Monday, November 17, 2014

False prophets and prophetess are ruining your life

While this may come as a shock to many. There are quite a growing number of so-called "Prophets and Prophetess" that with every three words that leave their deceitful and manipulative mouths, two and a half of those words are supposedly what God has said.

Amazingly, I have met with a few of these Circus performers, whose first impression on anyone is to begin going off in their demonically inspired and partially self-manufactured tongues. Only to regurgitate some non-biblical, dung infested false dream or demonic prophecies that they would immediately verbally gift wrap and present to their victim as a dream or a word from God.

As you may or may not have observed thus far and will continue to see throughout the course of this teaching. These self-appointed prophets and prophetess have really set off a righteous indignation in me, simply because of the lives they have destroyed and in other cases, lives they have left wandering aimlessly in the world due to the state of confusion they've left them in.

"Thus saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel. Let not your prophets, and your diviners that be in the midst of you deceive you, neither hearken to your dreams which ye cause to be dreamed  For they prophesy falsely unto you in my name: I have not sent them", saith the Lord. (Jer. 29:8,9).

In the above scripture, God had warned the children of Israel through his true prophet Jeremiah to not allow some prophets in Israel along with those that were practitioners of Divination (communicating with the spirit realm via demonic means) to deceive them. It was as a result of their lies and the deceiving words of these prophets and diviners that were causing those that would pay any attention to them to experience false dreams, which they were explicitly warned not to hearken to. Interestingly enough, the scripture mentioned above did not address or even label the prophets who were working along with the Diviners as "False Prophet" even though they were distributing false prophecies.

Well, the reason for this is because these prophets were initially true men of God that were called by God to be prophets to the nation of Israel. However, dabbled just like the prophet Balaam in Numbers 22 they polluted their original purpose as a true prophet of God when they decided to dabble in the powers of darkness. In fact, scripture clearly tells us that Balaam, who was once a true prophet of God, succumbed to his greed when he was given a "rewards of divination " if he would come and curse his own people the Israelite  by the request of Balak who was the king of the Moabites Numbers 22:1-7

Therefore the point I am approaching is simply this, these false prophets and prophetess were not necessarily originally false prophets and prophetess in the beginning. Instead of greed along with the lack of study of the word of God, reading of the word and indeed training themselves or allowing themselves to be taught in regards to their gift; the enemy was able to slip in and manipulate their gift for his purposes. So, as a result, any voice they would hear from the spirit realm or even create in their own minds they quickly label as the spirit or voice of God.

Scripture address these money hungry materialistic self-serving wolves that are adorned in sheep's clothing as "Wicked men" when it said the following, "For among my people are found wicked men: they lay wait, as he that set snares; they set a trap, they catch men. As a cage is full of birds, so are their houses full of deceit: therefore they have become great, and waxen rich. They are waxen fat, they shine yea, they overpass the deeds of the wicked: they judge not the cause, the cause of the fatherless, yet they prosper; and the right of the needy do they, not judge" Jeremiah 5:26-28.

In a nutshell, these false prophets and prophetess set traps for their victims by telling them what they want to hear and enslaving their victims to a life of deceit, while taking their victim's money, property, materials goods and claiming that it is all being sown into the kingdom. This is why Jeremiah said that the victims are caught like a bird in a cage, burdened with deceit while their so called prophets and prophetess become rich.

The reality is, it is due to these agents of Satan that your life is not going anywhere or worse case scenario you're going backward in life. Think about it for a second, it was only since your encounter with these destiny hijackers that things got worse for you instead of better and your life has developed into a bundle of confusion. Take a moment and reflect on their behavior. Everything out of their lying mouth is, "I see in a vision" or "The Lord is revealing to them some type of blessing that's coming your way, but if you don't sow into the word brought forth by these Circus performers, the curse of God will be upon your life." You will rarely if ever hear or see the use of scripture or their prophecies being supported with the word of God. I can assure you that every so called word of God spewed from their lying tongues will cost you something financially or the relinquishing of your material possessions.

In fact, I have seen in some brazen cases where the so called Prophet or Prophetess instructed and even convinced their victims to surrender their homes and vehicles to the prophetess or prophet if they wanted God to bless them. I have spoken with some folks whose marriages have been torn apart because the "prophet or prophetess" told them that the spouse they were currently with was not their spouse God had for them. Additionally, these folks were advised to divorce their current spouse and marry whomever the prophet/prophetess instructed them to marry.

I have heard of cases where a person was told by a prophet that the Lord said to withdraw all of their savings and bring it to the prophet and watch God turn it around in X-amount of day, which of course never happened and ultimately left that person and their family in a financial disaster. In another counseling session. I was told of a prophetess visiting the home of their victim. The "prophet" proceeded to pour salt in all corners of the home along with flipping the victim's bed over seven times along with some concoction of sea water, liquor, eggs and other non-biblical items to bring healing and protection to the victim's home. Well, no need you ask, things did, of course, got worse for the victim. Again, no scriptures, no reading of the Bible, no opening of the Bible or anything that mirrors the protocols of scripture by the so-called prophet or prophetess.

In another case, I am told of these so called prophets and prophetess taking folks to bodies of water such as rivers, beaches, etc. to supposedly pray. However, the victims would be instructed to dip their feet in these bodies of water, while the prophetess or prophet goes off rattling off in what are in fact demonic tongues, unknowing to their innocent victims of course. After this, the prophet/prophetess would ask them to toss certain personal items into the water that they were instructed to bring. Again, the victims have zero knowledge that they are being initiated into witchcraft by this ritual, which is really the worshiping of water spirits and they are at that moment the sacrifice of the so-called prophet/prophetess unto the water spirits in exchange for wealth, material possessions, health, etc. As a reminder, a sacrifice is the offering of something of value in return for something of greater value.

So, in essence, there are two types of false prophets and prophetess. The first one uses their own deceptive, deceitful and conniving ways to cheat, steal and deprive others out of their possessions via false prophecies. Also convincing their victims that they are their spiritual mother or father so that the victim becomes dependent on the prophet or prophetess for a word from the Lord. Nevertheless, these words will always be accompanied with the victim sowing a financial seed. The second type of false prophets or prophetess will always lean more towards the spiritual side. Such as taking their victims to bodies of water to perform witchcraft rituals that the victim believes are godly acts such as, bathing the victim in the water, instructing the victim to toss personal items in the water or dipping certain parts of their bodies in the water mostly their feet. In other cases, the victim would be given a mixture of unknown potions or mixtures to either consume or bath with, of course, via the instructions from God. Now, this could be mixtures of certain liquids or cloths, oils, food, clothing, scarfs, etc. The reality is, these are all points of demonic contacts that. 1) gives this false prophets or prophetess via means of divination to peer into their victim's life via the spirit realm. 2) these points of contact now become the point that demonic activity can traffic in an out of the victim's life with no resistance. Simply because when the victim accepted whatever was given to them by these false prophets and prophetess, unknowing to the victim their acceptance of whatever item it simultaneously gave spiritual permission and access to the victim's life. Also the burning of certain candles on certain days etc.

Please, if any of what I have mentioned in the above teaching has identified you as a victim of these evil people. Then I admonish you to not only renounce and reject all evil covenants that were established with these Satanic agents, but you must repent and ask God to forgive you for working along with these evil people be it knowingly or unknowingly in hijacking your destiny via their false prophecies and deceit. I further strongly advise that you enter a 3 day fast but before the fast, please retrieve as much scripture as possible that speak against false prophets, prophecies, divination, witchcraft, etc. These scriptures must be included in your prayer against what these evil folks have done and placed over your life.

Finally, you must always outfit yourself with the whole armor of God, according to Ephesians 6:11,13-17 at the beginning of all your prayers along with the covering of yourselves with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing