people are found wicked men: they lay wait, as he that set snares; they set a trap, they catch
men. As a cage is full of birds, so are their houses full of deceit: therefore they have become great, and waxen rich", Jeremiah 5:26-27.

 In our previous teaching, we dealt with the communication and logistics arm of witchcraft known as “familiar spirits.” For those of you that did not read that article, I suggest that you do to have a more traditional understanding of these rarely taught teachings.

Today our focus will be on a particular branch of witchcraft known as “Marine spirits" whose aliases are “Water spirits, Leviathan, Mermaid, Mermen, Sea Serpent, Queen of the coast, Mammy water spirits, etc.”. Now, I am acutely aware that to some of you, this is probably your first time being introduced to such information. I can assure you that such information or the lack thereof, has secured and will continue to ensure your destruction. As a reminder, there is a protocol or a principle to one’s defeat, failure, destruction, misery, etc. That protocol my friend begins and ends with the lack of knowledge.  Scripture says, “My people (God’s people) are destroyed due to a lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6. Thus, if a lack of knowledge secures destruction, then an increase in knowledge must ensure and preserve life.

Commonly referred to as “water spirits,” these evil spirits generally take up residence in bodies of water, in particular, the sea water. Folks that operate under this branch of witchcraft do their rituals either near the sea, river, canals, etc.  Once resident in their human host, these spirits become great performers of religious activities such as “speaking in tongues,” being “slain in the spirit” and the all too common one, speaking a word over the spiritually "needy and unlearned." They rarely quote scripture and seldom preach from a Bible unless it has to do with their victim giving monies. Instead, most of their religious activities and performances are based on a “gift of the spirit” "Miracle water," "The Prophetic," "Miracle cloths" or titles such as The Apostolic pyridine shift and so on, instead of the word of God. Of course, as usual, a lot of fancy talks and religious jargons accompanied with little to no manifestation. As a result, their victims are pressured and manipulated into giving of their funds if it is their desire to see the power or move of God in their lives. Well, just like clockwork their deceived victims do not hesitate in giving their monies, only to experience another round of lies and empty promises. What their victims do not understand is that they’re really financing the kingdom of Satan and not the kingdom of God. Aside from that, the victim is unknowingly forging an evil covenant with these deceivers to invoke perpetual generational curses on their lives and the lives of future generations to come.

 Let's go a little deeper. Any so-called Man or Woman of God that is instructing you to drink of a certain concoction or sprinkle some concoctions in your home or property, take bathes in the sea or any body of water to cleanse you of evil spirits. My friend make no mistake these people are full fledge practitioners in the world WITCHCRAFT pretending to be servants of God. If a so-called Man or Woman of God instructs you to meet with them on the beach after 12 midnight or 12 noon and further instructing you to dip your feet at the edge of the water or they want to sprinkle water over you while seemingly praying in "tongues." Again, you are dealing with Witchcraft agents under the guise of servants of God trying to manipulate your destiny through their wicked schemes. If a so-called Man or Woman of God have instructed you to meet them at a particular time usually after 12 midnight at a cemetery or any body of water (Lake, beach, river, etc.). And you are further asked to bring a photo, recently worn clothing that was not washed, fingernail clipping or a piece of your hair. Make no mistake, you are about to be initiated into the evil system of witchcraft. At during this evil, deceitful ritual, you will eventually be asked to toss any of the mentioned items into the body of water or at a particular spot in the graveyard. If you've made the unwise decision of following their instructions then know for sure you have unknowingly entered into an evil covenant that will set spiritual limitations and restrictions on your life and the life of your children. Of course, this will automatically limit and eventually frustrate and stop progress in your physical life. I can tell you from any number of stories where folks who were seeking solutions to their problems, especially in the area of relationships and fertility. These folks were asked to not only bathe in or drink certain concoctions. They were further requested to visit a four-way junction or a cross road, again at a particular time to drink the unknown mixture as a solution to their problem. What these victims are unaware of is the simple fact that a crossway junction is where the evil spirit that they are unknowingly about to summons through this ritual will ultimately change the original plan of God for their lives to be replaced by the evil hands of these deceitful workers of iniquity! 

The evidence of this is, from that moment forward these people's lives will be in a far worse position than before their unfortunate introduction to these agents of Satan. If a Man or Woman of God wants to pray for you but before the prayer, they request of you to get a gallon of water from the ocean with other stuff that is clearly not scriptural such as an egg, liquor, candles, etc. this is clearly the work of the Devil. To prove to you that this is the work of darkness. There are no Biblical scriptures that will support these rituals being performed. Such activities are always accompanied with these Witchcraft workers demanding a fee you to "pay the spirits" the truth is you’re about to be bewitched. Let’s see what scripture has to say about such activities, “Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils” 1 Corinthians 10:21. It is so unfortunate that most churches are completely ignorant of the things I am revealing to you. Many Christians have sought the assistance of so-called Spiritist, Spiritual mother so and so, palm readers, tarot card readers, etc. having zero ideas they were not only opening up their lives spiritually to the kingdom of darkness. But they have unknowingly sealed evil covenants with the evil spirits that operate behind these evil folks.

To tie in my original mentioned scripture with Satan’s Water spirit human agents. The scripture is pointing out the fact that there are evil folks, such as false Prophets, Prophetess, fake Evangelist, etc. among the people of God that are patiently studying them and devising traps and snares to catch men. The scripture goes on to say that the people who are now in spiritual captivity are literally held captive via deceit while their captors become great and enormously wealthy off of them. Interestingly enough the means by which they are deceiving the people is through the assistance of water spirits. One of the most visible sign that someone is operating under the powers of water spirits is, they’re filled with excessive pride and arrogance, very controlling and cunning in their behavior. In some cases, they can be very loud and boisterous and always quick to execute revenge once offended. They possess judgmental and critical attitudes towards others, total independence, desiring to be served, desire to be honored, desire to control others, boasting over achievements and dishonoring constituted authority. In reality, only about 3% of their prophetic declarations are ever manifested, and the 3% that does manifest is really the collaboration of familiar spirits via divination with the soul purpose of rerouting the victim’s destiny.

I would like to advise any of you reading this article right now, that if you have received from these folks any type of “prayer cloth”, “Holy water,” any kind of charms, bracelets, gifts, etc., please destroy it by fire as soon as possible. As long as you are in possession of these items, you are indeed under their manipulation, and you have been programmed to fail in life. These articles and gifts are points of contact that have you in covenant with an evil altar, which again is securing your daily hardship and defeat, Deuteronomy 7:1-5. I must hasten to add here that God will not leave you ignorant of the Devil’s devices. In God’s effort to show you the source of these evil folks, you will begin to have dreams of you swimming, or most of your dreams will be set in an environment of water. Such as the ocean, rivers, lake canals, etc. You will be saturated with many sexual perverted dreams and also dreams where someone is either feeding you or you're feeding yourself. Then there will be dreams of folks that are deceased, where either they are hugging you, kissing you leading you somewhere or just talking with you. All of these dreams and so many like them represent water spirit forming evil covenants with you. Scripture says to us, “For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; then he opens the ears of men, and seals their instructions. That he may turn man from his purpose, and hide pride from man” Job 33:14-17. In what is becoming a rather frequent case, you find folks who are being held down and sexually molested by unseen forces. In some cases, it starts out like a dream but upon waking there is an invisible force either sodomizing you or literally having sex with you. Again, this is clear cut evidence of water spirit activity.

Water spirits are responsible for locking up their victim’s material wealth and fortunes in the waters (spiritually of course). Whenever you are asked to toss your personal items into the water by these satanic agents. Even though what you are doing is physical, however in the spirit world you are literally giving up your ambition, hopes, dreams, etc. The victim is deprived of all desire to be productive. Instead, they become procrastinators, lazy and lose all motivation and zest for life. Water spirits reveal secrets to their worshippers (false prophets, fake evangelist, etc.) and that’s why their worshippers see “visions” and are involved in divination and communicating with Familiar spirits. Water spirits cause delay and difficulties in conception; Men and women that have water spirit problems find it difficult to be spiritually strong because of attacks from the water-spirits on their spiritual growth, i.e., prayer, Bible study. If your spouse has lost all desire and passion in your relationship, for no reason in the world, more than likely there is a spirit wife or spirit husband involved. Folks that are oppressed or possessed by these spirits master the art of miscommunication, deception, twisting the truth, lying, gossip and slander; they are unteachable, judgmental, possessive and very much legalistic. One of the most amazing things about the practitioners of this form of witchcraft is that they possess the ability to Astral project into your dreamS and have sex with you in the dream or manipulate you in the dream. Of course, their ultimate desire is TO BE IN CONTROL AND PULL THE STRINGS IN YOUR LIFE!

My friend, my advice to you is that you ask God to open your spiritual eyes and empower you with spiritual wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Ask him also for the gift of discernment and boldness to confront these stubborn evil spirits. For those of you who have been defiled by these workers of iniquity, you must first begin by repenting and confessing to God of your knowing or unknowing involvement with these destiny destroyers that has rerouted and polluted your God designed destiny. You must now break all known and unknown evil covenants that have program you to fail and set limitations on your life. Ask God to destroy all spiritual and physical points of contact that has given these evil spirits and their human agents the right to traffic in and out of your life. Finally, you must cover yourself with the blood of Jesus Christ and outfit yourself with the whole armor of God so that you will be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil.

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Understanding the dreams you dream part. 7

By far one of the most common dreams are dreams of cars or vehicles. Most folk make the error with these dreams by attempting to interpret the dream from a literal stand point.

I can assure you, that this approach will most certainly give you a misleading interpretation. Just like a house in a dream a car represents for the most part the life of someone. This being the case then let’s looks at a few factors concerning dreaming about cars. The driver seat of the car always represents a place of control. So if you are dreaming that you’re in a car but you’re not in the driver seat, then the dream is indicating you are not in control. However, whoever is in the driver seat is the one in control.

If in the dream your car or a car tire is flat, the dream is indicating delay, setback and hindrances in your life or someone’s life. Let’s say you’re driving and you decided you want to slow down or come to a stop but for some reason you are pressing breaks but your vehicle would not stop. This indicates a lack of control or an inability to manage certain affairs in your life. Let’s look at another scenario, let’s say you had a dream and in this dream you are driving but there someone in the front passenger seat with you. Now, whoever is in that passenger seat represents an influence. So let’s say the person in the passenger seat was your enemy, then the dream is indicating that there is someone challenging your position of control.

Another scenario, let’s say you dreamt that you were speeding or driving foolishly, then the dream is indicating a wreckless and selfish life. , meaning that you only care about you. Dreaming about a car accidents indicates clashing with others be it verbal or physical. What about having dreams where you are driving a convertible, driving a convertible is suggesting that you are uncovered, exposed or vulnerable. It also suggests that not all your bases are covered, meaning that there is something left unattended in your life.

In any event what is important is whoever is in the driver seat of the vehicle, for obvious reasons of course is the one in control.

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing

Understanding the dreams you dream part. 6

Are you having dreams where the background in the dream or the entire setting of the dream is either black or dark? What about dreaming that you see other folks in your dream and different activities happening in the dream but no one can see you but you are able to see them?

Well my friend, such dream indicate or symbolizes insight, meaning things that you would not know or understand under normal circumstances in everyday life is being revealed to you. The dream is revealing what’s being hidden or kept secret.

In Isaiah 45: 3, God said that he will do the following for Cyrus, “And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou may know that I, the Lord, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel. In this case is not only giving the hidden treasures to King Cyrus but God is also revealing to King Cyrus what was once kept secret or hidden.

Darkness or blackness in a dream also indicates evil, or the presence of evil. It also represents ignorance. For example, let’s say you had a dream where you saw yourself on your job but for some reason everything was dark in the dream. In this case the dream is saying that there are some things you are ignorant to as it relates to your place of employment. Another case, if you are married or in a relationship with someone and in your dream you see yourself and your mate covered in darkness. Then the dream is indicating that there are a lot of evil forces fighting against your relationship. In any event darkness or blackness is never a good thing in a dream.

Again, such dreams must be cancelled if it is clear that it is obviously against you. On the other hand if the dream is indicating ignorance on your end, then ask God to open up your understanding and reveal to you what is being hidden from you. Scripture says we must remind God of his word, so a part of your pray you must quote God's word which says, "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come to light" Luke 8:17.

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing

Dreams that Indicates the spirit of slothfulness.

In continuing with our teachings on dreams; today we'll look into an area of dreams that can appear meaningless on the surface nevertheless the dream is drenched with the revelation to the dreamer as it relates to the mysteries that’s actively operating in the life of the dreamer.

As a reminder, your dreams are revealing the root of the surface of strange unexplained happening in your life and that root will always be spiritual. So, with that said, have you had dreams of snails, turtles, slugs, tortoise etc? What about seeing yourself or someone eating or being fed oysters, clams, conch etc? What about seeing any of the above creatures in your yard in your home or on your job etc?

Well, my friend, all of these creatures have one thing in common and that is, their inability to move quickly or their slowness!

As a result of the characteristics of these creatures, we can now convert what it symbolizes or indicates in our everyday life. For example, such dream indicates things moving at a slow, dragging pace in your life. It also indicates one that is slothful, lazy or a procrastinator. Now, I want to make clear at this point that it is the behavior of these creatures or any animals in your dreams that speak of the spirit that’s oppressing and manipulating their victim. For example, a dog represents demons or evil spirits in a dream. However, the type of dog in the dream will determine the type of spirit. A dog that is continuously barking in a dream indicates a tormenting spirit. A Pit Bull type dog will indicate a vicious, hostile and angry spirit.

Therefore, this spirit becomes the source of things being slowed down and held up in this person’s real life such as unable to retrieve monies owed them, unable to get a job, legal work being slowed down, Judgments being made in the victim’s favor but it takes forever before they can be awarded what’s due them. Again, the reality these are just the tentacles of the spiritual root of which are evil spirits. Also, the victim loses motivation, inspiration and a lack of desire for living. The victim sees everything as difficult and always putting things off for another time, which of course will never get done. One of the most common signs, the victim is easily confused and frustrated and have little to no patience for anything. Again, the victim is being challenged by an unseen force, which of course is an evil spirit that is determined to make life slow and difficult for this person and very much frustrating.

On the other hand, if you see yourself being fed or you see yourself eating or someone eating or being fed, the dream now indicates that whoever it is in the dream that is being fed or eating the creatures we mentioned above. Then the dream indicated someone working witchcraft on the victim via the food in the dream in an effort to program the victim’s soul and spirit to be lazy, procrastinate and to be slothful. In such cases, the victim surprisingly goes from being an ambitious, productive person to a lazy, unambitious procrastinator and never living up to their word. In fact, the victim begins to wonder why are they behaving in such a manner. There are many that are suffering in like manner, but due to their spiritual ignorance or non-belief of these things, then their non-belief and ignorance becomes the chains of bondage while they become co-conspirators to their own demise.

Now, you might be wondering why would the Enemy or his agents send spirits of slothfulness after you? Well, Satan is clear in his understanding of spiritual principle and that is he can only inflict the curse of slothfulness by getting his victims to go against the spiritual laws of slothfulness. For example, the following scriptures tell us, "He also that is slothful in his work is a brother to him that is a great waster" Prov. 18:19. "A slothful [man] hideth his hand in [his] bosom, and will not so much as bring it to his mouth again." Proverbs 19:24. "The desire of the slothful killeth him; for his hands refuse to labor" Proverbs 21:25. "Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep and an idle soul shall suffer hunger" Prov. 19:15. "The way of the slothful [man is] as a hedge of thorns" Prov. 15:19. Folks that are displaying on a consistent basis any of the above scriptural examples is clearly under the curse of slothfulness that's administered by the spirit of slothfulness.

I would strongly advise that with such dreams, upon waking out of the dream one must immediately begin the process of canceling the dream by asking God to destroy any and all point of contact in the dream that has formed evil covenants or agreements unknowingly by evil spirits that have or wants to manifest the slowing down of your life. Your inability to cancel such dreams gives the evil spirits of laziness, procrastination, slothfulness and delay the legal right by default to manifest themselves in your life. For some of you, that process has already begun.

I can not mention this enough, and that is, your dreams are spiritual, as such, what you're observing in your dreams are spirits seeking human permission via agreements to manifest themselves in our natural world.

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing

Monday, June 3, 2013

Understanding and combating the forces of Witchcraft! Part. 4

A familiar spirit is a spirit that is familiar with a person, a place or a thing. This Spirit has an extensive and detail history of all that concerns that person, place or thing. One that is possessed by a spirit of divination enables them to communicate with familiar spirits of others. It is through these means that false prophets, fake Evangelist and the like are able to give the grand illusion as if they are hearing from God with their so called “prophetic declarations” when the truth is they’re really hearing from devils.

Following up from our last teaching on understanding and combating the forces of witchcraft Part 3. We will pick up where we ended in our last teaching. For those of you who have not read that article I strongly suggest that you do so, in order to get a better understanding of today’s teaching. Today we’re going to unveil the understanding concerning a branch of witchcraft that “False Prophets” retrieve their information from namely "Familiar spirits" and labeling it as the work or spirit of God operating in them. This teaching will also give you a better understanding as to how these things not only work but how to decipher the spirit of God from the spirit of Satan that operates in these false prophets. I promise you, that what you are about to learn today will simultaneously give clarity as to why your encounter with these folks has produced a rain of consistent confusion, disappointment, chaos and failure coupled with the inevitable, which is the manifestation of evil instead of good in regards to their prophecies they have spoken over you.

Scripture makes it crystal clear in its position regarding such diabolical activities, “There shall not be found among you any one that makes his son or his daughter to pass through the fire (evil sacrifice), or that uses divination (contacting the spirit realm via demonic means), or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch or a charmer (folks that speak or send curses), or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer (one that supposedly communicates with the dead).

For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee” Deuteronomy 18:10-14.

“Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God” Leviticus 19:31.

Unfortunately, our televisions, radios, churches and magazines are overwhelmed with “False Prophets” giving a so called “word” from the Lord. Regrettably for the spiritually mislead, these false prophets will continue to be successful at misleading and hijacking the destiny and finances of their devotees, simply because the people refuse to study, read and seek God for themselves. Instead their leaders, be it their Pastors, Bishops, Evangelist or whoever has become the replacement to the laws, rules, protocols and commandments of God. In fact most of these leaders via their pride and arrogance have amended some portions of the Holy Scriptures to suit their selfish desires while at the same time bewitching those that insist on viewing them as gods as opposed to referencing the bible as a benchmark against their works.

The reality is, Christians that are hoodwinked by these false prophets who claim to be spiritually free are in reality submerged in spiritual captivity as a result of their limited knowledge in regards to such things. Isaiah the prophet said it this way, “Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge” Isaiah 5:13. Knowledge of what you may ask? Well, the lack of knowledge or awareness of the witchcraft being perpetrating from the pulpits by false prophets who are influenced by demonic entities. As a reminder a familiar spirit is not only familiar with you but your entire generations of the past. This spirit knows what makes you angry, sad, happy etc. However this spirit is limited only to what it observes from and of you, via what you speak and what you do coupled with generational patterns and behavior.

Therefore a false prophet operating with a spirit of divination is in fact communicating spiritually through demonic means in retrieving this surface information. Meaning if you were discussing purchasing a new home or you were telling a friend how you would like to get married etc. then this is what this false prophet will reveal to you, which the familiar spirit has communicated to him. On the other hand you being completely ignorant of what’s really happening in the spirit realm immediately become convinced that God is actually speaking through this individual. As a heads up, Satan and his kingdom cannot read minds, they are totally dependent on the history they have gathered on you and your ancestors over the years that would make it appear as if they are tapping into the spirit of God. One with a familiar spirit is hell bent on trying to convince their victim and audience that it is the power of God operating through them. So they’ll make statements like, “Have we met before?”, “Did you speak to me prior to this service?”, etc, etc. Another sign would be, right after their “ministering in the prophetic” it is usually accompanied with the distrubution of “anointed” cloths, oils, etc and certainly with the begging of money. The reality of what’s really happening is, whatever is being given to their victims or taken from them (like their monies) these things becomes a point of contact. This point of contact becomes the physical source of evil spirits trafficking in and out of their lives and the false prophet controlling them via assigned evil spirits. As a result the victim’s life from that point forward will always be filled with and drenched in disappointment, failure, chaos and confusion.

All of what I have just mentioned is aside from these false prophets manipulating the health of their victims via their victim’s unknown co-operation. Here is how it’s done; after these false prophets have communicated with your familiar spirit and revealed stuff to you that they already have a history of, of course. Make no mistake these false prophets who at this point are totally aware that they have secured not only your trust but your belief in them. So now they would say to you, “To prove to you God is speaking to me concerning you, there has been a pain in your back, neck, head or wherever”. In reality more than likely this is not true but again because you are already convinced that you are dealing with a “Prophet of God” more than likely you will agree. What you are not aware of is that in the spirit world, spirits are always seeking human agreement or cooperation on whatever it is that they desire to be manifested in the natural realm such as, depression, sickness, poverty etc. Again, things of the spirits needs human co-operation in order for things that are spiritual to be physically manifested. So when this false prophet says you’ve been having a pain in your stomach and your reply is, “Yes I have” at that very moment you are unknowingly agreeing to the spirit that will manifest the reality of that pain, this is the law of agreement at work. Remember, wherever two or more agree on earth shall be manifest. Satan always copies what God does and he is not only legalistic but he cannot operate outside the Holy Scriptures which are indeed the laws of God that everyone and all creation is subject to. So if you are agreeing knowingly or unknowingly with evil spirits your agreement will bring about manifestation.

Again, if you were using your bible as the standard to assess these false prophets then you would understand when scripture said that you’ll know them by their fruit, Matthew 7: 16. However, let us look a little closer at another scripture to see what is truly being revealed to us. Leviticus 19:31 says, “Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God”. This scripture is clearly saying to those who decided to use it as a guide that any affiliation with those that operate under the influence of familiar spirits will defile them. The word defile means to make foul, dirty, or unclean; pollute; taint or to debase. In other words any contact with such people will change you from the original plans God had for your life and assign you to a life of misery.

Folks! If a person is truly a Prophet of God then they do not have to waste time trying to convince you that they are of God. The word of God which is also the power of God speaks for itself. Furthermore anyone that is substituting the word of God with money, cloth, oils or whatever else is clearly of the devil. Now on the other hand if they are using scripture as the beginning middle and ending as to the reason for the cloth, oils etc then this is a different story.

I will end here today by saying that ignorance and idolatry has become the greatest destroyer of Christians. Meaning they have ignored the teaching of the Holy Scriptures and substituted it for their idols such as their Pastors, favorite preachers, Evangelist etc, without ever testing the spirits operating in these folks. Neither have they assessed them by the fruit they've been producing. Like the prophet Isaiah said, God’s people (my people) are in captivity because they lack knowledge that comes only from God which is the only antidote in setting them free.

Join me in my next teaching on “Understanding and combating the forces of witchcraft part. 5” As we address “Water Spirits” or the “Spirit marine kingdom” unfortunately this is one of the most powerful arms of witchcraft that a whole lot of prophetess and prophets are influenced by and are operating under. Join me next time as we expose these DESTINY DESTROYERS!

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing

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