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Dream facts

A dream isn't just a dream, the reality is, while your physical body is sleep, the real you which is
your spirit is very much awake interacting with the spirit world. Your dreams are just that, spiritual, however, for the most part, the people, places, things, etc. are just symbols of a far more reaching spiritual implication.

The less understanding one has of their dreams, it places them at an automatic disadvantage in the realm of the spirits. Only because the Enemy will seek to forge evil covenants with the dreamer, unknowing to the dreamer of course. The symbolizing of such dreams would be as follows: getting married in a dream, having sex in a dream, eating in a dream, interacting with dead folks in a dream, signing papers in a dream, especially if the Dreamer does not know what it is that they're signing. Participating with blood in a dream, such as blood sacrifice, you were cut in a dream or bleeding from one's private parts in a dream.

Canceling a dream is to take the initiative in bringing an end to its origin of what has been conceived in the spirit so that there would be no manifestation in the natural. This would explain why a person would have had a dream about themselves being fired, however, they never thought to cancel and rebuke the dream in the name of Jesus. So as a result, whether the manifestation of the dream will occur in the natural by default simply because there was nothing to challenged what was conceived spiritually. As a reminder, scripture says to us that only when we resist the Devil, he will flee, James 4:6. This is indeed a law. Therefore Satan has a right to resist and conceive evil in the life of the dreamer if the dreamer isn't challenging him, via canceling his devices in the spirit.
Once one understands the ground rules of engagement of their dreams and they make an effort in applying those basic rules, it will truly amaze the dreamer how the quality of their life will change for the better. If you are a novice at understanding your dreams, then my simple advice is this; Always pray upon waking, and this is whether you recall or understand your dream or not. " Lord, if my dream was concerning your plans and purpose for my life, then I come in total agreement with what you desire spiritually so that it can manifest physically in my life. However, if my dream was not of you Lord, then I cancel, rebuke and send your fire against all evil covenants and devices conceived by the Enemy and his agents and that they will never, manifest in my life in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen!

Failure as a result of a dream will always be due to a lack of knowledge on the dreamers part, thus the fulfilling of the scriptural law, "My people are being destroyed because of a LACK of knowledge" Hosea 4:6

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Can evil covenants be forged while fasting?

Many folks are unaware of the fact that when entering a lengthy or short sincere fast, Satan's attack
against them will rarely be the tempting of food. Instead, the victim will be attacked in their dreams via the forging of subtle evil covenants or even the renewing of evil covenants.

Most folks that have been on a real fast will attest to the fact that not only were they having rapid dreams during their fast but dreams saturated with sex, marriage and other symbols that signify some type of agreement or covenant being made in their dreams. For example, men that are fasting will be overwhelmed with some of the most explicit sexual dreams to the point of having wet dreams. Women, on the other hand, will experience being married in a dream especially if they are not married in reality or engaging in some type of immoral or perverted sexual acts in their dreams.

In both cases, the folks that they are performing these acts with in their dreams are Familiar spirits masquerading as known or even unknown persons that represent a far greater evil all to establish evil covenants with the Dreamer during their fasting. Scripture clearly tells us of Satan's ability along with his agents to transform themselves, thus giving them the power to masquerade in our dreams, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15.

As a reminder, a fast will initially, loose the bands of wickedness, undo the heavy burdens, let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke, Isaiah 58:6. This being the case, evil spirits are now at work in the Dreamer's dream during their fast to subtly renew evil covenants that the dreamer is attempting to break as a result of their fast.

The masquerading spirits in your dreams pretending to be attractive women/men or whatever they're presenting themselves as or whatever activity you're engaging in with them are evil spirits that could represent poverty, sickness, adultery, etc.So let's say you're fasting for a mate or to break the spirit of poverty in your life. Then The dreamer will experience dreams where they are either married or engaged to be married, or they will see themselves having sex in their dreams with folks that they are very much attracted to. However, the dreamer has zero idea that these spirits represent anti-marriage and the folks that they are interacting in the dream with are indeed spirit husbands and spirit wives. Now even though I am using the example with mates, this is also true with poverty, sickness, anti-progress, etc.

The dreamer due to their limited spiritual knowledge is entirely unaware that they are indeed married in the realm of the spirit via their dream to demonic forces that have successfully established a renewing of their demonic spiritual union with the dreamer. Such spiritual unions give these spirits the right to influence good perspective to turn away from the dreamer. Thus the dreamer finds it difficult to get married or have successful relationships.

This is why one must be educated in the things of the spirit because when we reinforce our spiritual warfare via fasting, the Enemy will become even more cunning and crafty in his dealings. As a reminder scripture clearly says that Jesus was tempted 40 days by the Devil during his fasting and even after his fasting, Luke 4:2. Scripture also reveals to us where covenants were forged in dreams by God In the book of Genesis 15:11-18 and 1 Kings 3:5-14 thus Satan mimics what God does and his ability to achieve this is allowed by the scriptural law in Matthew 13:25, which says, "But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way"

So, as I have carefully explained, you could be assisting the Devil in forging or even renewing evil covenants unknowing to you during your fast. Again, this is why you must pay close attention to your dreams particularly while fasting because it is usually during these times that the Enemy prey on the spiritual ignorance of the dreamer. I promise you that whatever it is that you are fasting for, the Enemy will disguise himself in the form of people and things that the Dreamer desires only to bind the dreamer spiritually to evil covenants that will work against them.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

It's a done deal!

I'm inspired by the Holy Spirit to tell someone that even though God has set you free spiritually from your spiritual bondage that has produce sickness, poverty, confusion and the like, the Enemy has manipulated you into believing that because certain things have not change physically, it would suggest that freedom from these things haven't been achieved at all.

The Lord said to remind those that are having challenges in this area, the word of the Lord in Daniel 10. To condense this scripture, Daniel was on a fast for 21 days, and it appeared as if his prayers were not making a difference. However, when the Angel of the Lord finally visited Daniel, the Angel clearly said to Daniel, "The lord heard your prayers and acknowledge your fasting from 21 days ago. Meaning from the first day Daniel started out on his fast God heard him.

Now here is where it becomes interesting, the Angel said, "The prince of Persia hindered me", Now, let's be clear in regards to this statement made by the Angel. The Angel is saying that a high ranking demon also known as a principality that ruled the territory of Persia delayed him in his travel to Daniel. The Angel is a spirit being likewise the prince of Persia is a high ranking demonic spirit. It was only when Michael one of the chief angels of God also a spirit being interrupted the struggle between the messenger of God (The Angel) and the prince of Persia,that the Angel was released into the natural realm to reveal to Daniel what God want him to know.

Just on this understanding alone, say to God right now, "Lord I know you have heard and answered my prayers, therefore whatever principality over my region and territory that has been delaying your messengers that were sent to deliver me, I send the judgement fire of God against them and command them to be paralyze in the spirit realm and never to hinder your blessings for my life in the name of your son Jesus Christ!" 


The lord said based on the above example, stop waiting for spiritual freedom, this has already happen, it is time you begin behaving as if you're free. There are three stages to true freedom. Primarily you become spiritually free, then mentally free and these two together if you believe will produce physical freedom from sickness, poverty and the likes.

God has already delivered you (past tense) He's now waiting on you to believe what he has already done in terms of what you've been asking for. Yes! The enemy will still try to fight tooth and nail to regain what he has lost but it will certainly be your behavior that will be the PROOF OF WHAT YOU BELIEVE GOD HAS DONE!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

You have to unseat your enemies

Ask God today, to unseat whoever or whatever is sitting on your joy, prosperity, promotions,
health, advancement, etc. Lord, we ask you to be our strength in unseating the enemies of our destinies and the oppositions of our progress in the mighty name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen!

To unseat is to remove someone or something from a place or position, to overthrow from a fix position by force. You must unseat that demon of depression that's sitting on your peace and joy. You must unseat that spirit of poverty and debt that's sitting on your prosperity. You must unseat that spirit of infirmity that's sitting on your health. You must unseat that corrupt leader that's sitting on your progress, promotion, and advancement by the word of God in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

Lord, please unseat those that are illegally sitting on what you have legally provided for us in the mighty name of your son Jesus Christ, amen!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Breaking the cycles of failure and defeat in your life!

Scripture says to us that God instructed Elijah to leave brook Cherith where he was presently located
to go to Zarephath, where God had commanded a widow to sustain him, 1 Kings 17:1-24

To bring you up to speed with the above scripture, Elijah was at a place where his cycle of provision had been exhausted (the brook had dried up). Surprisingly, the widow woman that was commanded to sustain him was currently in a cycle of poverty and lack, 1 Kings 17:9. However, when both parties followed the instructions given to them by God the negative cycles of both sides changed from a position of negative circumstances to positive conditions   (please read the entire text).

Question! What negative cycle has repeatedly been going on in your life, but the solution and instructions that God has given you did not meet your expectation, and as a result, you've ignored and outright rejected the instructions and solution?

I don't know who this message is for today, but the cycles of negativity in your life will never change until you decide to follow the INSTRUCTIONS that God had initially conveyed to you. I am sure your sickening situation is evidence of that. Scripture clearly said to us that it was when the widow of Zarephath sustain Elijah with the last of what she had as crazy as that may have appeared, Elijah, herself and her house did eat for many days. Scripture goes on to say the barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail according to the WORD OF THE LORD, (the instructions of God) which he spoke by Elijah 1 Kings 17:15-16.

The negative dislike cycles of defeat, failure broken relationships, being at the bottom, being taken advantage of and the like can only be challenged by specific instructions from God Almighty, who scripture says knows the end of all things from their beginnings. Please! Make up in your mind today to do what God has asked of you and sit back and watch the patterns and cycles of negativity come to an end only to make room for the positive that has been eluding you!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

God Almighty, please pull up what you didn't plant in my life

Some things have been planted in your life that was not planted by God. In fact most of what
has been planted was designed to take you off of the destiny God had originally intended for you.

Things such as being molested, raped, never achieving the approval of your parents, being bullied, battling low self-esteem due to degrading name that you were called as a child. Connecting with the wrong people that have as a result delayed your life. General depression and depression due to the loss of a loved one, your parent's divorce, your own divorce, being unfairly treated and the list goes on.

The above situations and so many like them were strategically and covertly planted by the enemy for a future harvest of delay, defeat, and failure for the victim. None of the above scenarios were by accident or chance but calculated by Satan for a determined negative end result   As a reminder when the Enemy comes at you he does not come at you randomly or because he can. Instead, he's coming fully armed with spiritual law, that with his victims' unknowing permission will achieve destruction in the long run for his victim.

The spiritual law clearly states the following, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it" Proverbs 22:6. The principle of this scripture is simply this. If you teach, plant or invest right or wrong in the life of a child, then the reality is that child has been programmed to automatically perform what was planted, invested or taught earlier whether this person is aware of it or not.

I am sure there are many folks and even yourself that certain things you do that you do not desire to do, but it seems as if you have no control over it. Such as lying,, cheating, anger, depression, not being able to complete stuff, things never working out in your favor,  not able to be faithful in relationships, etc. The question you should be asking yourself or you should think of in regards to someone that displays such negative behavior is. "What has happened in the past or who have I connected with that became the seeds of the harvest of defeat, failure, sexual promiscuity, depression, confusion, etc. that I'm experiencing today?"

If this post is speaking to your life today, then pray with me and let's ask God together. "Lord in the mighty name of your son Jesus Christ, we come in agreement with your word that clearly says, "Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up" Matthew 15:13. We command every seed of witchcraft, delay, setback, anxiety, failure, defeat, depression, sickness and everything else you have not planted in our lives we send the fire of God to the root and to consume the harvest it has created in the mighty name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

Is it an Angel of light or an Angel of darkness?

The enemy can be quite cunning as it relates to our dreams. For instance, a dream can give the
appearance of being from God. Especially in cases where folks experience Angelic visitations in their dreams or in cases of visions.

One of the key points when it comes to dreams concerning angels would be to determining if such dreams are from God or not. Primarily, we must pay particular attention as to what these "angels" are saying to us or instructing us to do. If by any means these angels are asking us to do anything that is contrary to scripture, then make no mistake it is clear that we are dealing with a masquerading spirit that's pretending to be an angel of light.

Scripture clearly says to us the following, "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers are also transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works" 2 Corinthians 11:14-15.

Now isn't that interesting? Satan and his agents have the ability to disguise themselves especially since angels of light and ministers of righteousness, all to mislead those that lack knowledge of their capacity to do so? Again, this is why it is so important to be equipped with such relevant knowledge to exposes the craftiness of the enemy in our dreams and visions. God can not go against his word, so why would an angel of God be revealing your deceased loved one to you in a dream. Didn't the word of God clearly say we should have no communication with the dead, which is known as necromancy?

I have met with so many folks that were delighted in revealing to me their "angelic visitations." However, it would be later revealed in our conversation who really visited them based on the actions and conversations of the angel in their dreams. I can recall speaking with a lady who shared a dream with me. In her dream, she said that a female angel was advising her of certain enemies in her life that she needed to be careful of. Immediately red flags went up when she said, "female angel." Using the Bible as a point of reference, there aren't any scriptures that remotely speak of a female angel. Now, am I suggesting that there are not female angels? No, I am not, but what I am saying is that the Bible never mentioned any. So as far as I am concern, this was just another case of evil spirits doing what they do best, and that is to deceive their victims to implement evil spiritual seeds in their lives.

As a reminder, angels of God are messengers of God, and it is their job to reveal to us messages from God, warn of us of pending danger and to protect us from the evil one and his host. In any event whatever they do or say in our dreams must be GOD BASED!!!!!!!!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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