Friday, September 27, 2013


In my line of work, one of the things our company focuses on is relationships building. It is their belief that the more we enhance our relationship with our customers, our customers commitment and loyalty to us would be far greater to us than to our competitors.

Initially, I some what wrestled with this idea until I began to implement the idea for myself. What I discovered was, as large and well known as the company that I work for is. It was my relationship with our clients that kept the client and the company together. In fact, my behavior, attitude, the way I dressed etc unknowing to me was the company to them! The bottom line was, folks don't have relationship with companies, instead people have relationships with people!

The point I am getting to this morning is simply this, whomever you're interacting with or having a relationship with and that's any relationship for that matter, folks will judge whatever it is that you represent based on what you present to them. So many folks are turned off from God when they observe the behavior of those that represent him. They find some of his representatives to be hostile, mean, bias, dishonest, unpleasant etc. Therefore, in the mind of the unbeliever, they're thinking to themselves, why should I be a part of your group if the end result are hostility, anger, pettiness, dishonesty etc?

Why not ask yourself right now, who or what have I been portraying, based on my behavior? How are folks labeling or categorizing me? Are they saying that grumpy old woman, that mean Boss, or are they saying that's the man with the bossy wife or the woman with the mean husband? What about your kids? Are they being mistreated by others because of the unpleasantness you display?

You see my friend, you are either directly or indirectly being judged based on your behavior, appearance etc. unfortunately, that judgment isn't just limited to you but its tentacles are penetrating whatever and whoever you represent. Well you may say you don't care what others think. Well you must care because not only do you represent you but you represent others directly and indirectly as well, be it your church, your job, your children, your club etc. I have had many favors granted to me in life because someone knew my Mother, Father friend etc. Their relationship which was obviously good made available good benefits for me. Will your relationship with others produce rejection or acceptance for those you represent?

My words of wisdom on this calm wonderful sunrise morning is, revisit your relationships and try to see yourself through the eyes of those whom you have a relationship with as well as those that you don't have a relationship with. Now seriously think about how your relations with others will effect your children or whatever it is that you represent after you've moved on. Can you honnestly say it will be a benefit to those that you represent.

The premesis of relationships is the ability to motivate and inspire others to not only want to have a relationship with you but to continue that relationship with you to the extent that for whatever reason the relationship has ended they still treat you and those that are connected to you with respect, dignity and favor.

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Will goal setting or seed sowing produce the promises of God?

Okay! So I’m up late one night watching television and as expected this televangelist as usual is selling pies in the sky to the desperate and scripturally unlearned.

He goes on to say that if you sow a $58 seed into his ministry for the next 12 months, God will bless you (Wow! I was under the impression according to Ephesians 1:3-4 we were already blessed). Then he goes on to say that God has a special blessing for those that sow $1000 seeds. While listening to this modern day money exchanger that Jesus had to whip out of the temple, I said to myself why do these preachers make it seem that once you give monies to their ministries God will just drop a sack of money from heaven on your head?

Better yet, they convince their scripturally unlearned listeners that once they've sown their monies into these ministries, all they have to do is sit back and patiently wait, then all of a sudden folks will run them down and give them a job, cars, homes, a good husband or wife will just pop out of the clear blue and marry them etc? Tell me something! Other than these "Preachers" who else are these incredible claims happening to?  For the record, sowing seed will not educate you, sowing seed will not give you skills to perform a job, sowing seed will not make you a good future husband or wife. So why are these church leaders misleading folks into believing that when this truck load of money comes as a result of the monies their followers would have sown, that their followers will simultaneously become, educated, miraculously turn into a good person, suddenly develop financial skills etc? News flash! Sowing seeds will not provide you with a combo package of education, an account filled with money, a wonderful spouse and a happily ever after life......... Sowing seed my friend contrary to what you've been told, must be accompanied with preparation which entails goal setting for whatever it is that you desire as it relates to your future expectations. Furthermore scripture says every seed produces after its kind, so why are you sowing a $1000 into someone's ministry to get a spouse. I thought that if one had sown money should not they receive money in return and not a human being?

Folks! Please read what I am about to say very carefully. There is nowhere in scripture to support these diabolical claims made by these charlatans. Let me start by saying, God is a God of order and before God does anything for you he prepares you for it. However, his preparation which comes in the form of challenges and difficulties are just opportunities for you to apply his word and not your will all in an effort to condition you for the promises he’s made to you. In other word, God will not bless someone with a million dollars who does not know how to manage one hundred dollars, if they were to sow $1000 into someone’s ministry. It would be equivalent to him giving you the resources to fuel your bad habits. Just maybe your financial breakthrough has yet to happen because you refuse to manage the little that you have now, Matthew 25:23.

Case and point let’s review the following scripture, “Now it shall come to pass, if you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God, to observe carefully all His commandments which I command you today, that the Lord your God will set you high above all nations of the earth. 2 And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, because you obey the voice of the Lord your God” Deuteronomy 28:1. For starters, blessings from God are not generated through the giving of monies. Instead the above scripture clearly says that it was only when we diligently obey the voice of the Lord our God and to observe carefully all his commandments, which HE HAS COMMANDED, then the blessing which are already in place will come upon us. The purpose of obeying the commandments is to condition you for the blessings.

My friend the truth is God wants us to set goals to accommodate what he’s already put in place, yes! I know this sounds crazy when compared to some of these preacher’s self gaining teachings of giving to their ministries in order for you to receive a breakthrough, but hear me out for a second! What is a goal? A goal is the aim or object towards which an endeavor is directed. In other words it’s an assigned point or standard that one desires to reach or arrive at. Now let’s see what God has to say about goals and how this provokes him to intervene in our affairs. “A man’s heart devise his way (He sets goals for the future): but the lord directs his path, proverbs 16:9. Meaning, that once you set goals to achieve certain things in life God will now intervene and begin to direct your path. Goal setting indicates that you have a plan or a vision, you just don’t want a breakthrough or a miracle but you have an elaborate plan as to what you will do so that you don’t end up in your former lacking position ever again. When was the last time you heard a preacher say, begin educating yourself now before you sow your seed, so that when God blesses you with a good job you’ll be prepared to handle it? When last you hear a preacher say, change your bad ways and nasty attitude, before you sow your seed, so that when God blesses you with a good wife or husband you will know how to keep and maintain them? No, you won’t hear any of what I have just said; instead what you will hear is sow your seed if you want a husband or wife or a financial breakthrough……. Absolutely no advice on preparation and goal setting to accommodate and appreciate the blessing they claim you’ll receive.

Another scripture says to us, “The preparation of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue is from the lord Proverbs 16:1. Again, this scripture is added evidence that God is about preparation and goal setting prior to any blessing, why? Well because he is a God of order and he wants you to not only be well equip when he blesses you but that you will appreciate and be a good Stewart over what he has blessed you with. Scripture goes on to say that if we commit our WORKS not our MONIES unto the lord, he will establish or prepare our thought, Proverbs 16:3. Suggesting, that if your goal is to be debt free, then let your work in relationship to being debt free be committed unto God and he will prepare your thoughts to bring about your goal of being debt free.

The benefit of this is clear, scripture says, “A good man/woman steps are ordered by the Lord and that God rejoices in that path that person decides to walk in that he’s carved out for him, simply because that is the only path for that person that is littered with God’s divine appointed blessings, Psalm 37:23.

Make no mistake my friend, it is God’s desire to lead you to your provisions or should I say your promise land. However, your confidence can not be in the giving of monies to anyone who claims they are anointed by God to prosper you. Instead you must make a determine effort to intentionally place your faith, belief, hope, trust and expectation in the word of God which is designed to lead you to the right preacher, the right church, the right place to sow your seed etc.

Scripture clearly says, “We must trust in the lord (not Charlatans) and do good so that we shall dwell in the land and be fed (needs being met) and if we delight ourselves in his counsel for our lives, he promise to grant us the desires of our hearts, Psalm 37:3-4. Set your goals, commit your works for those goals unto God and not only will he direct you on how to get there but he will give you the desire of your heart as you rejoice in following his directions.

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Another Sunday of controlling spirits and grand performances!

Controllers, controllers, controllers.......... I have come to the grand conclusion that the most dominant evil spirit roaming the earth today is the spirit of Jezebel!

For those of you that don't know, the Jezebel spirit is the spirit that is fixated on always wanting to be in control, especially over things and people they have no business controlling.

It doesn't matter how this spirit is disguised, (Pastor, Dad, Boss, Wife, Husband, children, supervisor etc) its obvious traits are to manipulate, intimidate and eventually dominate people, environments and things.

What I have discovered to be even more alarming is that it would appear as if this spirit has its nest in most churches! Upon further inspection I have also discovered that if the leader of a church is controlling, then it is of no surprise that a great majority of the members portray controlling behavior also. Sometimes I sit in awe, the way I see some leaders handle, speak to and treat their members. In fact I am left wondering whether Jesus said to, feed the sheep or beat the sheep!

Why do these Pastors, leaders etc feel the need to control others? Aside from the controlling issues, if the Pastor/Leader feel as if you're not bowing to their command (Not the word of God) then the entire church is programmed to show their loyalty to the Pastor (not the word of God that speaks about loving thy neighbor) by turning against you..... Not to mentioned the silly petty statements that's hurled from pulpits such as "who isn't here isn't suppose to be here!" or "This is my church!"..... say what? Did not Jesus instruct leaders and followers of him to leave the ninety and nine sheep that were safe and go in search of the one lost sheep? Isn't it also Idolatry to place anything or anyone above God or his word inclusive of Pastors/Leaders etc?

Personally, I am literally sick of the choreograph performances and lies that I hear being spewed from pulpits, where these folks speak about unity and love and how we ought to love one another, turn around and hug 5 people and tell them you love them, or turn around and  look your neighbor in the eye and say, "I got your back" (Yeah right!). However, you have zero relationship or communication with this same neighbor after you leave church. You don't care what they're going through, you don't follow up with them, you don't know if they're eating, you don't know what their spiritual walk is like, you probably don't even know their names. What is even more tragic, some churches would boast about how God moved in their church and X amount of folks came to know Christ, however, no one followed up with these recently converted people. in fact they're left as prey for the Devil and his cohorts. Then to top if off, you take the tithes and offerings of the faithful few only to bring in these "celebrity preachers", when you have just as Anointed preachers and teachers among you if not even better. This is a clear sign to that congregation that a) the leader does not have confidence or even trust his own followers and b) no one is holding that leader accountable for his negligent behavior of his members.   In my personal opinion, I think it's a poor reflection of leadership when you can not find just one among your own who has been sitting under your ministry for years to do what you as the leader should have been mentoring them to do. In other word if you see those that you lead as failures then you leadership is a failure!

I was in a conversation sometime ago with a particular pastor, when this Pastor verbally attack me with such disdain anger and hostility as I was engaging in a conversation concerning spiritual warfare with others around us. He was so hostile that the non Christians that were there said to him, "Hey Rev cool down ya'll on the same side, right!". I was not surprise by the behavior displayed, because I am acutely aware of the internal competitiveness, lack of love and non-unity that they speak so eloquently of on Sunday mornings but find it so difficult to perform during the other six day of the week. I am further convinced that such behavior is evidence of internal insecurities, thus the uncanny desire to control everything and everyone. Therefore, you would frequently hear from such leaders/Pastors, "I am the Pastor here", "This is my church", "No one can tell me what to do in my church, I'm in charge", "This is my pulpit". Isn't it amazing how everything is followed by "my, my, my" until conveniently they need to raise funds for a bigger church or they want you to sow a seed into the "Kingdom", so it's now "Our church". Pastor Myles Munroe in one of his teachings on leadership said that leaders that display such behavior are "sick people". They mentor no one and keep everything for themselves. Instead of displaying love and unity like the Holy scriptures insist we ought to do, they in turn made the decision to treat "their" churches like some Nazi concentration camp whose sole purpose is to stamp out anything or anyone that remotely represents true love and unity or oppose their tyrant rule in anyway.

 How is it that you can do all this so called love and unity song and dance in church but when you see your fellow church member on the streets you pretend as if you don't know them or you didn't see them? At the same time, when you do acknowledge them because there is no way of escaping their presence, your mouth is packed with lies, such as "My mind was just on them the other day", "The Lord had you in my spirit", "We have been praying for you", "I was just telling sister or brother so and so that we were coming to visit you to see how you were doing" etc".

 My dear readers, please I really need your help with this one, how could the Lord place someone in your spirit, to the extent according to you, you're constantly praying for them but the "Holy Spirit" never once prompted you to go and look for that person and physically reach out to that person or see how they're doing? Again, the followers of such leaders will for the most part do what the leader does or instruct them to do and rarely what God commands in his word for them to do. Leaders, as a reminder scripture plainly says you are the Shepherd over the sheep and he that is greatest among you (which are the shepherds or sheep keepers) must be a servant to the sheep and not the other way around .........

Hypocrites, Hypocrites, hypocrites, true to scripture, " Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away" 2 Timothy 3:5. Well friends, I can not say this enough and that is.. GET TO KNOW GOD FOR YOURSELF AND PLACE YOUR TRUST IN HIM ONLY, FOR THE ARMS OF FLESH WILL SURLY FAIL YOU, Jeremiah. 17:5. There are so many folks that have been turned off, hurt and disappointed by the hypocrisy of church folks. It is with great regret that I have to say this, but the people of the world extend more genuine love, concern and unity than most churches folks ever do, unless of course they need you to sow a love seed.

Sundays for the most part are considered to be the day of grand performances for most church folks, where most of them are "slain under the the so called power of God", but don't have sufficient power to be their brothers keeper........ WOW! Isn't it amazing how they will tell you the church is not the four walls but that the people are the church. However, they expect you to come to the four walls, instead of them (the people) being the church bring the church to you.

Now I understand when Jesus said the following, "Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity" Matthew 7:22-23.  Mighty God! Please usher in change and show us the light.

 May God help us all!

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Understanding the dreams you dream. Part. 14-Taking control in our dreams

Understanding one’s dream will automatically equal understanding one’s life. It is so unfortunate that folks ignore or not see the necessity of discovering the hidden messages hidden in their dreams.

Today I want us to explore the understanding of taking or gaining control in our dreams. Can you recall having a dream and in this dream you said something, did something or something was done to you, where it seemed you had no control over it? More often than not it is only when you would have awakened from the dream and begin to play back the events of the dream that you wish you had done things different in the dream.

Many folks in telling me their dreams express to me how they feel so defenseless in their dreams. In fact there is little to no defense from their end, from whomever or whatever is attacking or leading them in the dream. In some cases it is almost as if while they're in the dream they’re just a character in the dream with little to no will power of their own and they're just playing their role.

Unfortunately this is very common with many dreamers; at the same time it is a tactic mastered by Satan to not only gain control in the dream but with the ultimate goal of bring about evil manifestations in the dreamer’s life via the dreamer’s unknowing co-operation. For example, let’s say you had a dream and in this dream someone that you know in real life that hates you, is feeding you something that looks creepy. However, in the dream you're thinking, why this person who hates me is feeding me? But even though you’re aware this is your enemy you consume the food anyway. Consequently, it is only when you awake you’re puzzled as to why would you eat from someone that hates you, nevertheless, it is only at this point that you wish you had refused the food.

Well in order to understand this mystery we must as always seek spiritual laws for insight into this matter. Scripture says to us, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring Lion, walking about, seeking whom he may devour” 1 Peter 5:8. Well, the first thing our adversary wants us to believe is that our dreams are just that, dreams! With this way of thinking it sets the stage for the dreamer to become complacent and defenseless in the dream. Unknowing to the dreamer, he’s being set up by his adversary because the adversary is acutely aware of this spiritual law and he will take full advantage of it. How is he doing this you may ask? Well, in making the dreamer believes his dream is just a dream; the dreamer automatically lowers all his defenses. In so doing the dreamer is resisting the command of being sober and vigilant. Once the dreamer’s ability to be sober and vigilant has been disabled, according to the above law his adversary has the right to devour him and simultaneously invoking another law to secure his evil intent. That other law states the following, “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way” Matthew 13:25, Pleased! Note carefully that the enemy is planting his evil seeds while the dreamer is sleeping (defenseless, unaware etc).

As a reminder, your dreams are spiritual, meaning while you’re asleep your body is asleep but your spirit is interacting with the spirit world. The spirit world is the parent world to our natural world. Everything in our natural world has its origin from the spirit world. Therefore in order for manifestation to occur in our natural world from the spirit world there must be an agreement between the spirit world and our natural world. With all of that being said, Satan (who is a spirit) through symbols is planting evil seeds in the spirit realm (our dream) with the sole idea of us not resisting what he’s doing, which will automatically secure a spirit human agreement and will eventually produce the physical manifestation of what he’s originally done in the spirit realm. This is why folks that have dreams of some creature biting them in their dreams, will experience some type of unexplained sickness or strange happenings in their life.

In order to be in control while dreaming one has to saturate themselves with scripture. Consistent reading of the bible is the only tested and proven tool to successfully build your spirit. I am not telling you this to seem spiritual, the reality is I am providing you with the spiritual antidote that not only gives you control in your dreams but causes you to resist the enemy on every level. The spiritual law states, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” Luke 6:45. Which simply means that the more scriptures one gets into their spirit, their spirit will automatically regurgitate those scriptures it has been feeding on. As it relates to the spirit realm, all spirits, Angelic and Demonic responds and submit only  to spiritual laws. Therefore, you must seek control in your dreams by allowing your spirit that has been feasting on the word to challenge what would have normally control you in the dream.

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Okay, parents, this one is for you! So you don't like your son's girlfriend or your daughter's boyfriend.

Maybe you would have preferred if your son had married someone else or your daughter had made a better choice in marrying.

In spite of the above scenarios parents, you do not have the right to disrupt, invade, control or destroy the union of others particularly that of your children. You have lived your life, so stop trying to live your life through your kids...... So many relationships never had the opportunity to fulfill its purpose simply because some Mother saw the need to control or a Father saw the need to intimidate.

One of the greatest tragedies I have witnessed in relationships is the uncanny desire of a parent to resort to witchcraft in an attempt to destroy the unions of their children by manipulating the minds of their children's spouses or mates and in some cases both parties to bring about division and to establish their will.

The Bible tells us that a man's enemies are that of his household, Matthew 10:36. I dealt with a case some time ago, where a Mother was advising her daughter via witchcraft practices to place certain items in the dwelling of her and her partner. This mother convinced her daughter that what she was giving her and advising her daughter to do would make things better in the home, even though the daughter was not to tell her partner what her mother was encouraging her to do.

It was only a matter of time that violent arguments began to erupt, financial troubles exploded, and their desires that were once reserved for each other began to drift towards folks outside their relationship.

I am lead to say to someone whom this message is registering to, that the source of your unexplained financial losses, discord, silly arguments, kids acting up, not being able to progress and your lack of desire for your mate is due to family members and in-laws working against your union via witchcraft.

The evidence of this spirit of witchcraft on your life and your union is displayed through constant confusion, not being able to sleep, always tired, frustrated, fatigued, unable to recall much. It's almost impossible to save monies, strange sexual urges but never with your partner, constant pains around your neck and shoulder areas. Some of the most notable signs are; having frequent dreams of having sex or someone feeding you in your dreams. My friend these are all spiritual signs of demonic oppression that has descended upon you.

I can not place enough emphasis on this, but you and your partner are victims of some selfish family member/s that for whatever reason have issues with your union and wants to see your union fall apart. My advice to you is to pray against the spirit of witchcraft and controlling spirits. Ask God to reveal the point of contact in your home such as some strange gift that was given to you, a book, figurine, clothing, etc. that has been used as a point of contact to maintain the evil being hurled at you. Whatever God reveals to you, you must destroy it, personally, I would burn it.

For those of you reading this that are actively participating in intentionally destroying the lives of others.... Scripture is clear, it is only what one sows that shall he reap. In your quest to destroy the happiness of others, you are simultaneously securing difficult times in the future for you and your children via the evil you are so meticulously inflicting upon the children of others. God will see to it that you are recompensed for the evil you have distributed to others!

Many folks are lost as to why trouble after trouble is being hurled at them with absolutely no signs of relief. Could it be the harvesting of the evil seeds your parents planted in the past in their attempt to destroy others that you're reaping today? Make no mistake my friend, every action will cause a reaction. So do what is right now, so that you can secure the right thing being done to you and your children in the future.

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing

Monday, September 9, 2013

The spirit of delay!

Many of you have been facing unprecedented setbacks and delays in your life. It is almost as if, just when you’re about to cross the finish line with one exhausting situation, there is something or someone strategically position to cause you to not only not meet that finish point but simultaneously cause you to start all over again.

For example, there is a delay with your pay, a delay with your promotion, a delay with your schooling (scholarships, grants, student loans etc.). A delay with answered prayers, delays in your marriage, delays in your finances, delays with plans coming together and the list goes on.

I want to speak to those who have spiritual ears, to listen carefully and put into action IMMEDIATELY what the Holy Spirit has to say to you IF YOU DESIRE RELIEF AND VICTORY! The Lord said to tell you that you must, without delay begin to pray SPECIFICALLY against the SPIRIT OF DELAY THAT HAS INTENTIONALLY ATTACH  ITSELF TO YOUR PROGRESS!!!!!!!!!! You must launch an all out attack against this spirit that has been specifically commissioned by the Enemy to DELAY AND FRUSTRATE everyone that’s positioned for blessings, miracles, breakthroughs, turn around and change in their lives.

The evidence of this wicked spirit is that absolutely nothing seems to be coming together for you; it appears as if every time you put one step forward something or someone is taking or pulling you two steps backwards. The Lord said to tell you that the people, places and things that you’ve concluded as the source of your delays and setbacks are smoke screens and agents of this wicked spirit who’s determine to accomplish his assignment by operating behind the scenes (incognito).

The lord said to remove your focus on what has been physically misleading you (people, places and things) and place your attention on what’s not visible and that is this evil spirit of delay. You must look for anything that remotely resembles the behavior or actions of delay in order to distinguish this conniving spirit. As a reminder, scripture says the following in regards to this matter: “While we look not at the things which are seen (people, places and things), but at the things which are not seen (spirits operating behind those people, places and things): for the things which are seen are temporal (distraction); but the things which are not seen are eternal” 2 Corinthians 4:18.

My friend hear what I am saying to you, John Doe is not delaying you, the place you’re at is not delaying you, that thing is not delaying you…… IT IS THE SPIRIT OF DELAY THAT IS USING THAT PERSON, PLACE OR THING as a point of contact SOLELY TO DELAY YOU FROM YOUR DIVINE APPOINTED BLESSINGS, BREAKTHOUGHS, MIRACLES AND WHATEVER IT IS THAT GOD HAS ASSIGNED FOR YOU BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD, Eph. 1:3-4. Many folks have entered their season of divine release but were unaware of this spirit of delay, which robbed them of all that their seasons had to offer. The enemy will not sit back and allow you to be blessed…. He will fight you tooth and nail; nevertheless the Lord has provided us with the name of this invisible spiritual entity that has been successful and unhindered throughout the years in robbing his people; simply because they were unaware of who he is and his purpose for showing up in their lives.

As a reminder, scripture did not say that the people of God were being destroyed because they’re fornicating, lying, stealing, cursing etc. Instead, the scripture specifically stated that the people of God were perishing or being destroyed because they LACKED KNOWLEDGE! Hosea 4:6. In other word, it was what they didn’t know that will continue to give power to their spiritual oppressors. That’s right my friend, it is in your not knowing the root of your setbacks and delays in your life that has provided a format of allowing you to go so far but never ever arriving at the next level. You must become aggressive and determine the same way this spirit of delay is aggressive and determine against you. Curse and bind the spirit of delay from over every area of your life NOW!

Heavenly father we come in agreement with your word according to Jeremiah 23:29 which says, “Is not my word like a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?. We speak this word with the authority you’ve given us and release your judgment fire against this spirit of delay, like you did in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Father, every plan, plot, scheme, distraction, manipulation, seen and unseen launched by this spirit we command its spiritual and physical counsel to fall to the ground in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Father, we command this evil spirit by the power of your word and the blood of your son Jesus Christ to release and restore all that he has stolen from your people according to your word in Proverbs 6:30-31, which says, “Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry; But if he be found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give all the substance of his house”.


“My people are being destroyed because they lack knowledge” Hosea 4:6 God has just provided you the necessary knowledge to avoid destruction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Written by: Kevin L A Ewing


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