Saturday, March 22, 2014

Did you marry into a generational curse?

Unfortunately, generational curses are not just limited or reserved to bloodlines, ancestors or generations past.

The reality is you can marry or forge business covenants that can tie you into a generational curse. Now, this is a critical point to note because most folks are not aware of this spiritual law. Firstly, marriages in and of itself are indeed covenants, scripture furthers adds that the two shall become one.

With the above being said God specifically said to the children of Israel; not to make any covenants with the inhabitants of Canaan, neither shall they establish marriages with them. In fact, God specifically said, “Do not give your daughters to their sons, neither allow their sons to marry your daughters” The reason for this was, they would eventually turn the children of Israel from their God and cause them to serve other gods.

God further instructed the children of Israel to destroy all their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire, Deuteronomy: 7:3-5.

In reading the above passage of scripture, it would appear that God was biased or showed favoritism towards the children of Israel, however, it was the spiritual implications that these people and their objects carry as a result of their worshiping of demonic gods. So to forge any type of covenants with them including marriage or being in possession of their wicked items automatically brought a curse on their victims, thus, making them inclusive of the generational curses that were already dominating the Canaanites.

This is why it is so important to do significant research on your future husband or wife. It is your responsibility to do your homework in learning as much as possible about both sides of their family, particularly from a spiritual perspective. I promise you in doing this you will save yourself massive headaches, disappointments and financial losses in the future.  Satan is adamant when it comes to securing a curse on us. The reason for this is to cause a continuous cycle of negativity to destroy our lives but more importantly to keep us from our destiny Make no mistake covenants are secured by "IGNORANCE," meaning the curses will continue to dominate your life as long as you do not know one even exist in your life.

Isn't it amazing that even when the marriage has been dissolved, you're still experiencing the curses from it? Well, this is so because even though the natural marriage has been dissolved by the laws of the land, you must also remember that while satisfying the laws of the land to be married you also made a spiritual covenant to be bound to that person. Therefore, if you did not break the spiritual part of the covenant then the curses still have a right to continue its cycle of defeat and negativity in your life.

Consequently, any items from that divorce that was not severed spiritually are all points of contact to continue the curse in your life and by extension your future relationships.  Have you noticed that most of the relationships you experienced after your divorce appear to be displaying the same behavior as your past relationship? As usual, the relationship starts out fine then out of nowhere the relationship becomes a repeat of your former relationship. Again, this is all happening because you do not understand the spiritual laws that are involved and it is as a result of your ignorance to spiritual laws that Satan is making a joke out of your life. There has to be a spiritual severing of the soul ties via the spiritual covenant that is still in place from the former marriage accompanied with the getting rid of what came along with it. Such as jewelry, property, clothing, etc. this is why God insisted that the children of Israel destroy anything thing that was remotely attached to the curse over these folks.

Do you recall the story of Achan in Joshua chapter 7? Just like the rest of Israel, he was told not to take of the "accursed thing" out of the city of Jericho once the walls of Jericho collapse. Long story short he did take of the accursed thing and as a result of his wife and children who had no idea of what he did, was killed with him. Question! Why was no one else killed, well no one else was married to Achan other than his wife, so as the head of his family the moment he made contact with the accursed thing he made everyone else in his family a part of the curse.

There is so much behind that tall dark and handsome guy; there is so much behind that drop dead gorgeous college degree holding female. What you’ve failed to recognize are the inequities embedded in the spiritual order of their family which constitutes a generational curse according to Exodus 20:5, Exodus 34:7. Eventually, you will have to contend with this generational curse due to the covenant you've made with them and simultaneously made you a victim of the generational curses that are already in place.

Generational curses set limitations on families, it does not matter how educated, wealthy, healthy or prosperous that person may appear. There is indeed a fixed period of that individual’s life before whatever generational curse begins to run its course in that person’s life and by extension your life as a result of your marital or business covenant with them.

If you are divorce, please begin breaking the spiritual covenant that was simultaneously created when you physically got married. As a reminder, there are two covenants that are established when marriage is involved, and they are spiritual and physical covenants. This also applies to relationships where sexual intercourse was involved. Sexual intercourse creates spiritual covenants otherwise known as soul ties, this explains why every guy you meet turns out to be a looser or every woman you meet only want you for what you can do for her. Break the soul ties or spiritual covenants that were created via sexual intercourse so that you can be realigned to your destiny and break the cycle of poor choices.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing