Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Understanding the dreams you dream part.5

Have you ever had a dream where in the dream as a male you were dressed or appeared to be a woman or as a woman you were dressed or appeared to be a man?

What about having a dream where you were a homosexual in the dream or you saw someone in your dream that was a homosexual? Such dreams can be quite confusing and in some cases make one second guest their sexuality....

In any event such dreams are pointing towards a deeper understanding to mysteries in everyday life. Again, the dream is spiritual and its revealing or exposing the root of what's happening in everyday life via symbols, signs and images. Make no mistake, dreams are real and they're always pointing to a greater reality.

So here we go with the revelation, in reality a homosexual is someone whose pretending to be or desires to be someone they're not. In other words the dream is revealing that either you or someone in your life is not being real, unauthentic or what you're being exposed to is not the original.

If the dream is showing that the person in the dream that is homosexual/Lesbian happens to be your kids, wife etc; do not fly off the handle just yet. Unless you're a person that dreams straight, meaning just how it's displayed in your dream it is exactly how it plays itself in reality then the dream does not necessarily represent your relatives. Instead it can represent someone close to you like a "good friend" or someone that you're close with, be it business, romance or whatever that is not being real or true to you in other words they're pretending to be something their not, bottom line they're deceiving you.

 The dream can also symbolize confusion, meaning the act of homosexuality is not the order or original intent of God towards his creation. Therefore anything that is contrary to the order of God is not only represent disorder but ultimately confusing.

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing