Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spiritual robbers in your dreams

I had a gentlemen approached me sometime ago who was very much perplex concerning some
dreams that he was experiencing from time to time.

In his dreams, he dreamt that an apartment complex that he owned in reality was inhabited by tenants that did not live in the apartment complex in reality. What was even more interesting about these dreams were the fact that these tenants faces were either always blurred, unable to be seen or had a disfigured like appearance.

The gentlemen went on to reveal that in one of the dreams concerning his apartment complex he visited the property to make sense of who these strange folks were and who gave them permission to occupy his property. In his attempt to retrieve this information he was met with great range and anger by the occupants who basically forced him off of his own property. In another dream concerning this same property, this gentlemen said that he saw a family moving into one of the apartments. Out of amazement and curiosity he approached the wife and asked her what was she doing and who gave her permission? He said, the lady said to him in a very calm and smooth voice, "I will pay you at the end of the month". Again, the face of this lady was blurred.

In another dream, the dreamer said that he saw his apartment complex being renovated. Again, he was confused because there were absolutely no renovations being done to his apartment complex in reality. He decided to enter one of the apartments to get a closer look , he ended up in the kitchen area. In looking through the kitchen window, he saw a vehicle pulled up directly in front of the apartment complex and a heavy set black lady came out of the vehicle wearing a two piece great suit, she entered the apartment and walked directly into the kitchen where he was located. The lady whose face he could not make out due to the lady intentionally moving in a way so that he could not see her face and also her face appearing to be blurred. The lady began cooking and explaining to the gentleman how she's a Christian and so on, almost as if to distract the gentleman, dream ended.

Now, before I provide the interpretation of his dream, the gentleman made it clear to me that during the course of these dreams some strange things in reality were going on with his apartment complex that just did not make natural sense. For example, the toilets in all of the units would over flow with water for no reason at all. The kitchen appliances would not work from time to time even though they were new appliances. Strange noises such as cracks and weird sounds would be hear in the roof and closets, particularly at night. All of a sudden there was an infestation of roaches and rats that began to surface throughout the complex even after the pest company had made many visits to rid the complex of these pest. Also, strange cats and birds would appear, again only at night on his property making strange noises and resting at a particular spot on the property. The utility bill for the apartment complex utility room would be astronomical high even though the new washer and dryer would seldom work. Simply put there were problems after problems with this complex but none of the problems seem to be natural. Finally, his tenants all left the apartment complex. Now here is where it becomes even more interesting, this gentleman could not get anyone to rent any of his units neither could he get anyone to purchase the apartment complex even after everything was repaired. Eventually his apartment went into foreclosure and he lost his apartments.

Friends, such dreams are common with folks who are being robbed spiritually by spiritual robbers in the spirit realm. Spiritual robbers are demonic spirits or evil spirits that rob the spiritual blessings of their human victims. I have mentioned in quite a number of my articles on dreams that all things that are visible and invisible has its origin in the spirit world/spirit realm. Of course this is validated by Ephesians 1:3, which says, "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with "ALL SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS" in heavenly places (spirit world) in Christ." With that said, it is widely and clearly understood by those that understands spiritual laws that governs spiritual warfare that if they intent to be successful physically or even fail physically, then the conception of failure or success must have been conceived or achieved from the realm that is not visible to us which is known as the spirit realm simply because this is where the origin if all things begin.

Therefore, being aided with this spiritual principle, spiritual robbers attack and rob the spiritual blessing of their human victims which scripture said God has already blessed us with in heavenly places or in other words the spirit realm. So, the gentleman dreams were revealing where he was being robbed spiritually by spiritual robbers in the spirit realm which automatically secured losses or destruction for their human victims material possessions in the natural. I will take it a step further with this spiritual revelatory insight. The occupants of this gentlemen's apartment that he saw in his dream were the spiritual robbers responsible for the strange happenings that were going on with his apartments such as the plumbing problems, appliance malfunctions abnormal bills etc. They were also the ones responsible for the real life tenants just abruptly leaving the complex and further causing the complex not to be rented or even sold and eventually caused the gentleman's property to go into foreclosure. In addition the cats and birds were actually monitoring spirits observing the progress of this man's losses b y whomever has assigned this misfortune to his life.

This explains why the apostle Paul said to the church of Corinth, " While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal"  2 Corinthians 4:18. You see my friend, like I have been saying, our dreams are spiritual and things that are spiritual can not be physical seen. However, the apostle Paul who had a clear understanding of the spiritual realm and the laws that govern it had revealed to us that it is this area that we aught to be concentrating our efforts on simply because this is where all things are conceived and earth is the area where it's manifested.

In this gentlemen's case he was ignorant as to what was being revealed to him from  a spiritual perspective in his dream thus, he saw no need to cancel or challenge his dream (you can not fight what you do not know exist). Therefore, as a result of him not cancelling or challenging his dreams, then by default his dream manifested, meaning because he was robbed spiritually it was automatic that he would suffer losses physically.

There are many of you reading this article right now who can probably relate to such a dream. You've had dreams where you've seen strange, unrecognizable men, women or even strange creatures either attacking you, destroying your property, taking possession of your property etc or your house, car or any of your real life material possessions going missing in your dreams. These dreams are revealing that your spiritual blessings are being challenged by demonic forces also known as spiritual robbers. Such dreams must be met with violent prayers  saturated with the word of God upon waking from the dream. As a side note, we later discovered as a result of other dreams that this gentlemen had concerning his former property that someone worked witchcraft against his property. In other words evil spirits were released by some folks that were extremely jealous of this person's success and progress and as a result rather than attacking the gentleman's possessions from a physical approach the decision was made to deal with him from a spiritual perspective (witchcraft). Unfortunately, because of his lack of knowledge concerning the laws that govern the spiritual realm and his lack of knowledge of dream interpretation dreams he like many others become victims of their lack of knowledge.

Friends, I find it necessary in educating and informing you spiritually on these perplexing matters which I am almost certain you'll probably never hear at your local church assembly. I myself was once ignorant to these things and as a result suffered much unnecessary losses and countless defeats. The reality is it wasn't the spirits and demonic forces that defeated me instead it was my LACK OF KNOWLEDGE of spiritual laws, principles and protocols that maintained my defeat. Now that I know and understand these laws, I now know how to effectively apply the word of God which is spiritual law against my invisible enemies whose job is to rob me of my spiritual blessings that will automatically produce losses for me in the natural.

As a reminder, Scripture says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6. It is this type of knowledge and understanding that you're lacking that is securing your continued defeat. However, scripture further advises us of the importance of knowledge when it said, "but through knowledge shall the just be delivered" Proverbs 11:9b. Please take these teachings seriously and apply what you've bee taught.

Written By: Kevin  L A Ewing