Friday, June 27, 2014

Dreams that indicate infidelity

If you are married and you're having dreams where your spouse is in the marital bed with another person, then the dream is pointing towards infidelity.

If you're having repetitive dreams where your spouse seems to always be hiding something from you, covering up something once you appear in the seam area, then the dream is indicating that your spouse is keeping something away from you or doing something undercover.

If you're having dreams where you see your spouse or significant other kissing someone else or romantically and affectionately embracing someone else, then the dream is indicating betrayal.

If you're experiencing dreams where your spouse is not wearing their wedding ring, the dream is symbolizing a breach or violation of the marital covenant.

If a husband is having dreams of his wife always being dressed in provocative pink lingerie but in reality, she doesn't wear such clothing, then the dream is indicating that his wife has a spirit of lust. If your wife is having dreams of the husband engaged in intense sexual activity such as orgies etc., then the dream is indicating a spirit of lust on your husband.

Dreams that are repetitive and always showing your spouse with another person always suggest cheating. The repeating of the dream indicates confirmation of the dream.

If your spouse is kneeling or bowing to another person, then that is the person that they have submitted themselves to. If you're having dreams where your spouse is in his/her car or the family car. However, they're in the passenger seat, and another person is driving the car other than their spouse, then the dream is indicating that whoever is in the driver's seat is the person in control of their life. It doesn't necessarily have to be an affair. Nevertheless, this individual has significant influence over their life.

If you're having dreams where you see yourself cursing your wife or the wife see herself cursing her husband, then the dream is indicating that the spouse that's having such dreams are indeed cursing themselves. The scripture says, "the two (Husband & Wife) shall become one." The evidence of such dreams is the dreamer at that period in their life will be experiencing significant difficulties in just about every area of their life. However, the source of the Dreamer's troubles resides in the negative words and thought they've been imagining and speaking against themselves. Such as, "Whenever I put one step forward I have to retake two," "Things are so hard," "The poor are just getting poorer," "My wife or husband makes me sick"...... It is such language in reality that is securing a continuous negative outcome for the dreamer. So the dream is revealing the root cause of their physical problems from a spiritual perspective.

If you are having dreams where you're always dreaming about your spouse's family members. But they are always in a relationship with other people in the dream and not their real life spouses, then the dreams are pointing to the dreamer that their spouse's family is operating under a generational curse of infidelity and adultery. The dreaming spouse must go on a fast to break that curse from over their spouse so that it will not manifest in their marriage.

Are you always dreaming about your deceased loved one who was known to be an Adulterer or sexually promiscuous, then the dream is revealing that the familiar spirits that enforce generational curses are attempting to influence you and imprison you to the same negative pattern of your deceased loved one's behavior? You must fast and pray specifically against these spirits.

Are you having repetitive negative dreams concerning your current partner who you are about to marry, then the dream is warning you that there is so much more about this person that is only not good but it is intentionally being kept away from you to mislead you... Ask God to expose whatever is being hidden so that you do not make the mistake of binding yourself to someone that you will REGRET LATER!.......

Dreams that consist of your partner always being with the same sex, the opposite sex, especially in compromising positions is indicating one of five scenarios:

1) Your partner has homosexual/Lesbian tendencies but not actively gay or lesbian

2) Your partner is having an affair with the opposite sex

3) Your partner is Bisexual

4) Your partner is actively gay or

5) Your partner is not who they claim or portray themselves to be, you are being deceived, and it will be in your best interest in asking God to reveal what is being hidden from you.

Dreams of your spouse tip-toeing out of the bedroom while the other spouse is asleep, particularly if the dream environment is dark, then the dream is indicating cheating by this person.

I want to make clear that the above are just a few of many symbols and indicators in a dream to unearth real life infidelity. I also want to make abundantly and crystal clear that in spite of your disbelief or your ignoring of such dreams: when a dream repeats itself, it is doing so to bring CONFIRMATION TO THE DREAMER!

"God will allow or do nothing on the earth unless he reveals the secret (Mystery) to his servants the prophets first" Amos 3:7

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing