Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hurt! The silent killer

 Emotional hurt, by far is one of life’s most destructive blows to a person. In most cases I am sure all would agree that physical hurt would be preferable over emotional hurt.

Can there be anything more painful to a person than emotional hurt? Better yet have you ever experienced a relationship where you felt or knew that you were just not being heard emotionally? Now the age old argument is, “I am no mind reader, neither am I a psychic, how am I suppose to know what’s going on in your head”

Well, guess what, it is your duty and concern to have an Idea when something is not right with your partner emotionally. (View my article on the law of association)

Now, before you attack me here, let us look at the wisdom of God’s word. Solomon the author of the book of Proverbs gave a very simple, but profound proverb, he said, “Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flock and look well to thy herd. For riches are not forever, and the crown will not endure to every generation.

It would appear as if there is a mix up here, what does hurt have to do with flock, heard, crown or riches?  Well, absolutely nothing but let us insert the points of this proverb into the emotional part of our relationships.

The word diligent means to put care and effort into what you do. The word state is defined as: the condition of someone or something. So here is the revelation: it is both parties responsibility to place care and effort on the emotional condition of each other particularly when there is a noticeable change that signals emotional hurt.

Ignoring such hurts sets the stage for the much to common silent wars between couples. Caught in its infancy can avoid a whole lot of future apologies and forgiveness.

He then goes on to say that riches does not last forever, and the crown will not be passed to every generation……what does this mean?

To continue this revelation Solomon is advising that the emotional condition that you appreciate in him/her right now will not last forever, they will not be the same everyday.  He is also subliminally suggesting that we be very cognizant of any variation of the emotional aspects of our partner.

So in other words, put aside being self absorbed, remove the lime light off ourselves for a moment and begin to silently hear the emotional pains and hurt of our partner. Put aside how we may feel and seriously consider the feelings of our significant other, if only in an effort to meet the emotional needs that has been silently crying out unnoticed by us.

Kevin L A Ewing