Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Miscellaneous dreams

Dreams of yourself Climbing a mountain or hill represents struggles and hardship. Dreaming of
yourself going up an elevator but the elevator all of a sudden stops; such a dream is indicating that the spirit of anti-progress has been let loose in your life and is fighting your advancement and promotion.

Dreaming of being push down a stair case or walking down a stair case is indicating demotion the dream will have the same meaning if you're traveling down an elevator.

If you have had dreams where you saw yourself walking backwards in a dream then the dream is revealing that a spirit of backwardness is attached to your life.

Dreaming of heavy weights being attached to your legs is indicating that someone is attempting to slow your progress or hinder your advancement.

Dreams where you are at your former residence especially your child hood home, represents the spirits of setback and delay in your life.

Dreams where you see yourself writing an exam but either you never finish the exam in the dream or you fail the exam, then the dream is revealing the spirits of defeat and failure is running rampant in your life and you must unseat these spirits with the fire of God!

Dreaming of cats especially black cats represents witches and monitoring spirits sent to monitor your life to plan future attacks against you. You must command spiritual blindness to all monitoring spirits sent to your life.

Dreams where you are cursing your spouse, these dreams are very manipulative, such dreams mean that you are in fact placing curse on yourself. As a reminder, marriage has made you and your wife one in the eyes of the Lord. So if you are cursing your wife in the dream you are indeed cursing yourself.. Rebuke this dream immediately!

Darkness in a dream represents ignorance and evil presence. If you dream that you are in a hospital but not as a patient then the dream is revealing that you are called to the healing ministry.

If you are having dreams where you saw your partner kissing someone else in the dream especially if the dream is repeating itself, then the dream is indicating betrayal, cheating, infidelity in the relationship.

If you are repeatedly having dreams about your partner being in bed with yourself and someone of the opposite sex or even same sex then the dream is revealing that either you or your partner has a spirit of perversion. Such a dream can also be indicating that uncertainty with either one or both persons in the relationship.

The color black in a dream would always represent something negative, such as ignorance, poverty. famine, sickness, disease etc.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing