Monday, June 1, 2015

Basic Laws concerning dreams

Your dreams are always revealing the source of your natural or what we refer to as our real life matters. In order to understand your dreams,  you must understand the three primary principles of your dreams and they are:

1) Your dreams are spiritual

2) your dreams are revealing from a spiritual perspective the root causes of your physical matters

3) The spirit realm is where all things visible and invisible originates, thus your dreams will always be revealing the root of either the past, present or future matters in the dreamer's life.

Therefore, If you've had a dream and in your dream you saw yourself naked, then the dream is revealing that you are vulnerable or exposed to something that you're probably not aware of. It can also symbolize disgrace to the dreamer.

Such dreams must be met immediately with prayer when the dreamer awakes by firstly cancelling the dream and praying specifically against the spirits of disgrace and exposure asking God to unseat these devils and to consume them with fire.

As a reminder because the dream is spiritual for the most part the things in your dreams are mostly symbolic of a far more reaching spiritual implication. So, in this case nakedness symbolizes the spirit of disgrace and exposure.

Minister: Kevin L A Ewing

Prayer strategies via your dreams

Dreams can be quite revealing, however the revelation of one's dream is just part of unraveling the mystery of your dream.

Incorporated in the revealing of the mystery of your dream; will also be the accompanying of specific prayer strategies against whatever is pending or currently negatively going on in the dreamer's life.

For example, let's say you had a dream and in this dream you saw an infestation of crabs on your back. Well such a dream would be indicating spirits of witchcraft oppressing the dreamer. Now, with this specific revelation of your dream, your prayers must be specifically against the spirits of witchcraft that are operating in your life.

This is important to note because the spiritual law says, "If we resist the devil he will flee" James 4:7. In other words the lord will reveal specifics details concerning our dreams so that we can counter attack with precision to unseat that specific devil attacking us. The spirit of witchcraft have every right to remain in your life if you're praying for healing and not against the spirit of witchcraft specifically.

Again, THE SPIRITUAL LAW says, "If we resist the devil he will flee" that devil could be the spirit of poverty, witchcraft, confusion, disorder, death etc. So you must pay special attention to the spirit being revealed in the dream so you could unseat him with fire!!!!! If there is no resistance of course by prayer and in some cases fasting then that specific devil will remain in your life.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Getting married in a dream

Some of the most common dreams that I am asked to interpret are dreams where a person is getting married in their dream or they are observing a wedding in a dream.

Now, let me make clear, any form or type of marriage in a dream would indicate covenant and for the most part evil covenants! I have discovered in my many years of interpreting dreams such dreams are the source for unmarried folks finding it difficult to get married or married folks having constant troubles in their marriage. Here is why these folks are faced with such challenges.

Being married in a dream is revealing what is known in the spirit world as a spiritual marriage. Now, whomever the person is you're getting married to is what is known as a masquerading spirit. A masquerading spirit is really a familiar spirit and a familiar spirit is in essence a spirit that is very much familiar with the dreamer and by extension the victim's family.

With that said once the marriage takes place in the dream then the dreamer if they are single in reality will find it hard to find the right person in reality simply because this spirit which also goes by the name spirit husband or spirit wife depending on the sex of the dreamer will fight tooth and nail in keeping away any perspectives mates that would desire to marry the dreamer because unknowing to the dreamer, the dreamer is married to this spirit spiritually.

The evidence of this in the natural is no matter how handsome or pretty and educated the victim maybe they will forever find it difficult to maintain relationships it would appear as if they always encounter the same type of people giving them the same old depressing fail relationship results. If the victim do manages to get married I can assure you that union will end in divorce because this spirit will always manipulate the victim to marry the wrong person to make the victim's life a living hell. This, couple will never agree on anything, either one or both parties would be overly jealous, selfish, controlling, verbally and physically abusing each other. The primary sign would be an obvious and blatant lack of respect on both parties end.

For those that are married, if you see yourself being married in a dream even if the person you're marrying in the dream is your current mate. Make no mistake this is a spirit husband or spirit wife deceiving you in your dream. Once this marriage takes place in the dream all hell will break loose in reality for that couple. The first sign will be unexplained anger towards each other to the point silly argument will erupt between the couple that makes absolutely no sense followed by blatant infidelity and disrespect for the relationship.

The worst thing any of these couples can do in an attempt to bring resolve to this evil is to attack one another. Instead they must collectively go on a 5-7 day fast with intense prayer praying specifically against spirit husband and or spirit wife. The couple MUST BE IN COMPLETE AGREEMENT in ridding their relationship of this stubborn spirit.

Minister: Kevin L A Ewing

Homosexual/Lesbian dreams

Many folks become very much alarmed after experiencing a dream where they were either a
homosexual/Lesbian in a dream or they saw someone in their dream that were a Homosexual/Lesbians.

Again, as long as we stick to the principles of dream interpretation we would quickly realize that the actions, colors, numbers, and other contents of a dream are just symbols of a far more reaching spiritual implications.

Having dreams where you appear to be a Homosexual/Lesbian is revealing to the dreamer that in reality they are pretending to be something that they're not. It is the same if someone that they're familiar with appears to be a Homosexual/Lesbian in their dream. The dream is clearly revealing that these folks are not being genuine or real in their real life affairs

In cases where the dreamer or the person that they are dreaming about is in fact homosexual/Lesbian then the dream is revealing that these folks are being oppressed and influenced by the spirit of Homosexuality/Lesbianism. So deliverance can only be achieved with an all out attack specifically against this spirit and not the person. The person is unknowingly just a puppet to this spirit.

Minister: Kevin L A Ewing

Dreaming of spiritual cages

Have you had dreams where you saw yourself or someone else in a cage, a prison, a pit or any place that you were unable to get out of?

Such dreams represents spiritual cages. A spiritual cage operates just like how a cage in reality would operate. The purpose of anyone being locked away in a cage is to restricted its movement and mobility. To deprive that person of its freedom, opportunities etc.

Therefore a spiritual cage is where some personal belonging have been retrieved unknowingly from an individual and those items which represents that individual; a curse has been placed on those items by a witch or warlock. Those curse items or a voodoo doll representing the victim is placed in a physical cage, Now, even though the process is being done physically its basically applying the same principals when one takes communion at their church. The spiritual implications of the communion is that the bread represents the body of Christ and the wine is symbolic of the blood of Jesus Christ. However, scripture clearly if we eat and drink unworthily we could possible become sick or bring about death on ourselves.

Well, from that point forward the victims who is spiritually caged will begin to experience major setbacks and delays in their life. Such persons will isolate themselves from others and begin to behave in an abnormal and strange and way. The victim would appear as if they are in another world or under a spell (which in reality they really are under a spell). These people can see others participating in freedom, and prosperity but they themselves will never participate in such activities. In fact the movement and freedom of the victim is solely dependent on the person who is controlling their spiritual cage.

Many folks are unaware that persons that are addicted to drugs especially if their drugs have been laced these folks are in fact spiritually caged. For the record the power behind the person whose drugs have been laced is WITCHCRAFT!

My friend, if the lord have revealed to you someone in a dream that you saw in a cage or even yourself, please take such a dream serious because the dream is revealing the mystery behind your misery.

Ask God to break the spiritual pad lock on that spiritual cage that you have been placed in or you saw someone else placed in. Remind the lord of his word in Joel 2:25, to restore you or that person all that you've lost during your tenure in that spiritual cage. Finally ask God who is the supreme judge of the universe to bring that person that has had you caged to answer to the court room of heaven for illegally imprisoning you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Dreaming about babies

Dreaming about babies are some of the most common dreams that I would receive for interpretation and again, depending on how the dream presents itself will determine the interpretation.

For example, if you saw yourself with a baby and you were rejoicing then the dream is revealing that an opportunity is about to manifest for you. In this case, a baby would represent a new beginning, a new opportunity, etc. Dreaming of babies can also be indicating immaturity or something or a situation that is not fully developed to engage in.

On the other hand, let's say that you had a dream and you were holding a baby but the face of the baby was covered and the environment of the dream was dark. Then the dream is revealing that you have babies in the spirit world. Meaning spiritually you're being manipulated of your children so that you do not produce children physically.

Women that do not have children and are finding it hard to conceive. Will experience such dreams, especially if they're having dreams where they are about to give birth but the baby never comes forth, or the dreamer wakes up before giving birth or worse case scenario someone runs off with the baby in the dream or the baby goes missing. Again, spiritually your babies in the Spirit are spiritually hijacked thus, in reality, the dreamer will either become barren or suffer many miscarriages.

