Saturday, November 7, 2009

Faith! Is it necessary, and if it is, why?

The world's system is set up, where as, just about everything requires money in exchange for something else. Clothing, homes. Services, even some so call places of worship basically attempt to convince their followers to somehow exchange money for salvation, healing, deliverance breakthrough’s etc.

Today, I want to teach on faith, and the necessity of it. Most folks when they attend church do not fully understanding the importance for their being there. Some go because they are depress, need money, looking for a breakthrough, or even a miracle.

However, even though these things are good and well, there is a requirement to obtaining these things. I mentioned earlier how in our world system money would be the exchange for the things we desire or require. Well with the things of God, faith would be that material of exchange, needed in God’s system to obtain that miracle, breakthrough, healing, money etc.

Please be very attentive, as to what I am about to say next, it could possibly change your way of thinking in regard to your theology of faith. Our bible is unequivocally clear, and it says, “It is impossible to please God without faith”. So far we can determine that, their can be no forward movement, in terms of breakthroughs, miracles, healings unless we sought out this faith thing first.

Considering that without faith it is impossible to please God, it is only logical that we discover the bibles understand of the word faith. Now for the Christians reading this I know that your minds instantly retrieve Hebrews 1:1 which says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, Ok! But what does all of that mean? Evidence, substance is this a code, is this some language that is only privy to Christians? To the average person, it is yet to be defined.

To understand faith one must first understand what it’s not. Faith is not just to believe, the average person when asked what faith is, they will say to you, to have faith you have to believe something. This is partly true. Nevertheless there is more to it than just believing.

Here is the biblical meaning of that scripture. Now the scripture begins by saying, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for”. Now indicates something that is immediate, and substance is defined as a material or source of something, hope is to expect something. Scripture continues it’s
Clarification of faith by stating it is the evidence of things not seen. To have evidence of something is to have proof or something tangible to support its existence.

So far we have to agree, faith is more than just a belief. To understand the full concept, one must eliminate what you know faith to be naturally, because its meaning is entirely spiritually (2Cor 2:14). So faith is the actual material for the things that I am expecting and this same faith is the proof of the things I am expecting that I do not see Wow! Sounds crazy don’t it? Remember I told you the meaning was entire spiritual.

Here is the revelation of the spiritual meaning of faith. Firstly, the bible states that this faith comes only by hearing, and hearing the word of God. If faith comes only by hearing then what I am hearing must be God’s word. So in essence faith must be the word of God, folks. So, yes faith is to believe something, but that something’s substance must be what God’s word says about it.

Ok! Let’s put it all together now that we know the definition of faith. Remember it is impossible to please God without faith or belief in his word. Secondly, faith is the substance, or the word of God is the material of things that I am expecting, and the belief in the word of God is the proof of the things I don’t see. Meaning as a convinced believer of God’s infallible word I am not interested in what I don’t see, but overly concerned about what God’s word say about what I expect to see……… my God I love this revelation!

As a result of this valuable piece of knowledge, isn’t it clear why the bible said it is impossible to please him without faith, because faith is his word- he is the word-the word is faith

Jesus said to the man who wanted to be healed from blindness, According to your faith or the word of God in you be it unto you. The bible goes on to say that the just shall live by what? FAITH.

Again it is rehearsed in our hearing, for we walk by FAITH and not by sight. Folks all things of God as it relates to us will only be achieved, received, accomplished or granted by FAITH, or the word of God which is faith, that is relative to what God has either promised us or what we’re expecting from him.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who God Bless no man can curse. Really?

I want to discuss today this famous statement that has been rehearsed in our hearing time and time again, "Who God bless no man can curse."

Now, from day to day I come across folks, that claim to be blessed and highly favored, however based on the evidence they appear to be living more under a curse than being blessed.

Many folks have no idea what a blessing is or its purpose. To be blessed is to be empowered, to do something that one could not do under normal circumstances. The bible states that God blessed them (Adam & Eve) then God commanded them; to be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue, and dominate) they could not perform this command without the prerequisite, which was the blessing. A curse is just the opposite; not being empowered (blessed) to be fruitful, multiplying, replenishing, subduing, and dominating.

Based on the above definition of the blessing and the curse,take a few seconds and try to recall in your mind the folks that said they were blessed and apply the definition. Does it equal the blessing?

Well, firstly, I am a strong believer that if God has blessed you, indeed no man can curse you, for obvious reasons and that is, man is not greater than God. So, how in the world can one be functioning as a cursed person, even though God has blessed him?

In order to understand the revelation of this subject, we must look at one of the laws that governs being blessed and being cursed. After discovering this law, you will also understand that literally no man can curse you if God has blessed you. In fact the curse that you are under came not via someone, but by you! yes you!

Let's go back to Adam and Eve, (Genesis 1:26) remember this is where God originally blessed them, this blessing was solely maintained by their being obedient to their creator. So, how did they ended up being cursed, did Satan cause this curse, better yet did he invoke it? No! he did not, it was when they disobeyed God's laws they brought a curse upon themselves. Folks, are you listening? No witchcraft, voodoo etc. can have any effect on you unless you are in defiance of God's laws. Still not convinced?

Remember I told you earlier in this article about the laws that governs the blessing and the curse. Well let's search further. (Deuteronomy 28:1-2) gives the law for the blessing, and it says if we would hearken: meaning to hear, understand, and act upon what is understood, which are the commandments of God, then the blessing will come upon us and eventually overtake us. Again if we hearken to the things God command of us. clear right?

Now, if you look at (Deuteronomy 28:15-16) it will prove to you that no one placed a curse on you but you were a key player on placing it on yourself. Simply but this scripture is saying if you do not hearken to God's laws and do his commandments. Then the curses will come upon you and overtake you. I am sure we can conclude that the blessing and the curse hinges on obedience or disobedience.

Another law concerning the curse, which ties into what we are discussing here is found in (Proverbs 26:2) which states the curse causeless shall not come . Which simply means any curse that is sent to you, can not take effect unless there is a cause or reason, and that reason would be neglecting God's laws and commandments.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Purpose Of Experience

Today we will talk briefly about the word experience, and it is our intent to dig for the revelation of this word in relationship to how God wants us to view it. Firstly, every experience that will ever take place in our lives has been predetermined by God himself, and the sole purpose of that experience was to make us better at making future decisions and to instruct and counsel other correctly.

Now, the catch would be, one must learn from each experience. If not, sooner or later the experience will repeat itself. You see the experience is a lesson within itself, and again for the sole purpose of making future decisions.

In bringing this revelation altogether, we have to first recognize that we are creatures of comparison, what this suggests is that before we make any decision we always compare the decision we are about to make to a personal past experience, or the experience of someone else. Basically our minds are computing second by second in an effort to make the best decision, because the quality of our decisions are based on our experiences.

So, each experience has embedded in it wisdom and understanding whether that experience is good or bad, we are responsible for figuring out the lesson. Therefore the more experience that we attain, it is filled with wisdom and understanding. So we become better at making decisions concerning ourselves and others. Experiences that have been received impacts the heart, it is something that stays with the person, in most cases it becomes life changing.

The biblical proof of all that I am saying is found in the book of Proverbs, and it states, " When wisdom enters into the heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul discretion shall preserve thee. WOW!!! This is so awesome, here is the revelation; wisdom is built into every experience as well as understanding which can be interchangeable with knowledge. The bible is saying when this wisdom/experience is received in the heart, and knowledge becomes pleasant to the soul, suggesting that you've learned the lesson of the experience.

Watch this! Discretion shall preserve thee. The word discretion means: the power or right to decide or act according to one's own judgment; freedom of judgment or choice. To preserve means to: keep safe from harm or injury; protect or spare.

So, (Proverbs 2:10-11) has confirmed this revelation on experience, and why it is a necessity for every human being to get as much experience in all things as possible. Simply put every experience intent is to equip ourselves now to prepare us for the future decisions we will make, so when we resist challenges struggles etc. we are at the same time saying we don't want experience, therefore we are bound to make poor decisions, because we have disable the only process which was designed to give us wisdom to decide or judge future events circumstances etc properly.

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Friday, October 23, 2009


Ok! Maybe I am spending too much time to myself, or it could be that I am too much of an analysis. However in any event I am beginning to appreciate the unadulterated fact that in today’s world principally in relationships, and that is relationships being (work, romantic, platonic, business etc.) People have a difficult time being real to others, or even to themselves for that matter. So therefore I am now left with the question that is suspended in my head, and I’m sure you’re probably wondering the same thing, and that is, what is the reality of being real?

This entire subject is one of frustration for me, frustration meaning; that I am disgusted with the fact that people will deliberately tell you untruths, in a desperate attempt to take advantage of the genuine innocence you display in your desire to believe whatever it is they are telling you. So I guess at times during the reading of this article I can be perceived as being really emotive with some of my wording, but please indulge me for a few minutes so you can get a full understanding of what it is I’m trying to express, and I am almost certain most would agree to the logic I am trying to convey.

As a young boy growing up it was normal as children for your peers to try and impress one another by exaggerating what their parents did for a living, pretending to be someone their not, or even by just lying, claiming to have stuff that they knew they really didn’t have. Now as kids this could be considered normal behavior, because the intent of this “game” so to speak was, to win the favor of the person you were telling this stuff to, so that hopefully you can be friends, or at best you would have made a good impression on them.

Ironically, some people, after I guess, consistent practice at it takes it into adulthood and decide not to view it as a “game” anymore, but as a way of life, or should we say their reality. Interestingly enough this is where it becomes frightening, because at this point it now becomes a question of not their reality anymore, but instead a question of their integrity.

Now before I proceed any further I want to make abundantly clear, that this is not reserve ed to a certain set of people, but to anyone that gives you what I call a false reality or the blatant display of well crafted untruth to ultimately convince you that what they are saying is in fact reality: and they can be preachers, managers, spouses, bosses and even friends. Whoever exhibits this type of behavior in due course falls into this category, and should ask themselves what is the reality of being real?

In my research I have discovered that these people would use their so called “titles or labels” as a persuasive instrument to confuse what you know to be reality. A classic example; you caught your partner with someone else in a compromising position, but yet when you confront them about it, this is their normal response; “as you husband you think I would do something like that to you.” Another example; your boss is a repeatedly telling the staff, how the company believes in family life, and the motto at this company is family first, however if you ask for a day off to attend you child sports day, or some event that your child is participating in during your working hours, that same boss wants to know if you have lost your mind. So here is my point, people would have you believe that because they carry the title of husband, boss, manager, etc. that all of a sudden their title or label made them an intellectual and the person they are trying to sell this stuff to has transforms themselves into a Jackass, and supposedly have no sense of reasoning.

This now takes me into a new arena of reasoning, and that is do these people critically analyze whatever it is that they are saying to you? Or are they that self absorbed that they believe whatever they say you must just lap up and print that in stone as reality?

Well my research has yield that these people see you as one of two scenarios or even both a) they obviously disrespect you as a human being and do not care how you may think or feel regarding the elusive truth that they so eagerly flee when speaking to you or, b) they do not care how you may view their integrity, after all they are the Boss, the spouse, the preacher, whatever, and again these titles are the halos that they hide under to exude some saintly appearance, as to say I would never deceive you.

However the question can be asked, who exactly is to blame? Is it the person that is trying to make you believe something that you know is not a reality, or could it be you, acting as a subliminal co-conspirator to the Inaccuracies of the reality they are attempting to spoon feed you.

Well remember the question I asked as the topic of this article: and that question was what is the reality of being real? Well the reality is you know that these people are being dishonest and untruthful with what they say to you and very little of it has ever truly became a reality, and you know this because there integrity speaks for itself generally. However you must take a stance in a respectful manner and be real with them, by letting them know that you are not a fool and that you did not fall off of the idiot truck. You then need to point out the inaccuracies in their stories, backed up by proof of the inaccuracies you have discovered, and finally letting them know that you would appreciate if they would be more realistic and respectful towards you like you have been towards them.

Finally, I guess we can all agree that after all that have been said, people will only treat you the way you allow them to treat you. Their illusion of a reality does not have to be your reality if you would only be real with them, rather than subliminally working with them to your own demise.

BY: Kevin L.A Ewing


Who is the wanderer? The word wanderer comes from the root word wander, and it is defined as: moving about aimlessly, without purpose or cause. It also means to stray or roam, to move from a fixed purposed position.

Many folks are in relationships being led unfortunately by wanderers or are involved with them somehow. These are people who have no direction, plan or purpose for the relationship or themselves for that matter.

It was interesting to me to see the bible’s view on the principle of the wanderer. Hear what it says: “The man that wanders out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead…..Woooh!!!

As usual what does this proverb mean? Well, we must seek the meaning of understanding, which is to grasp the significance, implications, or importance of something.

Therefore the wanderer would be the person who can never make a decision and stick to it, high today and low tomorrow. Always making promises only too break them. They are more eager to tell a lie than speak the truth, their sum total is a life that is directionless and deleted of worth while production.

The wanderer insists on not grasping the significance or importance of the relationship. So, his resting place is with the dead, which is symbolic of things having no life, purpose or meaning

In conclusion, folks that find themselves with these types of people eventually lose their direction and dreams and eventually become like the wanderer or extremely frustrated. Please! Stay away from the wanderer.

Kevin L A Ewing

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The word lack is defined as: deficiency or absence of something needed, desirable, or customary.

Now, there are people who strongly believe that their moments, or periods of lack began when they did not have anymore money or fell short in a certain area. However the process of lack began way before then.

Make no mistake, lack begins first in our minds. The law that governs this process is found of course in the bible and it says, "So a man thinks in his heart, that he will become". The heart here is symbolic of one's mind. So, in essence my body is a slave to my mind or thoughts. Our bodies must without question perform and behave according to our thinking.

If I consistently think not enough, just enough, every time I put one foot forward I have to take two back, I don't have two pennies to rub together etc....... then if you believe this garbage, and clearly you do because you're always speaking it, then you are literally creating your future.

You have activated a law that is working to your demise. The law says, " What a man plants now he will reap it later (Gal 6:7). Ironically you say it yourself all the time, you just word it different........ remember making these statements: what goes around comes around, if you spit in the wind it comes back in your face, today for me tomorrow for you etc.

Wow!! do you now see how ignorant we are to God's law, that benefits us according to how we use them.

Lastly, The WORD says, what ever I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart, and doubt not, I will have what I say............. YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW, BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU'VE BEEN SAYING AND BELIEVING.


Kevin L A Ewing

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Have you ever listened to a crazy song before, one that you don’t even like. It has now been about thirty minutes since you have heard the song, and now you are probably waiting in some line and you find yourself singing this unlinked crazy song word for word?

Well, this is a result of the “law of Association” This law of Association is defined as: whatever, person, place, or environment I associate myself with over a period of time I subconsciously imitate it.

This is interesting because, you don’t have to sit and make an effort to learn the environment, or person; it is somehow absorbed by your subconscious.

Here is the biblical proof: The bible says, “He that walk with wise men will become wise, and he that associates himself with fools will become foolish-(paraphrased)

So, here is the point, if I associate myself with negative, complaining, murmuring, kind, loving, generous people etc.
Eventually I will begin to display these traits.

Remember how pleasant you were before that last relationship? Have you noticed how uncaring you’ve become since you have met that uncaring person?

All I am trying to point out here is life is consist of laws, which means that nothing just happens. Whatever happens to us, with us or at us is because of some knowing or unknowing law that we have participated in and yielding the results in our every day life.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We need people to advance

One of the beauties of life is calculating the purpose of everyone that has ever entered our lives. Every person that will ever enter our life, sole purpose is to make a contribution to our existence in an effort to fulfill our purpose, whether we are aware of it or not. The cores of their contribution whether it’s good or bad carries the seed of developing US! This makes the journey of life quite interesting, because for the most part we cannot predict what that particular individual will offer in terms of their contribution. Meaning their contribution can either be to add to us or take away from us; however what we do know is that during our time with them or even after their departure there will be a change in us via the association. The quality of that change is dependent on how they have affected us.

Our bible tells us that all things are working together for our good, which also indicates that all things are indeed necessary, and nothing was design by God to work independent of itself but must connect with someone or something to produce something greater or at least forward motion.

We need people, and not just some people but all people, especially those that hate us, despise us detest us undermine us etc. I know this probably makes no sense to you, but watch the spiritual principle. God said that everything in his creation was good except that the man should not be alone Genesis 2: 18.

Man always needs someone, something, or some environment to assist him in advancing in spite of how these people or places present themselves. The corporate world calls this process synergy. Synergy, is the combine efforts of two or more things or people to produce more than they were doing as individuals (note: synergy is not based on who like you or do not like you it’s about putting aside differences and focusing on a common goal to advance or produce more). So, in understanding this spiritual truth, it is only fitting to determine that we need haters, we need back stabbers, we need folks that love us, appreciate us etc. The truth is these people have been predetermine to our lives for the sole purpose of advancing us (again, in spite of their character, attitude or behavior). These folks come equip with what God knows to be a necessity for us concerning present and future events, again, in spite of the packaging that they comes in.

Simply put our lives are a divine setup. The primary difficulty in this revelation, is grasping, the fact that we have to accept the undesirables for who they are, because it is in who they are that is teaching us directly or indirectly and at the same time preparing us for future progress.

So, in essence our enemies, friends and environments are in fact our teachers and our appointed times with them would be the class room of life that is making us a better us through these awesome experiences be it good or bad.

Therefore once we would have put aside our personal views we can now see more clearly the purpose for these folks presence in our lives. Thus, no matter who was, is or will be a part of our existence here on earth, we must thank God in advance for choosing them to advance us, and to make us better through the many experiences they’ve afforded us.

Scripture sums this entire process up with the following statement, “For whom he (God) did foreknew he also did predestinate, to be conformed to the image of his son” Romans 8: 29. Simply put, because God knew us in advance of our earthly existence he also knew in advance who and what it would take to change us to the likeness of his son Jesus Christ. Bottom line: We need people to advance us in the process of becoming like Jesus!

Father, I now understand why you’ve commanded us to bless and not curse those that curse us, To pray for those that use us and say all manner of things against us. Thank you for the revelation of the necessity of all people that enters our lives and how they are needed to advance us. I pray that the eyes of every reader of this article will begin to illuminate to the greater reality that you’ve designed every person, place and environment to advance us. We bless you and praise you for your wisdom in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Written by: Minister Kevin L A Ewing

The Law of Disorder

When we hear the word disorder, we immediately think of confusion and things being disorganized. This is in fact true, however we rarely consider the reality that there is an order in initiating disorder, simply put there are mechanisms knowing or unknowingly being followed or put in place that will secure a specific end result.

We must bear in mind that absolutely nothing just happens, no matter how small or large, good or evil, organized or disorganized it may be. There are laws that govern all situations, and in this particular case there are laws that apply to disorder that we are about to explore.

In the book of James 3:16, it illustrates the law of disorder, and I quote “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.”

Now! Let’s consider the facts that are presented here in the mentioned scripture. Firstly, in order for confusion or disorder to be produced it requires envy and strife. So let’s get a clearer understanding of these two words, so we can comprehend how the synergy of these words equals or create what we know to be disorder.

To envy is to be discontented with the success and or accomplishments of others. Strife on the other hand is to struggle or to rebel and resist something or someone.

Therefore, in an atmosphere where there are minds that have problems with others success and advancement, these same minds rebel and resist any and all efforts made by the party that is seemingly or truly advancing.

Interestingly enough, the evidence of this is saturated in environments, where you have folk’s attention and focus taken off the true purpose of the company, marriage friendship etc. So you would hear phrases like, ‘He thinks he’s better than others” “They don’t even say Good morning, or speak to people” “they think that they are smarter than everyone else” or just out right have an antagonistic attitude.

So, rather than synergy among partners, coworkers, spouses, business associates etc. to produce more, folks become personal rather than purposeful, simply by allowing these two agents of envy and strife to permeate the relationship, and now they will produce less as a team than they did individually, as a result of disorder.

The second fact of that mentioned scripture is after confusion has been achieved, James said, “and every evil work”…….. Wow!!! Now, what exactly is he suggesting here? Well what he is saying is once envy and strife has conceived and produces confusion, there must be something to maintain this confusion/disorder. This is where evil comes in. Disorder is literally a nest for evil activities

In closing, where ever there is disorder, then I expect to ascertain such evils as witchcraft, adultery, fornication compulsive liars, bitter and hateful folks etc. simply because the grounds are conducive for it. If there is no order in a church, your job etc. then I can guarantee you there are inappropriate affairs, unfairness, sickness, cancers hypertension and the likes. They are only there because they plainly have a legal right to be there because of the law of disorder. So, restore order, and you will simultaneously evict the agents responsible for disorder and evil.


By: Kevin L A Ewing

Separation is Necessary for Elevation

When a snake moves to different stages of its live, the process of that is the shedding of its skin. Well, the equivalent of that process for us as human beings would be the shedding of environment or people.

The bible said that when God called Abram, who later became Abraham, God did not ask him how his family was, is all well, etc.
Instead, the first thing God said was remove yourself from your country, and kindred. In other words, separate yourself from your environment and those that you are familiar with.

Now, this may seem somewhat harsh, but this is God’s way of separating the sheep from the goats, so that the sheep can hear the Shepard clearly.

One of the initial signs of promotion or elevation to one’s life begins with discord, or challenges with those that are closest to you, or the place that you are presently , seems as if you have either out grown it, or it’s rejecting of you for no apparent reason.

In reality, your season has come to an end for those folks and that place. All that you needed from them has been achieved, and simultaneously qualified you for the next stage of your life.

To bring them along with you, would disrupt this natural growth process that has been specifically designed to elevate you.

People that are not progressing in life are those that refuse to let go of the people and places that has exhausted its purpose for them. This is why death is necessary, because life gives purpose and death is the conclusion of purpose.

Anyone who resists this natural growth process literally welcomes a life of frustration, confusion and repetition of places and people that they know are hindering them from achieving more that life has to offer.

By: Kevin L A Ewing

"Did God say Evil was good?"

 Evil as we know it to be is defined: as morally bad, or wicked, it is also defined as something harmful or tending to do harm or extremely unpleasant or troublesome.

With this type of meaning, it leaves one to wonder, how can an all righteous God call such a thing not only good but very good in the beginning of his creation?

Now left by it self it would appear as if it is a paradox, because if God is good, and insists that we refrain from evil then why would he call evil good?

To understand this very provocative issue, we must go back to the beginning of Genesis chapter 1 & 2. In Genesis chapter 1 it gives the blue print of creation, however in Genesis chapter 2 it gives a more detailed account of that blue print.

In Genesis chapter 1, the word good is mentioned 7 times, which indicates perfection, completion or absolute. Nothing missing everything is in place for what is about to happen next. Amazingly, the last time in this same chapter when the word good is mentioned, it is followed by the phrase VERY Good. So we can agree that God was extremely pleased and satisfied with his creation.

Now in Genesis chapter 2: 9 which is now giving a detailed account of the plant part of the creation says, “And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and EVIL". Now least we forget, Remember Genesis 1; 12 said, “And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was Good, so the tree of the knowledge of good and evil must me inclusive of these trees.

Then finally in Genesis 1:31 it says, “And God saw EVERY THING that he had made, which is inclusive of the tree of the knowledge of good and EVIL behold, it was VERY GOOD".

Now, to unveil the revelation here, there is a word that we must discover the etymology of, and that is the word Good. The word good is an old English word which goes back to the prehistoric Germanic word “gath” meaning:
‘Bring together’ or "to benefit" which is where we get our English words (gather, and together); the progression of thought appears to be: brought together, unite, fitting, suitable, pleasing.

So, in essence when God said his creation was good, basically what he meant was all things together will equal good.

To prove or expound on this very important point lets look at Genesis 2:18 it said, “And the lord God said, it is NOT GOOD that the man should be alone so Eve was necessary to the creation for completion” So if the original meaning of good is to bring together or complete. Then not good must be the opposite. So the trend of thought is nothing in God’s creation was made to operate independent of itself, absolutely nothing all things are relative to something or someone.

Therefore, here it is folks, good can not be good by itself it is a culmination or gathering of good bad and indifferent that will eventually equal good. Interestingly enough, the Apostle Paul got a hold of this very profound revelation. Here is what he said, “And we know that All THINGS (GOOD AND BAD) work together for good, to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose, Rom: 8:28……… WOW!!!!!!!!!

Consequently, when God said that evil was not just good, but very good, he is simply saying that evil was apart of the creation, so that when gathered with someone or something it will produce good.

This same Apostle Paul who is responsible for writing about two thirds of the New testament, said in the book of Romans 7 that he had great difficulty performing the things that were good. Until he discovered that there was a law governing all of this. "I find then a LAW, that when I would do good, evil is present with me. This is clear evidence that there is a mystery behind evil, and I am by no stretch of the imagination promoting evil.

I am fully aware that this is a bit hard to except, so I will make another attempt to solidify my point. I am sure we can all agree that we are designed by God to be creatures of comparison. For example all choices that we make in life they are compared to something else to bring about a decision. So to say a apple is bad, then the only way I would know that would be, to have experienced a bad one.

As a result you can see where evil becomes necessary, so much that God included it in his creation for our benefit. This is why Genesis 2:9 clearly states that God himself placed the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil in the middle of the garden.

The bible is saturated with the mystery of evil, as an example let's look at 1Samuel 16. In this story God had rejected King Saul from being king, and he commanded Samuel the priest to anoint David to be the future king. Indeed there was a twist in the story, in verse 14, it say's, " But the spirit of the lord departed from Saul, and an EVIL spirit from the Lord troubled him (Saul).

In another case Judges 9:23 say's "Then God sent an evil spirit between Abimelech and the men of Shechem; and the men of Shechem dealt treacherously with Abimelech". As you have read, the Devil did not send the evil spirit but God himself. Again this clearly indicates that there must be a mystery to evil.

Many are under the impression that Satan is the one who created evil, to the contrary, the Hebrew word for the word create is defined as making something out of nothing, and the Hebrew word for the word make is defined as making something out of existing material. Therefore only God the creator can create anything, all Satan can do is manipulate or make from his creation. The bible is crystal clear, when it says that God is the one that created EVIL (Isaiah45:7). Folks in no way fashion or form am I attempting to suggest to you that doing evil is ok. What I am suggesting though is that there is more to evil than we're aware of, there is definitely a mystery to it.

So, as creatures that were designed to compare in order to make second by second decisions it can only happen by the KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL…….. WOW!!!!!!!!

 The Apostle Paul told the believers of Rome, in his letter to that particular church in Romans 2:4, “That it is the "GOODNESS" of God that is leading men to repentance (Paraphrased). Interpretation: it is the gathering (goodness) of good and bad that will eventually cause men to repent. Changing the way he thinks through the good and bad circumstances of his life, making comparisons that should eventually cause him to make it right with his maker. The proof of this is called his testimony. 

Every evil thing that you've experienced in your life time, that divorce, addiction, bad relationships, financial troubles could  it have been a must that it happened to you so you could now recognize and make a decision on what is really good based on the evil that had a legal right to be present? Therefore that good person or thing that you've labeled good, is only as a result of the evil that brought you to that conclusion



A fowler is characterizing as a skilled, patient hunter, who studies his victim intensely before he launches his attack.

Nearly, one hundred percent of the time he/she is invisible or not obvious to its victims, and as you read on, the victim has no reason to suspect.

The bible says that God will surely deliver you from the snare of the fowler (Psalm 91:3
The truth is, only he can, because we will never know who the fowler is until they strike, and their strike is either disabling or fatal.

So I decided to ask God the question, how do I recognize the fowler, and he instructed me to( Psalm 55: 12-14) Now, before we go further remember the fowler has already set his trap for you it is his patient skills that you are not aware of that will make him successful.

So, in Psalm 55:12, we immediately discover that the fowler is definitely not our enemy, neither is he the one that hates us or resist us. In fact scripture reveals that the fowler is the one that is equal to us. The one who guides us, the one who we are acquainted with, sharing all our secrets, and personal areas of our lives with…..WOW!!!!!!! (The ones we call close friends)

Now you can see why when they strike it’s disabling or fatal, because they attack the core of our beings and emotions, which others are not privy to.

Lastly, all friends has the potential to become fowlers in your life, based on the intimate details of your life that you’ve released to them.


By Kevin L A Ewing

Thanking God for his wisdom

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