Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Finally........ Breakthrough!.......I should have prepared.

"Glory to God! Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus! Finally, it’s my season! God is good all the time, all the time God is good". These are just a few of many phrases one would hear when others or themselves would have experienced a breakthrough.

Just imagine for a brief moment, for years you've waited patiently for a turnaround in your marriage, finances, family, or promotion on your job. During this wait, you've experienced shame, embarrassment, pain, tears, and not to mention being the topic of many conversations about whether or not you've missed God, there is sin in your life, or you're simply cursed.

Before we proceed any further let us define the term breakthrough, so that we'll all be on the same page, and not assuming what its meaning is. Breakthrough is defined as breaking the invisible walls and cages of delay, hindrances, denials, repeat missed opportunities and disappointments.

Being clear on the above understanding as to what a breakthrough is, I want us to put aside the religious mindsets for a few minutes and look at the reality of a genuine successful breakthrough. I have decided to take this approach because when some religious folks hear the term breakthrough, they immediately condense it to mean no work from their end. In fact, they're convinced that waiting on their breakthrough suggest that, they should continue doing things as usual and at  God’s set time everything will change and there will be no more problems or at least not that present problem anymore.

Well, to the contrary my friends, a genuine breakthrough requires quite a bit from your end. Many religious leaders have misled their congregation into believing that those waiting on their breakthrough have no part to play before their breakthrough, other than just simply waiting on God. This is at best false teaching, and it is setting up those folks for major disappointment.

In providing evidence that this type of instruction is not only erroneous but dangerous, my question to you my readers is, what are you doing differently now before your breakthrough that will not only sustain but maintain the breakthrough to ensure that you never experience that challenge again?

The truth is if you've never had a plan before your breakthrough, then chances are you'll return to your present condition probably sooner than later. Your current circumstances, ought to make you despise what has caused you to be in this disliked position in the first place. That can only happen if you have a plan to never pass this way again before your breakthrough.

 Some folks won the lottery, winning millions of dollars. After a few years, they're back to being in debt all over again. I am certain this was not their plan. So what does this tells us who are waiting for our breakthrough? Well, it says that if we FAIL TO PLAN, THEN WE ARE IN FACT PLANNING TO FAIL. Again it is the lack of planning that has placed us in our current rough position. People that plan are folks that have made up in their minds not to travel that same old defeated road any longer. In fact, their plan is to keep them off of that path altogether. Yet again I ask. What are you doing now that will make your future any different from your present?

Is money your area of breakthrough that you're waiting on? Well if you didn't have a plan before your breakthrough. Then money will only accelerate what you always did before your breakthrough. It is a must that I add here folks; a breakthrough does not make you any smarter than you were before it arrived. IT IS THE PLANS/CHANGES THAT YOU HAD IN PLACE Before THAT BREAKTHROUGH THAT WILL SUSTAIN AND MAINTAIN THAT BREAKTHROUGH.



When Moses brought the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage (Ex 14:10-15), they began to complain and murmur. Why you may ask when this should have been a time of rejoicing and excitement? Well, the truth is they never prepared mentally to be freed, so amazingly during their breakthrough, they did what they always do which was, complain and murmur even while they were smack dab in the midst of their breakthrough.

Question! Could it be possible you're experiencing your breakthrough right now, but your chronic complaining has blinded you to be aware of it?

The children of Israel could not comprehend the term “GO FORWARD” because even though, I am sure they spoke of freedom on a daily basis, and complained to one another of being held captive against their will. They became quite comfortable being slaves to their Egyptian masters for four hundred years. You see, even though they spoke freely, they never took freedom seriously mentally, thus mentally accepting their way of life even though they complained verbally.

Take note of what they said after being freed from their masters and the Egyptian army pursued them, “And they said unto Moses, because there were no graves in Egypt, thou has taken us away to die in the wilderness? Wherefore has thou dealt thus with us, to carry us forth out of Egypt” (Ex. 14:11).

As you have read folks, unprepared breakthroughs almost always make you revert to what you always did. Only this time you have the resources to do it at a greater pace. These people were physically freed but mentally they were still enslaved always willing and able to be ruled by their oppressors, the very people they complained about.

Many of you reading this article right now can identify with this. God has set you free already; you are actually in the midst of your breakthrough. However, your mindset has yet to catch up with what God has already done. Simply because you've never prepared mentally for what you were praying to see physically God gave you a good husband/wife but you are still fooling around with Mr. /Ms. Bad News. God gave you that promotion, but you still don't know how to treat people. You finally got that transportation you’ve been praying for but just look at you, passing your neighbor walking down that same road you once walked praying for someone to give you a ride.

What about you, who have never dealt with that hate, bitterness and your inability to forgive others. Do you think your breakthrough will change all of that? No! It won’t, you have made perfect what you have practiced during your time of waiting. May I suggest to you that the worse kind of blindness is not physical blindness, but blinded by the demons of hate, bitterness and the inability to forgive others. It is this type of behavior by the waiters of their breakthroughs that will blindly guide them right back to the very place they detested and prayed to be released from. All because they failed to change mentally prior to their physical change.

In closing, I am told that insanity is: doing the same thing, the same way all the time and expecting a different result. We have been taught in our local churches that change comes when the breakthrough comes. I beg to differ; change should have been the prerequisite to change. So, please discontinue the self-deception by telling, friends, family, co-workers and the likes what you'll do when that million dollar comes, that husband/wife, that new car etc. because if you are not making the changes now, then prepare to repeat going around this same old mountain all over again.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for everyone that took the time in reading this article. I am convinced Father that you have positioned them to be a partaker of your truth on this day, for your word is the truth. I pray that this read would have provoked change. May you give them the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you so that the eyes of their understanding will be enlightened to not only recognize but prepare well in advance of their breakthroughs in Jesus name. Amen!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Wheat and the Tears, How is this applicable to me?

The bible gives us a very fascinating account of a parable in which Jesus gives a comparison to the kingdom of heaven. In this account we’re given a snap shot of the importance of everything being relative in our lives, and at the same time the necessity of it being there.

Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is like when a man plants good seed in his field. But while he slept his enemy came and planted tares among the wheat and went his way.

However, when the wheat began to grow and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. The servants of the house then said unto the owner of the field how can this be, you planted good seed in the field? So where did the tares come from?

The owner of the field eloquently said to the servant, an enemy has done this. The servants in response to the owner suggested, should we go and pull up the tares? The owner of the field said no! For in doing so you’ll root up the wheat with the tares. In fact allow both to grow together until the harvest. During the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, gather together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn".

The understanding portrayed here, is in the field of life there are many that do their best to life a decent and godly life. However, they become naive in believing that because they see things as black and white this constitutes the perception that others see life this way also. Of course this would be the part in the parable where it mentioned, while men slept.

During this sleeping/na├»ve mind set, folks begin to cunningly enter their lives and begin to plant tares into their field of wheat, with them having absolutely no knowledge of what’s going on, simply because their under the illusion that these folks mean them well.

The mystery here, is when these folks and their diabolical plans are discovered, the revelation of this parable tells us not to remove them or stop them from what they’re doing. For in doing so we run the risk of up rooting the good with the bad.

So, what does this tell us? This tells us that these folks/tares are necessary for our advancement. It is clear to me in this scripture that the tares were not planted by chance but in fact carefully allowed so that the wheat can benefit from them. This is why the owner said not to up root them now; least you will cause damage to the wheat while attempting to remove the tares.

God will allow folks in your life that will cause eternal hell for you, only in an effort to reveal something to you that you were ignorant to before. These folks/tares carry with them your solution to pending and future situations. The moment you stop viewing them as tares, but instead viewing them as a benefit to you the wheat. Eventually, you will begin understanding why they had to be apart of your life. I make mention to my readers all the time, and that is in order to appreciate good one must experience bad, if not one can not distinguish what good is. There must be a comparison. So in order for a comparison to be made “TARES ARE UNEQUVECOLLY NECESSARY”.

Whatever it is that is causing you discomfort right now, ask God to reveal to you the purpose of this discomfort. I can biblically guarantee you there must be a purpose. Every problem has a purpose attached to it. One may not be able to see the purpose, but that does not discount the fact that there is purpose. The word purpose is defined as the original intent or meaning of a person or thing.

The owner of the field said to the servants, “Allow the wheat and the tares to grow together until the harvest”. This is so powerful, because the owner sees beyond what is seemingly a problem, he sees purpose. In seeing the purpose of anything one begins to focus more on the benefit of what the purpose will produce as oppose to murmuring, complaining and trying to remove his/her enemy prematurely.

The mere fact that the owner said, let them grow until the harvest clearly indicated that the duration of this problem is only but for a season. That season will activate the separation of wheat and tares. This is why some folks walk away from you or for some reason you can’t see eye to eye. You have garnered all you needed to advance you to the next level of your life…….. IT IS TIME TO GO FORWARD WITHOUT THE TARES, THE TARES HAS ALREADY SERVED THEIR PURPOSE!

To make certain that those tares don’t become a problem anymore and that the use of them has been exhausted, the owner will say to the reapers first bind the tares, suggesting restriction and limitation of their movement, also suggesting that they can not go where you’re going. Then burn them, meaning punish them for all the hell they gave you. Whatever a man sows he must reap, therefore the tares must pay for their evil…. PAYDAY IS PENDING FOR THE TARES IN YOUR LIFE!

So as you can see, all problems/challenges have embedded in itself purpose. You only see it as a problem because you don’t understand the purpose. The biblical principle says, “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Eccl 3:1).

Your problems/challenges are inclusive of the word everything. Therefore your problem has a season and time. The word season in this text is defined as an appointment, time suggest the duration of that problem that will reveal its purpose. The mystery of all problems are, if you focus on the problem and not the purpose you are literally extending your season and time that has been assigned to that problem/challenge. The quicker you discover the purpose the quicker you see the light and move forward to the next stage of your life. That same problem that has plagued you for the past 5,10,15,20 years clearly suggest to me you have a learning problem that has been causing you to repeat this class for the past years when you should have moved forward already. This problem has placed you in a spiritual cage, with your cooperation of course. In a caged life you can see freedom and opportunity and things happening for others, but not for you, because you refuse to learn the purpose and discontinue focusing on the problem.

When Moses successfully took the Hebrew people out of Egyptian bondage, and proceeded towards the Promised Land (Canaan) they were followed by the Egyptian army in an effort to bring them back to slavery. Directly in their forward path stood the Red sea. In response they began to complain and murmur, clearly viewing their situation as a problem and totally neglecting its purpose.
In their inability to not see the purpose of the problem, but became disillusioned by the problem itself extended the season and time of their journey, to what should have bee an eleven day trip from Egypt to Canaan, ultimately took them forty years wondering in the wilderness, some even died there because they never understood the purpose of what was seemingly a problem.

For those of you who love to say, “I am waiting on my season”. Re-evaluate the season that you’re in right now and try to determine based on what you’ve just read if you haven’t allowed this present season to extend beyond its time, causing you not to recognize and enjoy all of the good seasons that were made available to you.

Heavenly Father, I pray right now that you would open the spiritual eyes of every reader of this article. I pray that you would cause them to see beyond the surface of what they are faced with. Father, the prophet Elisha, said to you open the eyes of his servant so that he may see, and your word says that he (the servant) saw spiritually, that there were more that were with them, than those that were with their enemies. I speak the life of God coupled with the spirit of knowledge, wisdom and understanding over this people in the matchless, mighty and glorious name of Jesus Christ!

Written by: KEVIN L A EWING

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