Friday, March 15, 2013

The Invisible Robbers.



Church folks that are in bondage to TRADITION, would have you believe that blessings, breakthrough's, favor, miracles and the like are automatic or will be manifested because the man or woman of God declared it. Well, I will educate you otherwise in that everything that God has assigned to you WILL BE CHALLENGED! Unfortunately due to you not being aware that your blessings are being challenged you see no need to fight (after all how can you fight what you don't know?) for what has been assigned to you by God. Thus, most believers never receive or partake of the promises of God.

What is even more amazing; when the breakthrough or blessing doesn't manifest "Religious folks" are quick to say, "It's not your time or season", "God is testing you", "God is going to give you double", "What God has for you is for you", "you must have sin in your life" (Wow! I thought we all had sin in our lives, silly me!) and the rest of it.

I will say again, What you don't know is indeed dominating you and ultimately stealing from you. In fact every blessing and breakthrough you did not receive, has been stolen from you. However the thief COULD NOT STEAL FROM YOU WITHOUT YOUR ASSISTANCE!

The role you played in your own robbery was your ignorance to spiritual laws that inevitable deprived you of what was due you. IF YOUR CHURCH OR LEADERS ARE NOT TEACHING YOU SPIRITUAL LAWS, THEN THEY ARE INADVERTENTLY TEACHING YOU NOT ONLY HOW TO FAIL BUT HOW TO CO-CONSPIRE WITH THE ENEMY TO ROB YOURSELF!

I am so excited about my latest article "Invisible Robbers" that is to be launched shortly. In a nut shell it is shedding a bright light on dreams that expose the spiritual robbers of our destiny, blessings, breakthrough, healing etc. It will explain why you are not receiving what God has promised via his prophets or what you've been vigorously seeking in prayer and fasting etc.

Have you had drea
ms where you saw yourself in a cemetery (grave yard)? If you have it is an indication that your destiny (the place God intended you to be) have been buried or your destiny is dead, as a result everything in your life is just that dead dormant!

In you dream you saw yourself stuck in traffic, you've missed an appointment, you've missed a connection etc. its an indicator that your are being attack by a spirit of delay.

Did you dream you were being married in a dream or exchanging rings with some one you don't know or some evil person or same sex. It is an evil covenant (agreement) being created in the spirit realm that will result in turmoil in your everyday living.

Did you have a dream where something was stolen from you in the dream or went missing such as your house, car, wallet, purse, etc. Well, it's an indication that the enemy is robbing you of your God intended blessings, favor, turn arounds, breakthrough etc. As a result in the natural the blessing etc that were due you will never happen because it was hijack in the spirit realm.

Did you have a dream where you were eating, drinking, being shot at, being injected with something, dreaming of crabs, snakes, spiders, strange creatures etc. These dreams are clear indicators of witchcraft being worked against you.

Have you had dreams where someone is throwing stones or objects at you, shooting you, cursing you especially with obscene language or shooting arrows at you, it is a clear indicator of someone sending curse at you.

Are you having dream where a dead relative or any dead person is attempting to communicate with you, lead you, instruct you, kiss you, hug you or any for of interaction with you, it represents a spirit of death upon you.

Are you having dreams of being at your old primary school, high school, college or you have dreamt where you saw yourself in your home you once lived in as a child, your grand parents home etc. The dream is indicating a spirit of set back in your life.

If you are dreaming of sickness such as cancer, AIDS, heart disease etc, especially if you find yourself being fearful of not acquiring a certain disease. It is an indication of two spirit at work attempting to get into your life and they are the spirit of fear and the spirit of infirmity.

In any even upon getting up out of these dreams you must begin cancelling and paralyzing everything that was against you in the dream. If you don't you are literally giving consent to become a victim of whatever you have observed in the dream. Of course my article will explain all of this.

Have you been having dreams of dogs chasing you, biting you, dreaming of cats, birds etc. Indicators of demonic activity.

For the most part you will experience such dream just when you are on the verge of a breakthrough, having no idea it's intent is to hijack, sabotage, steal, mis-route and delay your destiny (God's best for you). 

Your dreams are not just dreams, instead they are your spiritual monitors giving you a heads up as to whats pending in the spirit realm that wants to be manifest in our natural realm. What you do after the dream will determine if you'll receive the promised blessing or loose it. In fact the evil powers you observe in the dream are only seeking agreement from you under false pretenses to mislead you into coming into agreement with your devouring of your destiny.

Our base scripture, which I will explain in great detail in order to provide you with extraordinary spiritual insight is Mathew 13:25, " But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way". I promise you this article is worth the wait........................ STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing