Wednesday, December 11, 2013

You're being condition for your space at the top!

I want to encourage that person who has been so deeply wounded and has concluded that life is just a
circle of sadness and traps of disappointment and despair. Before you make your next move, just hear me out for a few seconds.

Using myself as an example, I have taken my life's struggles, pains, disappointment's and failures and use them as a new lens in regards to viewing life. Just like you, I have had so many that have let me down, unexplainable hurts, broken promises and the relentless thoughts of, what is the purpose of life.

There were times when I felt as if praying was a waste of my time, to the point I had actually stop praying (which I do not recommend of course). The reality is my friend, the above challenges were doing more for me than I could have possibly ever imagine. Like with everything else in life, every matter, every situation and life's circumstances, there is indeed a time frame for it to exist. However, during its tenure we have been condition to focus on the negative aspects of it as opposed to viewing it as a now lesson to be successful at future tests. In retrospect I can surly thank God for every stumbling block, every set back, every disappointment and everything else that was unfairly issued me. Now that the tenure of those challenges has ended. My view of life has changed dramatically, in fact I have developed a greater appreciation and understanding for life.

My friend, hear me tonight, the worse mistake you could possible make right now is to give up, cave in or throw in the towel. In doing this you are tossing out the ingredients that were specifically designed to prepare you for what you're being conditioned for. This is why God rarely inform folks of the details of their process. for example can you imagine if God said to Joseph, you will be second in charge of Egypt but before that happens your brothers will hate you, you will be sold into slavery, you will be falsely accused of rape and thrown into a prison for something you did not do. I am sure he would have sad, "I would love to be second in charge of Egypt but if I have to go through all of that, forget it!" If you read Joseph's story carefully, every struggle he encountered it was in preparation for where he was headed.

Again, I want to say to someone tonight DO NOT GIVE UP! DO NOT GIVE IN! Your challenges, if viewed correctly is temporary and conditioning you for greater. You will experience your turn at the helm but you must be trained prior to you arriving there.............

The bottom line in all of this is, life will always seem difficult, sad, disappointing and the like when one is being conditioned for change. Your challenges my friend are conditioning you to appreciate and maintain what has been set aside just for you. You can not appreciate or even handle what's awaiting your arrival with your current state of mind. In fact your current state of mind is an enemy to your future!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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