Friday, May 22, 2015

Spiritual warfare 101 Pt. 4

Advance spiritual warfare dictates that in order for any spirit to operate in the earth, that spirit must be granted human permission. God gave man and not spirits dominion over the earth, Genesis 1:26 and Psalm 8:4-6.

Therefore, whatever spirit is coming up against you, your first question should be, who gave this spirit legal right to challenge you, or what spiritual laws are you in breech of or ignoring?

All spirits including the spirit of God can only intervene in human affairs if we as human being give that permission. Due to the rules and laws that govern the spirit realm, access to this world in terms of participating in earthly matters. All through out scripture there is a common protocol just prior to God showing up for his people and that would usually be via a fast or a sacrifice. Such acts would be spiritual protocol to summons the help of spirits including that of our creator to intervene into our earthly affairs.

This same spiritual protocol is used when evil spirits are summoned in the earth to advance the evil cause of man. For example, when Balaam who was a prophet, was invited by Balak the king of the Mobities to curse the nation of Israel, the first think he asked the Mobities to do was to set up altars. Altars are where sacrifice are done to provide the legal protocol to allow the assistance of spirits to legally operate in the earth. Once a blood sacrifice is performed on an altar it invokes spirits. Now, depending on the specific altar protocol and what's being sacrificed will determine spirits of God or Satan will show up.

When God wanted to establish a covenant with Abraham concerning his future generations who would be the Hebrew people or otherwise know as the children of Israel God had Abraham setup am altar requesting the following items; a heifer of three years old, a she goat of three years old and a ram of three years old along with a turtle dove and a young pigeon.

Abraham was then asked by God to perform a specific sacrifice and that was to cut in half the heifer, goat and ram then lay them side by side next to each other, but the birds were not to be divided or cut in half as the other animals on the altar. Now, as crazy as this may seem this was God showing Abraham how to summon his assistance  in the earth. Again, the reason for this is because of my opening statement and that is God solely gave man and not even himself who scripture clearly describe as a spirit according to John 4:24 dominion of and in the earth.

Therefore if the spirit of witchcraft is dominating you as a human being you must summon via prayer and fasting the assistance of God. This is why scripture says this kind will only be challenged via prayer and fasting, Matthew 17:21.

Human beings and not spirits were given dominion over the affairs of earth.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing