Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Is your relationship advancing, stagnating or demoting you?

In order for you to have a clearer idea in understanding how you ended up where you're currently located, be it physically or spiritually. Then consider whom or what you have connected yourself to.

Every connection will determine one of three things as it relates to your life; it will either:

1) Advance you

2) Stagnate you or

3) demote you

Whatever life seems to be issuing you right now is a direct result of whom or what you've connected yourself to in the past or currently. Thus, your life is the sum total of your connections. Failure is as a result of what you have connected yourself to. Success is as a result of what you have connected yourself to, happiness, joy, peace, sadness, trouble, confusion, frustration are all the end results of former or current connections.

Things are not just happening to you because they can happen. Instead the history of your end result will determine that your original connection produced your current results.

The bottom line my friend, your connections has been and will continue to be the determining factor as to whatever it is that you ended up with in the end. Satan himself understands this principle, that the best way to remove a person from their God intended destiny, is to subtly connect that person with something or someone from him (Satan) in an effort to stagnate or take that person backwards in life..... My God I'm feeling this post today......

Therefore if you're dissatisfied with your current or past results in whatever area of your life, then don't blame the results, instead CONSIDER YOUR CONNECTION!

Written By:Kevin L A Ewing