The truth is such evil occurrences are the manifestation of either witchcraft curses or generational curses. It is mandatory that such a person experiencing such dreams go on an intensive fast being guided by the Holy Spirit of course.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Dreams that indicate poverty

If you are experiencing dreams where you are giving others money in the dream, you are buying items in the dream or you're picking up coins in a dream, then the dream is revealing that you are under a financial curse being administered by the spirit of poverty!

Here is the understanding of this mystery. As a reminder your dream is real however it's spiritual. Therefore if you're spending money in the dream the reality is you're spending money in the spirit which means you're either spending or giving away your financial blessings as such there will be no financial blessings to be manifested physically.

These dreams must be rebuked and cancelled immediately upon waking out of the dream.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Spiritual sickness in a dream

Let's say you had a dream and in this dream you saw the shape of some creature crawling under your skin. Well, your dream is revealing that you're being afflicted by witchcraft manipulation specifically towards your health.

This interpretation would be the same if you saw your self eating living insects, drinking dirty water or eating in a dream.

Spiritual sickness would also be indicated by your dream if someone you do not know in your dream was forcing you to eat something such as soup or any type of food that appear to be something but when you bit into it it turns out to be roaches, spiders creepy crawly creatures. Such dreams are pointing to the fact that someone is not Only working witchcraft against you but specifically your HEALTH!

Again, in reality the dreamer would begin to experience strange pains around their neck and shoulders, scratches on certain parts of their body that did not existed prior to the dreamer going to bed. Swelling of the legs or other parts of the body, however if this person was to visit the Doctor to examine the problem the Doctors would be unable to diagnose the victim.

One of the most common signs of witchcraft manipulation in regards to spiritual sickness is the fact that the victim if they are a female will always feel as if others can smell feminine odors coming from their private parts. The truth is, there are evil spirits assigned to this person to spiritually produce such scents whereby only the victim can smell, but the victims is convinced that everyone around them can smell this foul feminine odor.

Such a person will begin to isolate themselves from friends and family and begin to spend just about every dollar they would have made on Doctors to rid themselves of the mysterious scent....... Trust me this person needs deliverance!

Written By: Kevin l a Ewing

Dreaming of different areas of a house

If you've had dreams where you saw your home not having any fence or walls, then the dream is revealing that the spiritual hedge has been removed from your life, Job 1:10 This makes you an open target for the enemy.

If you had a dream where you saw strangers removing items from your home, then the dream is revealing the enemy removing your spiritual blessings, thus, you'll be in a lacking position in the natural. Ask God to unseat and destroy by fire the spiritual robbers in your life.

If you had a dream where you saw your garage filled with useless and old items, then the dream is revealing that you have a lot of unresolved issues stored in your life. The reality of such dreams; the dreamer is usually a bitter and resentful person and the dream is revealing that the dreamer needs to get rid of have those unresolved. If not the cycle of bitterness for this person will continually be fueled and maintained by the unresolved junk in the dreamer's life.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Dreaming about roads and paths

If you are having dreams where you see yourself walking or running on a road or path but that road or path seem to have no end then the dream is revealing that whatever it is that you're putting your efforts into will be a waste of time or it will conclude in your efforts being fruitless.

I f you're travelling in a car but at the end of the road you meet up to a dead end, again, the dream is revealing that whatever you're doing in reality will be fruitless. A road or path in a dream would represent your path in life that your currently on or pending for you.

However, if you had a dream where you saw a highway or a streets in a far distance, then the dream is revealing your future destiny. If you had a dream where you were running or walking on a path or street but you were surrounded by darkness, then the dream is revealing that you are surrounded by evil people that's trying to block you at every point in your life or you're in an evil and deceitful environment.

If you've had a dream where you saw yourself crossing a bridge, then the dream is revealing that your crossing from one level to another. However, if the bridge that you're about to cross has been damaged and you can not cross it. Then the dream is revealing someone is responsible for delaying and preventing your progress. If you've had dreams where you saw huge rocks or obstacles in your path, then the dream is revealing stumbling blocks in the spirit that are the source of your physical restrictions and limitations in life.

You must now pray against the spirits of limitation and restriction rather than the folks or environments in the natural you think is the sources of your troubles. As a reminder we DO NOT WRESTLE against flesh and blood, Eph. 6:12

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Drinking dirty water in a dream

If you're having dreams or have had dreams where you saw yourself drinking dirty water, eating soup or what appears to be soup, then your dream is indicating that your spirit is being implanted with demonic sickness and disease.

The same interpretation is relevant if you dream you saw yourself being injected or you were bitten by a cat, dog or snake. With such dreams, it is mandatory that you go into powerful prayer asking God to spiritually remove whatever spiritual contamination has been spiritually program into your spirit along with an immediate fast.

These are bad dreams, and many folks have become a casualty of spiritual warfare due to their lack of knowledge in this area of warfare. "My people perish and are destroyed because they lack knowledge" Hosea 4:6.

"But by knowledge, the righteous are delivered." Proverbs 11:9.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Dreams that indicate deliverance

If you've had  a dream where you were being pursued by people, creatures or even demons and all of a sudden as you were running you began to fly and they could not catch you, then the dream is revealing deliverance from your oppressors.

Any dream where you are being saved, rescued or helped in any way but there are no form of physical assistance being revealed in the dream such as human help a machine or any form of visible assistance being offered you, then the dream is revealing divine intervention or deliverance.

Dreams that would also indicate deliverance would be where you had a dream where someone let you out of prison or released you from a confine place. Dreams where you were shackled or handcuffed but either someone unlocked your restraints or your restraints just fell off without any human or physical intervention. Again, this would indicate divine deliverance.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing​

Dreams that indicate spiritual mental attacks

If you are having dreams where you see crazy persons literally fighting you or having sex with you, then know for sure that evil spirits have been sent to oppress you mentally.

The evidence of this if the dream is not challenged by the dreamer, is that the dreamer will begin to suffer serious bouts with depression, loneliness, frustration, fatigue and crying for absolutely no reason. These demonic activities will escalate to severe insomnia if the dreamer refuses to fight via prayer and fasting.

If the dreamer continues to ignore all of the above signs, then the dreamer will experience massive mode changes such as bipolar and psychotic behavior along with panic and anxiety attacks which is evidence that the victim has moved from demonic oppression to demonic possession.

Again if left unchallenged it will only be a matter of time before these spirits convince the victim to kill themselves. In such a case deliverance is the only solution.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Dreams that reveal revelation and spiritual insight

If you're experiencing dreams where you can see folks and things clearly in your dreams but  they
cannot see you in the dream, then the dream is revealing that God is giving you revelation or spiritual insight to people and things that you would not have insight on under normal circumstances.

Such dreams would be equivalent to biblical account such as Ezekiel 37:1, "The hand of the Lord was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit of the Lord, and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones,"

This is also the case if you are able to see in the dark in a dream but everyone else is feeling or stumbling to find their way. Such dreams should be taken seriously because the lord is revealing the secret plots and schemes of those that are against you.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Dreams concerning your job

If you have had dreams where folks in your work group are playing tug-of-war against you then whoever those folks are in your dream are the folks that are covertly working against you.

If you have had a dream where you work identification was discovered in a co-workers bag or at their workstation, then the dream is indicating that either the person that has your ID or a co-worker is jealous of you and desires to undermine your position.

If you dreamt you were sitting in you Boss's chair at work, the dream is now revealing promotion for you. If someone from your workplace is cutting your hair if you're a woman then that person or someone on the job is attempting to disgrace or undermine you. If you're a man and someone on your job is cutting your hair, then the dream is revealing that someone is attempting to challenge your ability to do your job.

If you had a dream where either your Boss or co-workers were on the job observing you either on a computer or monitor, then the dream is revealing that you are being secretly monitored on the job. If you have had dreams where you were locked out of your personal office or your office building, then you dream is revealing either a demotion or you being fired!

If you are having repeated dreams about your workplace especially if the contents of your dreams are basically the same. in every dream, then your dreams are confirmation of what have been established spiritually and will be manifested physically. Your dream could also be repeating itself because the dream fails to comprehend the message the dream is attempting to reveal. If you've had dreams where a known enemy on your job is either feeding you or giving you food then, know for sure that your dream is now revealing that that particular co-worker is engaging in witchcraft practices to fight you. In other words, they're fighting you in the spirit that's causing the strange happenings on your job in the natural. Such occurrences would be, making silly mistakes on the job. Then there's the weird experience of rejection from co-workers and superiors who you once share a good relationship with. One of the more noticeable signs of sorcery in the workplace working against you would be that in spite of your qualifications, you'll always be overlooked when its time for promotion. In fact, those that are less qualified will be promoted over you.

Unfortunately, most of my consultations with folks concerning their dreams and spiritual warfare are normally concerning witchcraft in the workplace. I have personally witnessed the lives of many who once held major positions and authority at their places of employment suffered disgrace, demotion, and complete rejection by their superiors all because they were ignorant of the challenges the were unknowingly facing spiritually. Of course, when they do decide to meet with me and I explain what is happening to them is entirely spiritual they reject my counsel only to be completely destroyed and lose it all in the end.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Dreams that represents setback and regression

 Some of the most common dreams that a person would experience during the course of their life would be dreams where the dreamer is always seeing themselves at their former residence or their former childhood hometown or associating with their childhood friends or relatives. Again such dreams will always represent setbacks, backwardness or regression either pending or currently going on in the dreamer's life.

Dreams that are repeatedly taking you back to  your parents home even though you've left their home years ago is revealing a generational curse of backwardness and regression. Only prayer and fasting can break such curses, because these spirits have been attached to the family blood line for many generations and the actual evil covenant that's enabling them to remain there must be broken if that family desires to make any progress in life.

This interpretation remains the same if the dreamer is always dreaming about their former primary school, high school or college or if the dreamer see themselves dressed in their former school uniform or former employer uniform. The bottom line is this, any dream where the scene is always placing you in scenarios of the past, such as being married to your ex husband/wife or reconnecting with your ex Boyfriend/Girl friend even though you're in a current relationship with someone else will always indicate setbacks, stagnation and regression.

Now, let me make this unequivocally clear. If you are being tormented night after night by dreams where the environment of the dream is always set at your former childhood residence (parents or grand parents home or wherever you lived with as a child) and during the course of such dreams if you were to awake during the night you experience a presence forcefully holding you down to the point where you're fully conscience of everything around you but you can not talk or move, then the dream is now pointing to ancestral spirits. 

Ancestral spirits are demonic spirits that entered the family line through one or more family member's participation in the occult/witchcraft. For example, let's say your grand mother or any family member mopped their floor with ammonia, spiritual turpentine, Florida water etc. as a means of keeping evil spirits away. Well, unknowing to the ones that engaged in such activities, this act along with the above ingredients I mentioned created a demonic family altar, which has established a portal for the trafficking of evil spirits in that home. So in essence what was meant to "protect" has now become a point of contact for evil spirits to infect the home. The same would be the case when folks visit Witch Doctors/Obeah man and these people provide them with items to keep on their person with the idea of "protecting" themselves such items are referred to as a Talisman. A Talisman is an object which is believed to contain certain magical or sacramental properties which will provide good luck for the possessor or possibly offer protection from evil or harm. Let's stick a pin in all of this right here. If your solutions to your problems in life is not rooted in the laws of God Almighty and his son Jesus Christ, then whatever you're solutions are in terms of things spiritual is of the kingdom of darkness! In fact scripture clearly says, "You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of devils; you cannot be partakers of the Lord's table and the tables of devils" 1 Corinthians 10:21.

This is why it is so important that you discover the origin of what your ancestors advised you on as solutions to your problems. For example, many of our ancestors solution to a baby crying at night to the point of that baby being out of control, was to tie a black string either around that baby's wrist or leg. Little that they know, that this particular act were traditions from folks that practice Obeah, voodoo, witchcraft etc. In fact what they did was placing a Talisman on that baby that open the spiritual doors to traffic in and out of that child's life. Again, it is the same case if you were told to travel with Garlic on your person, or pour spiritual turpentine at the four corners of the room in your home or pour salt in holes that you may have discovered on your property etc. Again, having dreams that's always taking you back to your childhood home, then the dream is revealing that something occurred on that property that will trace back to the practicing of witchcraft or witchcraft paraphernalia. That could mean that something is planted on that property, a sacrifice took place on that property or something in that home that is labeled as some form of protection but in reality it's a point of contact for evil to traffic in and out of that home and by extension the lives of the occupants of that home.  Thus, that home/property is the source of your real life reoccurring issues.

At the end of the day, the dream is primarily revealing that the dreamer has to break the evil or demonic covenants that has been established in the past either by themselves or their ancestors or else they will continue to live a life of setbacks, delays, regression and backwardness, never, ever making any kind of progress in life. These are serious dreams and require your immediate attention.

 The bottom line is this, God has blessed every human being to progress in life according to Genesis 1:28. Genesis 1:28, reveals that the sole purpose for God blessing man was to enable him to be fruitful, multiply, replenish and to subdue who or whatever challenges this natural growth process.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Dreams concerning your Fiancée

If you are currently engage to someone or considering marry that person, please, please, please monitor your dreams as it relates to that person you intend to spend the rest of your life with. Your dream are always attempting to reveal the behind the scenes of a person, place or thing that is connected to you that you'll never know under normal circumstances.

I have a friend who is currently divorced. About a  month prior to his wedding he had a dream where he saw in a dream his bride and himself walking towards the altar to be married. Well, just before they got to the Pastor who was at the end of the isle waiting on their arrival to begin the marriage ceremony, he said he turned around to look at his soon to be wife and to his amazement she turned into a Demon in his dream.

Well, needless to say his marriage played out as if he was married to Satan himself. Interestingly enough he had several dreams where his then Fiancée was either fighting him, kissing other men in his dreams or always challenging him in his dreams.

Unfortunately, my friend like many others became a casualty of spiritual warfare as a result of Hosea 4:6, which clearly says, "My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge." Had he understood his dreams he would have never married that person and would have speared himself much misery.

Therefore, if you are having repetitious dreams of your soon to be spouse doing and saying strange things in your dreams or in your dreams they are involved with other folks especially having sexual intercourse, kissing hugging etc. then the dream is revealing future incidences of infidelity and betrayal that you will have to contend with.

Please! Ask God to provide real life confirmation to such dreams so that you do not make a mistake in marrying the wrong person and then spend the rest of your life paying for it.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Crying in a dream

Depending on the contents of a dream; to see yourself or someone crying in a dream could be a good or a bad dream.

For example, let's say you saw yourself crying uncontrollably in a dream and there was absolutely nothing that triggered your crying accompanied with the environment of the dream being dark. Then the dream is revealing a spirit of grief and depression either pending for your life or currently operating in your life.

On the other hand if you had a dream where you saw yourself at a celebration enjoying yourself but you're crying then the dream is revealing tears of Joy and happiness. To dream of a crowd of folks mourning dressed in dark colors would be revealing sadness based on the loss of someone.

If you had a dream where your deceased grand parent were pointing their finger at you as if they're arguing with you and you're crying in the dream. Then the dream is revealing generational curses being administered by familiar spirit. As a reminder the deceased person in your dream that appear to be your relative  is not your true relative but a masquerading spirit, which is really a familiar spirit masquerading as your decease relative.

This masquerading spirit could represent a spirit of bitterness, lust, hate, poverty etc. Therefore any interaction with these spirits in your dream could spell evil being introduced to your life in reality.

By: Kevin L A Ewing

Dreams that indicates disgrace

If you had dreams where you saw your living grand parents in compromising positions then the
dream could be revealing the curse of disgrace on the family. Other dreams that will indicate disgrace would be dreams where you see yourself naked in your dreams or you saw others naked in your dream, which would indicate disgrace for that person. A more common symbol symbol among women would be someone cutting your hair in a dream or a woman's head being shaved bald in a dream.

For example, lets say you say your living grand father getting naked in a public area or you saw your living grand mother walking with a bald head. Again, such dreams are revealing a generational curse of disgrace on that family.

The evidence in reality of such dreams in reality; is that this family will be prune for embarrassment, shame and being totally rejected by others for no reason at all. It will be normal for this family to accompanied with negative trends among its members such as drug addiction to or anything that would cause them to live under sub-human conditions.

Another sign of this spirit of disgrace as a result of such dreams would be manifested whereby, the women in this family will have children for multiple fathers , the family will be plague with multiple divorces , the men also in this family will have multiple children with different women. Two of the  most prevalent signs in these family members would be anger and impatience that will always conclude in disgrace. It is the culmination of these two forces that's spiritually implemented in the members of this family that makes it very easy for the spirit of disgrace to manipulate this family to bring continued shame and dishonor to this family.

As usual a fast must be administered accompanied with relevant scriptures praying specifically to break the curse of disgrace.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Kissing in a dream

Many years ago while I was in my early 20's I use to constantly have dreams where  I saw my then girlfriend always kissing some guy. What was even more challenging about the dreams was the fact that I was always able to observing them but they could never see me in the dream.

I would later learn that I was betrayed by her in reality. It would be years later that understanding and clarity would come to me concerning the dream. First of all kissing in a dream carries two meanings and they are if it's a good dream it represents agreement and covenant 1 Peter 5:14 . If it's a bad dream it would represent betrayal and deceit Proverbs 27:6 . for example when Judas betrayed Jesus, it was the kiss that he gave Jesus that was a sign to the Romans soldiers to identify who Jesus was.

I mentioned that even though I saw my then girlfriend kissing this guy but they could not see me, this part of the dream was revealing spiritual insight. In other words I was being made privy to things from a spiritual perspective that I would not have know under normal circumstances.

If you are having such dreams ask God to provide you with natural evidence as confirmation to your dream so that you can make a sound decision, concerning the confirmation of your dream.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Dreaming of cobwebs

Are you  having dreams of cobwebs? Then know for sure that such dreams are never ever good dreams. Cobwebs will for the most part represent spiritual restrictions and limitations for the dreamer as a result of witchcraft. Such dreams will also indicate that there are traps set in the realm of the spirit for the dreamer that is the source of stagnation in their everyday life.

Cobwebs also represents covert traps that have been set for the dreamer in reality. If you are having any dreams that consist of cobwebs, then I strongly suggest you find yourself a true prayer warrior to assist you in your spiritual fight. Here is why, just like in reality when something is caught in a spider's web, the more it tries to get itself out of the web the more it becomes entangled in that web.

Therefore, whatever it is that's entangled in the cobweb to be successful in getting out of the cobwebs it must be via the assistance of someone or something else. Those that are praying along with you must agree that you prayers be focus on dismantling spiritual restrictions, limitations and traps. As a reminder, whatever is achieved spiritually will by default be manifested physically. Therefore, your prayers should should bring an end to you not achieving or progressing in the natural.

Please! Make sure whomever you choose to be your prayer partner you must insist that they're serious in their walk with the Lord because there will be some backlash and major spiritual attacks on that person as a result of this spiritual warfare.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Dreams that indicate a vagabond spirit

My friend if you are having dreams where  you're finding it difficult to complete projects or assignments in your dreams or just before you can complete your task or project in your dream you awake from your dream, then the dream is revealing that you are being challenged by a vagabond spirit.

For those of you that do not know, a vagabond spirit is a spirit that influences its victim to never ever complete anything they've started. This same spirit is also responsible for folks moving from place to place with no kind of direction or purpose and even at the end of those locations that they've wondered into they achieve little to no progress while there. In reality, such folks would always be excited and anxious to start a project with grand plans and high expectation but shortly after that they rapidly lose all desire, and for some strange reason their once excitement is zapped out of them with a complete disinterest for that project.

Such dreams are literally revealing the source behind the everyday negative challenges that the dreamer would be experiencing as mentioned above. The reality is it is the symbols and actions displayed in the dreamer's dream that is exposing this spirit that's influencing the dreamer to repeat failures and defeat. Despite their excitement they initially experience at the beginning of a project or assignment time will reveal the same cycle and program of fruitlessness and a sudden loss of interest all over again.

It becomes almost impossible for folks that experience such dream to focus and center their attention on the things that they should be focusing on especially assignments or projects they initially set out to do. There is no stability or commitment with these people, and it's not because they do not want to be committed. Instead, they're heavily influenced by this Vagabond spirit whose job is to see to it that their victim appears to others as incompetent, undependable and completely unreliable. Thus, their opportunities will always be limited during their lives if this evil spirit is not removed from their lives.

I find this spirit to be prevalent in folks that are talented and gifted. This spirit is very manipulative and conniving, in that before this spirit causes the sudden loss of interest in their victim towards whatever it is they're involved with, there is usually a protocol that leads to the sudden loss of interest. It usually begins with the victim experiencing some delays, setbacks and intense frustration in individual projects. Secondly, there is the phase of procrastination that gradually sets in. The victim becomes so overwhelmed by some things that they have placed on hold due to their procrastination that they eventually become frustrates and lose interest and give up on the entire project/assignment in spite of the time, efforts, and resources that others and themselves have invested.

Please! Make no mistake this spirit's influence is not limited to places and things only. Instead, you would find this spirit operating in the lives of those that are from relationship to relationship or those who have a fear of making a commitment. However, in these particular victims, the Vagabond Spirit operates on an entirely different level altogether. For example, as it relates to people the vagabond works along with the spirit of selfishness to maintain instability and non-commitment in their victims. The spirit of selfishness Job is to make sure everything about the relationship is about their victim without any genuine care for the victim's partner. The vagabond spirit receives the baton from the spirit of selfishness when it can not be catered to anymore, or the partner of the victim chose not to submit to the selfish desires of the one whom these spirits are operating in.

Prayers for such a person must be specific with relevant scriptures, praying and fasting against this vagabond spirit and in some cases the spirit of selfishness. Trust me when I say to you, these folks do not desire to be this way. Instead, it is this vagabond spirit that has a stronghold on them. The biblical character Cane who killed his brother Able according to scripture was cursed with this vagabond spirit, and he was noted to be a fugitive and a wanderer upon the face of the earth, Genesis 4:12, 14 and Acts 19:13.

For the record, folks that you may know that suffer from drug addiction and are unstable with their life affairs are possessed by this spirit and more than likely may not even be aware of it. This is why they can experience hours of deliverance sessions and return to a life of drug addiction and instability, only because no one thought to discern and address this covert vagabond spirit. As a reminder, failure at anything will always be the result of a lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
It is my prayer this morning that God will up root every evil seed planted in your dreams last nigh and as early as this morning.

Every evil dream that has program your day for failure and delay in your affairs, I command them to be destroyed and never manifest in Jesus mighty name.

Every spiritual attack against your job, marriage, family, business, finances, emotions and all that concerns you I command those plans against you to become frustrated and fail in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ!

I command the exposure of all pending covert attacks against you. I pray that God will clearly reveal the Judas' in your life and that he would unseat them by his spiritual fire in Jesus mighty name.

Every Obeah, witchcraft and Voodoo spirits that have been sent or currently operating in your life that has disable your health and frustrated your Doctors simply because of its demonic spiritual nature, I call for that same Angel that God sent to destroy over 250,000 of the children of Israel's enemies to consume and cause to exist no more the invisible forces operating against you.

I speak directly to your finances and command the spirit of increase to be released from the spiritual cage it has been placed in by the enemy and I now command the spirit of poverty to take up residence in that cage forever in the name of Jesus the Christ.

I command the angelic host of peace to arrest and detain all spirits attacking your mind and soul and to specifically sentence to spiritual death the spirits of fear, doubt, worry, lack of self control, insomnia, and fear of the unknown in Jesus name.

I pray that God would undo the iniquities of your ancestors so that you and your generations to come would not be burden with generational curses.

Finally! I decree and declare that God will not only advance you to where you should have been at this point in your life but all visible and invisible barriers as of this moment be removed by the spiritual advancers of God in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus Christ. AMEN!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

You will continue to be curse if you obey man's lies rather than God's truth

Listen Folks! Please read your bibles wisely and I promise you, you will see absolutely no such thing as sowing "Pentecost financial seed" in scripture for financial breakthrough.

I am just so sick and tired of these shameless religious leaders preying on the ignorance of those that fail to read the scriptures for themselves. I have never in my life, like now observe the commercializing and merchandising of religious days by church folks. Pentecost seed, First fruit seed, Passover seed, Resurrection seed and the list goes on, very little is said about repentance, getting your heart right, forgiving others, living right etc. Instead, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is vastly being replaced with miracle cloths, miracle oils, the sowing financial seed for prosperity and healing etc.

Look! I know that just about all organizations needs resources particularly that of finances to exist, this is clear to me. However, when I observe a televised religious program or church spending 30 minutes up to an hour or more using gimmicks, and special religious observance days and labeling those specific days as special days to sow financial seeds for a breakthrough, I wonder if I am the only one observing these non-biblical events. Look if you need funds Mr. Preacher to purchase a new church bus, add a new wing on to your church, funds to continue the soup kitchen that the church sponsors, then just ASK! You don't have to create lies, tricks gimmicks to get my money. Isn't it God that brings the increase and not you Mr. Preacher?

I always ask the question, if these religious observance days were specific seed sowing days, then why was it not mention in the old and new testament when God first commissioned those specific days that a special seed sowing practice should take place during these religious observance days? I never read in scripture where Jesus told his followers and Disciples to sow a special seed on Passover or any other religious day. Okay, so maybe Jesus Forgot, then what about Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, I have yet to read in scripture any of these men of God suggested a special seed on a religious observance day. Folks! Please wake up before you're left with absolutely nothing to your name and die as a pauper.

How long my friend, will you allow these "Mammon lovers" to maintain a financial curse on you by doing what scripture did not say? These folks will never encourage you to read your bibles simply because you'll quickly discover that so much of what they've told you was in fact misleading.

The following scriptures will be the end result of those that subscribe to such false prophets:

"Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD" Jeremiah 17:5

"And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book" Revelation 22:19.

"The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead" Proverbs 21:16.

"He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination" Proverbs 28:9

Study to show yourself approved unto God!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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