Monday, November 23, 2015

There is absolutely nothing to look back for

My words of wisdom for today is simply this, you MUST physically walk away from what God has spiritually separated you from. God has done his part now it's time for you to do yours so that he can bring what you've been waiting on for so long into existence!

The proof of this being God's doing is the mere fact that you are accomplishing more with others than with the person/s he has spiritually separated you from. Please don't allow your temporal feeling for whom or whatever to over ride your spiritual release God has provided. As a reminder Lot's wife turned back and look at a city that was not only being destroyed but they were commanded not to look back at. In other words, cut whatever it is loose never look back and continue going forward!

As a result of disobeying this simple command she became stuck in one place and was never able to move forward with the rest of those that were given the same release. As a reminder this all happened during their season to go forward, Genesis 19:15-26. Do not forfeit your season because you chose to hold on to something that is DYING!

God has given many of you the green light to proceed forward but for some strange reason you still desire to hold on to what you are very well aware has been keeping you back! While the reality is God is the one that set our seasons it is still left up to us to want to participate in those season.

Again, Lot's wife is a clear example of this. Her season had arrived but she had great difficulty releasing what was the source of keeping her back in life. I do not know who this post is speaking to but what I do know is that even though God has given you the green light to proceed to your next level you are allowing someone, something or some place to keep you anchored to where you have already out grown.

The lord said to specifically tell you, "Remember lot's wife"  Luke 17:32.


Written By: Kevin L A Ewing


Revelation is the uncovering or revealing something that always existed. The mysteries of life are
continually being exposed through spiritual knowledge, notably via our dreams. Those that are depleted, lack or dismiss such knowledge will continue to conclude life as frustrating and confusing.

The purpose of our dreams and vision (if they're from God) is to provide us with the spiritual revelations to the mysteries of our lives. It was a mystery to Abraham in Genesis 15, as to how God would birth a nation through him at the age of 99 mainly when he had no children of his own. This, my friend, is a mystery that only spiritual revelation can provide an answer to.

Amazingly, in Genesis 15:12, scripture clearly tells us that Abraham fell into a deep sleep and it was at this point while Abraham was asleep that God revealed or uncovered the revelation to what was a mystery to Abraham's life which he was to become the genesis of some significant future events. As a reminder, everything that God revealed to Abraham in Genesis 15: 13-21 was during his sleep in a dream. In other words, while Abraham's physical body was asleep and at rest, the real Abraham which is his spirit, was well awake communing with the Spirit of God in Abraham's dream.

Based on the above understanding of our dreams. Why not take a moment right now and ask God to provide the revelation in regards to the mystery of your poverty, failed relationships, anti-progress, ill health, missed opportunities, etc.

Abraham challenged God as a result of the seemingly impossible promises God had made to him. In fact, Abraham said in Genesis 15:8, "Lord God, how shall I know the things you've promise shall come to pass?"

Friends! Here me today, how long will you continue to perish due to a lack of knowledge? Hosea 4:6. "How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? And the scorners delight in their scorning and FOOLS hate KNOWLEDGE?" Proverbs 1:22

"Father God, please in the precious name of your only begotten son Jesus Christ. Reveal to us via your spirit to our spirt the revelations to the frustrating mysteries that seems to encompass our lives. Lord, just like you did for your servant Abraham do likewise for us in our dreams. Father, your word says that you are no respect of persons. Therefore, because you did it for Abraham, I am convinced you will do it for us in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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