Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Invisible Robbers 2

"The Invisible Robbers 2" Addressing the spirit of DELAY!

Have you ever had a dream, where in the dream someone had prevented you from going somewhere what about dreaming of missing a flight, a bus an appointment etc?

In my latest teaching "The Invisi
ble Robbers 2" you will learn how it was such dreams that you would have had, that you thought nothing of when the reality was the "SPIRIT OF DELAY" was being introduced to your life.

Due to your lack of canceling the dream upon waking you have unknowingly given this crafty spirit the permission to move from the spirit real into the natural realm to cause delays in your life.

How better to delay a person than to connect them with the wrong connections (person, places and things) in an effort to prevent them from reaching their divine appointments (blessings)?

The spirit of delay causes one to lose track of time and it will only be when this spirit is rebuked or have left that particular individual that they realize so mch of the life have been wasted because of this evil spirit which have delayed them. Please watch the video and be a partaker of this incrediable revelation.

My latest teaching, "The Invisible Robbers 2" will provide you with unprecedented revelation to unlock this common mystery.
Written by: Minister Kevin L A Ewing