Friday, October 18, 2013

Understanding the dreams you dream Part. 19- Things going missing

On the endless list of frustrating things that take place from day to day in our lives, which I am sure most of you would agree to, is our inability to immediately locate certain things we’ve left at certain locations.

I am convinced that whoever you may be that’s reading this article; you’re probably shaking your head in agreement with the above statement. Well, today in our teaching on “Dreams and their understanding” we will focus our attention on things going missing or destroyed in our dreams, and how does such dreams correlate with our everyday life. Just imagine for a brief moment, that you’re getting dress for work and at the same time you’re running late. As you are about to rush towards your front door, you glance at the key holder where you always secure your keys and your keys are nowhere in sight. At this point a series of events immediately saturate your thoughts, such as: why are your keys not where you usually leave them? Who moved your keys and where could they have possibly placed them? How am I going to get to work? The fear of being late and having my Boss call me into his office etc. All of this is aside from our anger, frustration, confusion, fatigue and emotional weariness that is dominating us at this point.

If we carefully analyze the above scenario it should be easy to conclude that everything that I have mentioned paints the picture of an all out assault against our mind. So primarily, if you have or you are currently experiencing dreams where things are going missing in your dream, then the dream is indicating a spiritual attack against your mind. The physical evidence of such dreams especially if these dreams are not cancelled will cause the dreamer in reality to either experience seasonal or frequent bouts with depression, loneliness, confusing thoughts, feeling inadequate, feeling worthless, consumed by intense fears accompanied with abnormal thoughts of dying. The reality is these victims are being influenced and harassed by evil spirits specifically assigned to wage war on their minds.

When we further analyze such dreams from a spiritual perspective, it also becomes easy to unveil Satan’s devices being used to manipulate his victims in their dreams. Like I have mentioned in so many of my previous articles; whenever our enemy comes at us he is always accompanied with spiritual laws and his attack will always be based on our ignorance of those laws, that if left unchallenged then not only will he be successful but at the same time dominate our lives.

Let’s say you had a dream and in this dream you’ve just purchased yourself a brand new car. One day you decided to go to a friend’s house, to show off your new car. After arriving at the friend’s home and chatting with them on the inside for a little while, you decide to return outside with your friend to show off your car. However, upon arriving outside it becomes quite apparent that your car is missing. The first thing that happens is you become consumed with fear, anxiety and confusion. Again, all of these things are an attack against your mind. More importantly fear is a spirit (For God did not give us the “SPIRIT OF FEAR”) and the purpose of your car going missing in the dream was intentionally designed for you to accept this spirit without any resistance. As you can see the dream has very little to do with your car being missing in real life. Instead it has everything to do with the implication of the introducing of evil spirits into your lives. As a side note, the spirits of fear, doubt and unbelief are the frontline soldiers in every demonic attack against you; they are the pacesetters of what’s to come by our skilled adversary. Now, before we proceed any further, let us refer to the principle as to how this spirit of fear entered our lives through our dreams.The spiritual principle dictates, “But while men (The dreamer) slept (dreaming), his enemy (evil spirits) came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way” Matthew 13:25.

The spirit of fear, once accepted into our lives; simply because we did not see the need to cancel the dream or pray against it in order to destroy its spiritual origin. Then the agreement of our human spirit agreeing with the spirit of fear gave birth to the spirit of fear to reign in our lives. This manifestation will produce a series of traps that will unveil the follow; the fear of flying, the fear of public speaking, fear of closed environments the fear of doing things different, fear of your kids dying, fear of never being married, the fear of contracting HIV, the fear of cancer etc. “The fear of a man becomes a trap unto him” Proverbs 25:29. So the fear of these things and many more has placed you in a spiritual and mental cage that has set limitations on your life. Nevertheless, these attacks are on the administrator of your body which is your mind, in which such attacks are well calculated by our adversary unbeknown to the spiritually unlearned. Think about it for a second, if something or someone has you in bondage or trapped, then they are able to do as they please to you and with you without any resistance from your end. Let’s look at another spiritual principle, “For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear” Romans 8:15. This passage of scripture clearly proves that the spirit of fear purpose is to restrict you in your everyday living and if possible every area of your life.

The repetition of such dreams can indicate several things such as the dreamer is not getting the understanding of the dream so the dream is being repeated. It could mean the dream is confirming itself by repeating itself. However, the dream can also indicate that the forces against you are relentless and increasing. Things being lost in our dreams or destroyed in our dreams can also indicate a loss in reality but even in such cases the purpose of the loss is an attack against our minds. For example, let’s say you had a dream you saw your place of employment destroyed by fire, then the dream could be indicating you losing your job, layoffs or the company losing business to the extent of closure. A home or a building burning down in a dream represents or indicates pending large losses. Have you ever experienced a dream where in your dream you saw your boyfriend or girlfriend home destroyed by fire? The dream is indicating one of the parties is contemplating or will leave the other party. Again, I can’t stress enough that the entire purpose of the spiritual and natural purposes of such dreams are to challenge the mind of its victim from a negative perspective.

Dreaming of your keys being missing is never a good dream because the dream is indicating that you are about to lose access or privilege to or of something. For example let’s say you lost your keys at work, then the dream is warning you that either you’re about to or already lost some privileges on your job. Someone once told me about a series of dreams that they were having. In these dreams their home in the dream is always missing from its true location in reality. Well, I explained to the person that the dream represents, foreclosure or the loss of their home by whatever means accompanied with the mental stress prior to the loss and after the loss. Well, it would have been about a year or less that the person’s home went into foreclosure which literally left them almost completely mentally despondent.

Having dreams of weddings bands or rings going missing can be challenges dreams. For example let’s say you had a dream and your husband or wife lost their wedding ring. Well, a ring represents covenants or agreements, if the ring is lost in the dream by either party; the dream is indicating a break in the covenant which could be as a result of infidelity, a loss of interest by one of the parties or one of the parties being bewitched by a third party to bring division to the marriage.

It is so unfortunate that if Christians and others alike had such understanding of dreams, then it would have been quite possible to avoid and even spiritually cancel the origin of these attacks. What is even more amazing, is the fact that when some folks ask me to give some understanding to their dream and the dream reveal pending dangers or the dream is providing a solution for their real life situation, they would in turn say to me that they are not concerned by any of what the dream is saying because they are “covered by the blood of Jesus”. There are perhaps millions of Christians the world over that Satan has manipulated into this misunderstanding belief. If the blood of Jesus was a cure all then why even after you apply the blood ONLY! Your circumstance does not change or it gets even worse. Better yet, why would Jesus leave a book called the bible that is filled with spiritual laws, rules, principles, commands, protocols and precepts if the blood of Jesus was the cure all?

Wake up my friend scripture has said that God speaks to us once, yea twice, yet man understands not, In a dream, a vision of the night, When sound sleep falls on men, While they slumber in their beds, Then he open the ears of men, and seal their instruction, Job 33:14-16. Scripture further warns us with the following principle, “My people (the people of God) are destroyed due to their LACK OF AVAILABLE SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE” Hosea 4:6. Your dreams are spiritual monitors revealing to you what you would never know under normal circumstances.  Make use of this vital tool God has given all of us in this invisible war.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing