Friday, August 14, 2015

Beware: The Spirit Of Delilah That Is Subtly Affecting Your Life

There are many of you whose wealth, prosperity and life’s advancements are tied to ideas, dreams
and future aspirations that God Almighty has placed deep within you.

However, your inability to keep things to yourself and your naive way of thinking has led you to believe that because you desire good for others, this constitutes that they desire the same for you. This belief has placed you in a non-progressive position.

Samson, as many of you would know, was a perfect example of the above scenario.

The secret to Samson’s strength was his hair, his seven locks. Of course, this was for supposed to be Samson’s knowledge only, and as long as he kept this information to himself he was able to advance, conquer and defeat his enemies effortlessly.

Satan, unlike most believers of Jesus Christ, understands that there must always be a root to someone’s power, success and favor, and in Samson’s case, his strength.

Satan also knows that to retrieve this information it is imperative that he causes us to connect with someone or something that we admire, respect, and more importantly, trust, which is really a distraction to retrieve the source of whatever it is that causes us to succeed in life.

Samson, who was clearly bewitched by Delilah, believed that this woman assigned by Satan was everything that he wanted in a woman. However, like so many of us, he refused to see the obvious signs due to love, genuine concern and the assumption that she felt the same way about him as he did about her.

One of the most common signs that someone is on assignment by Satan in your life, which has been clearly displayed in Samson’s case. Is that whoever that person is they become hell bent on knowing the personal and private areas of your life, all the while revealing very little if any of their life to you.

Secondly, another red flag that this person is a trap being set for you is their unashamed persistence in retrieving this information.

Thirdly, Just like Delilah, when this person believes that they have been made privy to your secrets or the areas of your life that they were seeking, immediate troubles begin to follow you.

Fourthly! If the traps that they have set for you did not pan out the way, they expected, based on the information they thought they had. Then they go back to the drawing board of deception with zero shame and begin to play on the sympathy of their victim, again all to destroy their victim.

As most of you would know, Samson eventually revealed the secret of his strength to Satan’s agent Delilah, who without fail assisted others with such information to bring Samson’s life to an end. There was no more progress, promotion, advancement, favor, joy or peace for Samson.

This is the end result, my friend when the enemy has access to information that was originally meant for you. Scripture clearly says to us, “He that guards his mouth is simultaneously defending his life, and he that fails to guard his mouth will experience destruction.” (Proverbs 13:3)

Scripture also says that a man will experience joy by the answer of his mouth and how wonderful it is when words are spoken in due season or the right time. (Proverbs 15:23)

I don’t know who you are this morning, but I am here to warn you that the spirit of Delilah could be present in your life. I strongly advise you this morning to take note of the above signs and with righteous indignation unseat that Delilah spirit and command it to be exposed in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing