Friday, October 4, 2013

Understanding the dreams you dream Part. 15-Dreaming about blood!

One of the more common dreams that folks would ask me to interpret are dreams where either the dreamer is bleeding or there is some type of blood in the dream. Such dreams can be quite frightening and confusing especially when the bleeding is coming from the private parts of a person.

For the most Part bleeding or any display of blood is not a good sign in a dream, and here is why. Blood symbolizes life, scripture says to us, “The life of the flesh is in the blood” Leviticus 17:11, Genesis 9:4. According to the above scriptures blood is the source of life to the flesh. So where we observe blood in a dream something is being depleted of life or its source. Another spiritual understanding of blood in a dream is that it indicates destruction. Meaning outside of a woman’s menstrual cycle the observing of blood is usually due to some type of damage that would have been cause to an animal of human being to produce the blood.

Now! Blood also symbolizes sacrifice and depending on the dream the dream could be indicating witchcraft sacrifice. A sacrifice is defined as giving up something of value for something greater in value. For example let’s say you had a dream where you saw a human being (could be yourself) or an animal, being sacrificed on a table etc. Then the dream is indicating that there is someone by means of witchcraft providing probably you or someone as a sacrifice spiritually to demonic powers in exchange for wealth, power, health etc. The victim in real life will over a period of time begin to display strange behavior, for example they would begin behaving like a dog, bird or some type of animal. The truth is, it is the animal that was sacrificed that the victim is behaving like. Scripture says that when Cane killed his brother Able; God said to Cane, “the VOICE of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground” Genesis 4:10. This is why in the world of witchcraft, blood is the ultimate sacrifice. This is also the reason why if a witchcraft practitioner cannot get your blood; they would try to get a piece of your hair, finger nail clippings or some of your clothing that you would have worn which contains your sweat. The reason being, just like your blood, YOUR nails, hair and sweat all contain your DNA which is the key component in blood sacrifice. Blood also represents family linage, again, which is why blood from any family member can be used to place a curse on the entire family and future generations.

Dreaming about blood coming from a woman’s private part especially before her real life menstrual cycle it symbolizes barrenness, which of course is a curse. If such a dream is not canceled the dreamer or whomever the dream is speaking of will experience real life miscarriages or unable to become pregnant. The dream could also be revealing that this person bleeding from their private parts has become barren via witchcraft operating against them This is also true for men that have dreams where they’re bleeding when they’re urinating. The dream could also represent sickness, as a reminder the life of the flesh is in the blood and where ever there is bleeding there is some type of flesh being depleted of its life which automatically brings death or a halt to its usual function.  However, the source of this sickness is the spirit of infirmity, Luke 13:11. Meaning, the sickness that would develop from such dreams are or a spiritual nature and origin. In other words the sickness is orchestrated by demonic manipulation, Luke 13:11-16.

Finally, blood in a dream depending on the dream can represent power as in the power of the blood of Jesus Christ.

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing