Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Are you really sick? Part.1

Wow! Have you ever had one of those moments where something grabs a hold of your attention, leaves you in a tailspin and then you wonder if everyone else is observing what you're observing?

Well, recently I was more than alarm as it relates to the rapid increase of Cancer in my country and by extension the world. It is almost as if everywhere you turn someone is either diagnosed, dying or has died as a result of this dreaded disease. As if that wasn't enough, immediately behind Cancer you also have the other rapidly increasing diseases such as, diabetes, hypertension, and so many other common illnesses. Not to mention the strange strains of the flu, AIDS, dengue fever and so many uncommon illnesses.

Now at some point, you must ask yourself the question, what in the world is going on? Well, I am sure most of you reading this would immediately resort to our unhealthy eating habits coupled with the lack of exercise, which I certainly agree play an important part in this mystery.

However, in today’s teaching I would love for you, my many readers to indulge me for a few minutes as I venture to travel in an entirely different area of understanding to unveil this profound mystery.

In Luke 13:11-16, the Bible gives an interesting account of a woman that was sick for eighteen years. Scripture further records how Jesus Christ eventually had an encounter with this woman and she was healed as a result of their encounter. Question! Was this woman really sick? Well let’s discover for ourselves based on this particular scripture and I am certain it will provide spiritual insight in terms of the myriad of diseases we are challenged with today and the true origin of them.

“And behold there was a woman, which had a “SPIRIT OF INFIRMITY” for eighteen years, and was bowed together,(She could not stand erect, she was bent over) and could in no wise lift up her head”. Now, I am sure many of you read this scripture any number of times and never really focused on what was really being said here? Firstly, this lady physical appearance gave the impression to the average person that she was really sick. Nevertheless, scripture clearly states that this woman’s “physical sickness” was as a result of a spirit (spirits are disembodied beings) that was mimicking this particular ailment. In fact, scripture goes on to say that when Jesus saw her he said, “Woman, thou art loosed from thine infirmity” He then laid his hand on her and immediately she stood straight and glorified God.

So what really happened and can this be done today? The truth is my friend this is nothing new in our world today. In fact I will take it a step further. In countries and communities throughout the world where there is an overwhelming practice of the occult mainly witchcraft, the practitioners of witchcraft would literally send a curse of sickness to their victim which are evil spirits assigned to mimicking a particular disease in its human host. The reality is this curse, which again, are evil spirits assigned to the victim, has influence the victim's mind and spirit to such a degree that this person’s physical body begin to display the symptoms of whatever disease is being perpetrated in its victim. In some cases the person will smell foul odors seemingly coming from themselves that no one else can smell, see things on their skin that no one else can see. In extreme cases the victim would literally feel things crawling or moving in their bodies such as snakes, crabs, etc. Again, it’s a spiritual attack of witchcraft on that person mind and spirit that is very much real to them and anyone that is knowledgeable of the spirit world. Eventually the victim would stop complaining about it, due to them taking on the assumption that others believe they're crazy, and begin to take on a recluse attitude. Of course this is exactly what the intent of the curse is all about and that is to isolate its victim and advance its attack on its victim to bring about their demise.

Now, I am fully aware that for some of you reading this, it may sound like a scene out of a horror film but I can assure you that the reality of this is by far greater than you can possibly imagine. Folks that are oppressed by this “spirit of infirmity” will display all the physical signs of a certain illness, however, when they do decide to visit a Doctor, even the Doctor’s are confused. Simply because even though the Patient’s symptoms are pointing them in the area of a certain diagnosis, nevertheless, the medical test that they perform on the patient will display no sign of what is seemingly the illness. Well, this is easy to explain, and the explanation is, spirits do not and can not show up in medical test! Thus, the labeling of it, SPIRIT OF INFIRMITY!

What is even more amazing; this “spirit of infirmity” went unnoticed by the religious leaders of Jesus’ day, can you imagine that? Scripture further records in Luke 13:14, that the rulers of the synagogue (leaders of the church) was filled with indignation towards Jesus for actually healing this woman on the Sabbath day……….. Now isn't this incredible? For eighteen years this lady suffered while attending church, giving offerings, paying her tithes, being prayed for over and over again. Anointed with oils, attending conference after conference and absolutely none of the “spiritual folks” were able to heal her or even diagnose her with this spirit of infirmity. Would you believe that these same leaders were more concern about their traditions of the Sabbath Day than this woman receiving some type of relief? Now, doesn't this Speak volumes of present day religions organizations, lots of talk and promises with little to no manifestation?

In any event, could the root of your poor health, in reality be as a result of a spirit of infirmity or a generational curse that is in your family, which the spirit of infirmity also rules? Okay! So you're not sure! Well let’s perform a spiritual diagnosis. Didn't your grandmother died from cancer?, your mom died from cancer? now you have been diagnosed with cancer; have you connect the dots as yet? Well, I am sure you would have to agree it’s at least generational and I am certain if you look further into your family lineage you'll discover more of your family members who have died as a result of a SPIRIT and not a real physical illness. Is it possible these folks could have been here with us today, had someone with spiritual insight addressed the SPIRIT instead of the SYMPTOMS?

In Luke 13:15-16, scripture now begins to divulge more detailed information as to who this woman was and what was really going on with her. Jesus began to defend the rights of this woman to be healed on the Sabbath day to the leaders of the church (synagogue). Jesus said, “And ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham (Indicating that she was a believer and follower of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob etc. in today’s understanding she was a Christian). Whom Satan had bound, for eighteen years, be loosed from this bound on the Sabbath? To further prove the point that she did not have a physical sickness, scripture clearly stated that Satan had bound her for eighteen years. Satan is a spirit right? So it’s also understood that Satan did not physically show up and bound her, so what did he bind up?  Well the fact are he bound her spirit and her mind that ultimately manifested itself in her physical body…….. Is it possible you could be a victim of this evil spirit?
So, with the above information and revelation in mind, are your religious leaders and prayer partners while praying concerning your sickness, specifically addressing this spirit or are they doing the usual such as screaming, shouting, pouring oils all over you BUT NEVER EVER DEALING WITH THE ROOT WHICH WILL ALWAYS BE A SPIRIT!

Join me in the conclusion of this eye opening revelation as we continue with part two of “Are you really sick” on Thursday.........

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing