Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My lack of knowledge is costing me

For the past weeks I have been teaching extensively on generational curses. I must say, I have been extremely disappointed in the amount of leaders that neglect and avoid this topic, that so happens to be the root cause of spiritual bondage for so many. It is this spiritual implementation that you cannot see that is the source of the unexplained chaos that you can see.

My passion has been as a result of the link that I have discovered between current stubborn problems and the very same problems experienced by our ancestors. What I have also discovered is that the information that links the two has been intentionally withheld or hidden in an effort to prevent this vicious cycle from being broken by the current generation and generations to come.

With the above understanding in mind. "My people perishing due to a lack of knowledge" became a scripture of passion and absolute truth for me. It is this lack of information concerning your family or the family of your friend, spouse, or whoever that have you puzzled as to why they behave the way they do or experience such ongoing relentless drama.

A generational curse is like a computer software program implemented into a family that will program just about all members of that family to perform a certain way. For example, I know of men that have extra marital affairs. However my investigation of that family has revealed, his father did it, the grandfather did it and it goes on and on. My third discovery lead me to the understanding that THERE IS ALWAYS A BEGINNING OR A ROOT TO EVERY GENERATIONAL CURSE AND IT IS THE KNOWLEDGE OF THIS ROOT LIKE I SAID EARLIER THAT IS KEPT A SECRET INTENTIONALLY. 

Therefore, the power of a generational curse is fueled by the ignorance of that family not knowing that there is a curse. Now, here is where it becomes interesting. If your friend, spouse, significant other or even yourself have hailed from a family plagued with generational curse such as:  mentally challenges, sexual perversion such as incest, pornography etc, adultery, controlling and dominating behaviors etc. Then let me tell you right now, if that person or yourself have not recognized and break these negative cycles, then you are in for a repeat of what your ancestors experienced . Why is this you may ask? Simply because there are familiar spirits assigned to these families to enforce the generational curses that were established years ago that no one in the family has yet to recognize and challenge. Familiar spirits are spirits that are very much familiar with your family history, especially the negative parts of your family history.

 These Familiar spirits have a spiritual legal right to that family due to the iniquity that is embedded into that family bloodline, and as a result they will fight tooth and nail to sustain and maintain that curse. Iniquity, is sin that is repeated with out remorse, confession or repentance.  Now I mentioned that it was the iniquity of the family that not only will sustain the curse but at the same time its existence in that family. The is so because scripture says, it is the iniquity of the fathers (generations pass) that God will visit upon the third and fourth generation, Exodus 20:5 ans Exodus 34:7, sounds like a generational curse to me.

I want to say to someone today, please, do not fool yourself into believing that you can change something that you dislike in your mate, partner or whoever, particularly if you see a pattern of that behavior in their family. More than likely you're dealing with a generational curse that was created many years ago and as a result it has garnered strength throughout the years.

Many folks have ignorantly marry folks that are plagued with a family history of generational curses and as a result of their union they have literally signed on to the negative cycles of defeat, oppression, adultery, deceit etc. The more these curses are either ignored or go unrecognized the stronger the curse becomes, this is why if a family is plagues with a generational curse of Cancer, then each generation will produce an even more aggressive form of Cancer giving the victim an even more shorter lifespan than their ancestors who suffered from the same disease.

Scripture reminds us that we are not fighting or being engaged to battle with flesh and blood (Human beings), instead our adversaries are invisible agents of Satan taking advantage of their victims ignorance in an effort to enforce these curses, Ephesians 6:12. This same passage of scripture reveals Satan's third rank of evil spirits which is known as the power of darkness. The word darkness in this passage of scripture literally means ignorance. So, there are ruling spirits monitoring families all in an effort in KEEPING THE MEMBERS OF THAT FAMILY IGNORANT OF WHAT'S OPPRESSING THEM AND CAUSING THEM NOT TO ADVANCE OR MAKE PROGRESS, OR TO REPEAT THE SAME NEGATIVE CYCLES OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

I will conclude by suggesting that the day you discover the history of your family it will also be the day you begin the unfolding of the mystery of your family repetitious problems.......BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY TO YOU, THAT SATAN'S GRIP ON THE WORLD IS ADMINISTERED AND MANIFESTED THROUGH GENERATIONAL CURSES................

Written by: Minister Kevin L A Ewing